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What is a Kratom Concentrate? Types, Ratios & How to Make It

The kratom concentrate industry has grown recently. That’s because more customers wanted to try new and exciting categories of kratom. As such, more manufacturers produce concentrated kratom.

But what is this category, and what makes it different from the standard one? Keep reading to learn more about it and the safe way to make it at home.

What is a kratom concentrate?

It’s a more intense form of the kratom plant. Such a category undergoes extra purification procedures, unlike standard kratom powders and capsules.

These steps are essential to produce higher traces of kratom’s main active alkaloids. And these include mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.


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Different Types of Kratom Extraction Methods

Chemists could use a wide variety of extraction methods. For instance, some people leave kratom powder in purified water. They then boil and strain it into a water-based extract.

Manufacturers also use high-proof alcohol to extract the alkaloids in powdered kratom.

Whatever the kratom extraction method is, you can have the consistency of powder, oil, or water. It means concentrated kratom will be more potent than the standard ones.

image of 4 reasons to use concentrated kratom

4 Reasons to Use Concentrated Kratom

Kratom has benefits, but unlike other kratom products, kratom concentrates provide more alkaloids gram-per-gram. Thus, you can use kratom extracts for the following reasons:

1. Achieve Desired Results

One of the best things about using concentrated kratoms is to feel their most immediate and intense effects. And you can achieve such desired effects without using a ton of this herbal product.

2. For Experienced Users

Kratom extracts are also more suitable for experienced kratom users. Or for users who want a high-potency experience. For instance, you’ll most appreciate the high amount of kratom alkaloids if you need acute relief.

3. Easier to Dose

Moreover, a liquid kratom tincture is more accessible to dose than other forms of kratom. They come with a dropper that can help you estimate the number of alkaloids to take.

4. Absorb More Alkaloid Content

You can also ensure that you absorb almost 100% of the alkaloids when taking such a concentrate. The alkaloids enter your bloodstream when you place the liquid extract under your tongue. Through the sublingual method, absorption is much more assured.

3 Types of Kratom Concentrates

As mentioned above, manufacturers could make a kratom concentrate in different ways. Here are some of the different forms of concentrated kratom:

image of kratom tincture concentrate

1. Kratom Tinctures

A kratom tincture is a highly-concentrated liquid kratom. It has slight traces of alcohol because high-proof alcohol is present during extraction. This process is essential to separate kratom’s alkaloids from unwanted plant matter like chlorophyll. After isolating the alkaloids, extractors strain the plant material to create a potent kratom liquid extract.

As mentioned, mass-produced kratom tinctures are usually available in bottles with droppers. They’re also one of the most preferred by kratom users. Besides, they’re also one of the most convenient concentrates you can make at home.

image of types of kratom concentrate kratom tincture

2. Kratom Resin

It’s one of the newest inventions in the kratom extracts market. But, it has been gaining interest due to its potency and versatility.

Unlike kratom tinctures, kratom resin is a hard and sticky substance with a predominantly black color. People often boil the regular powder form of kratom in water for hours when making this concentrated kratom. Then, they’ll freeze the mixture and thaw it in hot water. Performing such a resin’s long and intense process helps create its distinctive semi-solid extract.

Generally, it has the highest alkaloid percentages for any kratom extract. However, it’s still best to verify third-party lab results. Doing this can help you see the total alkaloid content before dosing this kratom extract.

Also, you can take such a resin in two ways. First, you could take it directly. Or add a tiny bit to other products like smoothies or edibles to mask the resin’s bitter flavor.

image of kratom concentrate powder

3. Kratom Concentrate Powder

The kratom community still debates whether “kratom concentrate powder” qualifies as a concentrate. Some call such products “enhanced powders.” That’s because they contain another kratom extract to boost their alkaloid percentage.

But, a few concentrated powders undergo extra purification to extract more alkaloids.

At the very least, “concentrated kratom powders” are more intense than other products. While they’re not as potent as tinctures or resin, these powders have more alkaloid content than you’d find in traditional kratom powder.

How Concentrated Kratom Ratios Work

When shopping for a kratom extract, you’ll see “ratios” on lab reports and at the back of the product. You may notice these numbers with an “X” or in a “[number]:1” formula.

