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Is Kratom Legal in Oklahoma?

If you want to answer the question: Is kratom legal in Oklahoma? Well, you’re in the right place since we have a guide for this. Oklahoma became the fifth state to pass the Kratom Consumer Protection Act. You can still buy kratom, but this time vendors must follow the guidelines set by the state. For consumers, this means access to high-quality products made of kratom.

What You Need to Know About Kratom Legality in Oklahoma

Kratom, also known as Mitragyna speciosa, is not federally regulated in the United States, and its legal status varies per state. Some states adopted policies regulating this herb from Southeast Asia, while others completely banned kratom. In some states, kratom is only illegal in some of their municipalities. For example, kratom is legal in Colorado but not in Denver.

If you’re planning to distribute, sell, or buy a kratom product near you, it’s vital to learn about kratom laws in the area. If you’re wondering, “Is kratom legal in Oklahoma?” the answer is yes.

Kratom remains legal in Oklahoma. However, there’s already a law that regulates its sales. All vendors, including online vendors, need to follow the set guidelines to avoid legal consequences.


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Intents to Ban Kratom

Kratom users will attest to the positive effects of kratom products. Generally, kratom produces stimulant effects in small doses and therapeutic benefits in higher amounts. Despite this, not everyone supports kratom consumption.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not see any legitimate medical value in kratom and warns consumers not to use it. Meanwhile, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) considers this plant-based extract a drug of concern.

The Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics also expressed an intention to criminalize kratom and other substances. In 2014, they proposed a bill that aims to include mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine, alkaloids found in kratom, in the existing controlled substance list. If kratom became a controlled substance, selling and buying it in the state would be illegal.

A member of the narcotics team argued that kratom was illegal in the place of its origin, which is Thailand. They also argued that the state should ban kratom because it’s not regulated.

However, kratom supporters came together to prevent the possible kratom ban. They formally requested to exclude kratom alkaloids from the controlled substance list. Over 1,000 kratom users signed the petition and succeeded in keeping the substance legal.

image of the kratom consumer protection act in oklahoma

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act in Oklahoma

In 2020, sponsors introduced a variation of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA).

KCPA is a set of guidelines created by the American Kratom Association (AKA). It aims to regulate the production, distribution, and sale of kratom products in the United States. The act seeks to ensure that consumers have access to safe, high-quality kratom products by requiring manufacturers to adhere to strict production and labeling standards.

The Oklahoma KCPA was well-received. Almost all legislators in the state voted for the bill. It also made its way to the Senate.

The attempt to regulate kratom in Oklahoma succeeded. In May 2021, the Governor of Oklahoma approved the KCPA, making the state the fifth to pass the bill. The law became effective in November 2021.

What Does the Oklahoma KCPA Do?

With the KCPA in effect, is kratom legal in Oklahoma?

As the name suggests, the Kratom Consumer Protection Act protects consumers by enforcing standards for all kratom products. Kratom remains legal, but producers and vendors must follow specific guidelines. Here are some of them:

  • Vendors shouldn’t sell any adulterated or contaminated kratom product.
  • Vendors shouldn’t sell products that contain synthetic alkaloids.
  • Vendors shouldn’t sell kratom products containing controlled substances.
  • Vendors should ensure proper product labeling.
  • Vendors shouldn’t sell kratom to individuals under 18 years old.

With Oklahoma KCPA in effect, kratom users can have peace of mind knowing the products they buy in stores are guaranteed safe for human consumption. If you plan to distribute or sell kratom in Oklahoma City, read the KCPA to prevent any legal problems.

image of what are the penalties for violating oklahoma kcpa

What Are the Penalties for Violating the Oklahoma KCPA?

If you’re selling kratom online or offline in Oklahoma and authorities catch you violating the KCPA, you can face serious charges.

First-time offenders will have a penalty of not more than $500, while those caught for the second time will have to pay $1,000. If authorities catch you for the third time, they will prohibit you from selling kratom for three years.

If the Department of Health finds out you’re selling kratom while in suspension, you can face harsher penalties. They can charge you with a misdemeanor, which carries a penalty of one year of prison time or up to a $2,000 fine.

Is the KCPA Really Needed?

The AKA works hard to get every state to adopt the KCPA. But is KCPA really needed?

Well, to begin with, the kratom industry isn’t regulated at the federal level. Without a set of guidelines to follow, kratom vendors can quickly get away with providing low-quality products that are not safe to consume. Fakes and scammers can also become rampant in the industry.

KCPA helps get rid of low-quality products in the market. As long as you buy kratom from reputable sellers, you can be sure you’ll get a product that’s worth the price and you’re happy with it.

Are There Laws Surrounding Kratom Use in Oklahoma?

The proposed bill to ban kratom failed, so right now, there are no laws surrounding the use of kratom. So, if you’re still asking, “Is kratom legal in Oklahoma?” the answer remains the same. Even with the KCPA, you can still enjoy kratom within the state.

If you’re over the age restrictions, you can purchase, possess, and consume kratom without worrying about getting arrested by the local authorities.

image of frequently asked questions about kratom legality in oklahoma

Frequently Asked Questions

What is kratom?

You probably have seen kratom in the form of pills, powder, or liquid. But it’s a leaf of a tree native to Southeast Asia. Some people refer to it as an herbal substance.

Is kratom safe?

It depends on how much you consume. Like anything else, too much kratom can be harmful to your health.

Where is kratom legal?

Kratom is legal in all states except Alabama, Arkansas, Rhode Island, Indiana, Vermont, and Wisconsin. But some states have municipalities that implement their kratom laws. So, learn about kratom legality in states you wish to carry or sell kratom products.


Kratom is legal and regulated in Oklahoma. You can sell or buy kratom online or offline with no problem as long as you follow the guidelines set by the state. But the current status of the substance isn’t permanent. Everything changes, so always stay up to date on any developments in this field, especially if you’re a kratom user or seller.

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