Either way, these ratios are clueing you in its intensity. For example, a concentrated kratom powder with “2X” or “2:1” is twice as strong as its traditional counterpart.

There’s still a lack of standardization in this matter. Yet, reputable manufacturers with quality products include ratios in their kratom extract products. This info helps you identify the potency of kratom products. The ratio should be more potent if you’re looking for kratom concentrates.

Also, you must review the intensity of these ratios to choose the proper dosage for your needs.

image of what you'll need to make kratom concentrate

How to Make Kratom Concentrate

You can also make your DIY kratom extract if you don’t want to buy one. And as mentioned, kratom tinctures are the most common DIY concentrated kratom.

To start, you need to have the following:

  • High-proof grain alcohol
  • A dropper bottle or tincture bottle
  • Kratom powder
  • Mason jars
  • A filter (e.g., cheesecloth)

Once you have all the ingredients and tools, you can proceed with the following steps:

Step 1:

Pour a 4:1 mix of alcohol-to-kratom powder into your mason jar.

Step 2:

Close the lid and shake for a few seconds.

Step 3:

Put your mason jar in a cool and dark place.

Step 4:

Wait for at least two months, shaking the jar occasionally.

Step 5:

Strain liquid with a cheesecloth into a measuring container.

Step 6:

Discard the plant matter.

Step 7:

Pour the kratom extract carefully into a dropper bottle.

image of how to store diy kratom extracts

How to Store Your DIY Kratom Extracts

It may take some time to create kratom tincture, but it lasts for years as long as you store it in a cool and dark place.

How to Take Kratom Concentrate

The way you take this kratom category depends on what type it is. Here’s how to take them according to to form:

  • Kratom Tincture: The most direct way to take a kratom liquid tincture is via sublingual.
  • Kratom Resin: Take the substance directly. Or mix it into hot beverages, smoothies, or edibles.
  • Kratom Concentrate Powders: Use “toss and wash” or “mix and wash” techniques.

What is the correct kratom dosage to take?

Dosing kratom is a tricky topic. Since everyone has a different tolerance to kratom, it’s impossible to say the “right” dose. But you can use these safety tips when dosing kratom:

  • Always take less concentrated kratom than the regular powdered form.
  • Factor in the ratio of your kratom concentrate when determining your preferred dosage. For example, find the equivalent amount of concentrated kratom in a powdered kratom. If you’re already used to 2 grams of the powder in one use, check its equal amount in a potent kratom. If the latter has a “2X” ratio, you need to cut it down to 1 gram to achieve the same results as a non-concentrated formula.
  • For beginners, it’s best to stick with one gram of kratom powder for the first dosage.
  • Experienced kratom users have to use the ratios versus the posted grams or milligrams of the kratom extracts to figure out its potency.

image of frequently asked questions about kratom concentrates

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is kratom concentrate more potent than other forms of kratom?

Yes, kratom concentrates are more potent than regular powdered kratom and capsules.

What is the strongest kratom concentrate?

The intensity depends on the kratom extraction method manufacturers use. But, most kratom users believe kratom resin usually has the highest alkaloid content.

Kratom Powder vs. Extract: What’s the Difference?

The main difference between the two is their form. From the term powder, the kratom leaves are crushed finely until it turns into fine powder. Meanwhile, kratom extract is in liquid form after boiling and straining the finely crushed kratom.

Is kratom concentrate and kratom extract the same thing?

Most people in the kratom industry use the terms “concentrate” and “extract” interchangeably. However, technically speaking, “extracts” are liquid products in herbology.

Is concentrated kratom and enhanced kratom the same thing?

Not all “enhanced” kratom products are concentrates. Some may have concentrated “bonus ingredients” mixed in. Thus, it’s always best to research the extraction method used to verify if it’s a fully concentrated kratom.

Why would you want to make your own concentrate of kratom?

Many kratom users make concentrates because they want to save money. Others want to have complete control over their extraction process. Or some may want to make a concentrate on a particular kratom strain for a specific condition.

The Key Takeaway

The concentrated forms of kratom are more potent. It can help you achieve your desired results without taking too many products. Consider trying kratom tincture, resin, or powder and see the difference.

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