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Is Kratom Legal in Colorado? Its Current Legality and Purchasing It Safely

Kratom is legal in Colorado except for Monument and Parker. So as long as you’re in Colorado and out of those two towns, you can indulge in kratom use. However, the minimum age requirement is at least 21 years old.

That means unless you’re 21 years old, you cannot buy, use, or distribute kratom in Colorado. There has also been news about new rules to regulate kratom to be put into effect next year.

The Colorado Kratom Consumer Protection Act

Colorado adopted the Kratom Consumer Protection Act last 2022. The goal of this act is to protect consumers while keeping the “yes” answer to the question, “Is Kratom Legal in Colorado?”

To accomplish this, they’re going to oversee the local industry through Senate Bill 22-120. This includes watching over kratom processors:


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  • Before they sell, each kratom processor will accomplish registration with Colorado’s Department of Revenue. Upon registration, they will declare information about their kratom products.
  • The bill also establishes ingredient requirements for all kratom products.
  • If a user has adverse effects from kratom consumption, the processors will relay that info. They must inform the department no longer than seven days after receiving the notice.
  • Let the department investigate the kratom processors. This is to confirm if the process is up to standard or in case illegal activities come up.

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act will serve as a regulatory framework for the kratom industry. This will become stricter after the 1st of July 2024.

image of kratom news in colorado in 2023

Kratom News in Colorado in 2023

Kratom news from just this March shook Colorado locals, including kratom consumers. Allegedly, a former coach had been distributing kratom to school athletes.

Tips accused Casey Schaeffel of doing this illegal act when he was still a coach at Hayden High School. While Schaeffel was away, tips came in about witnessing him distribute the herbal supplement kratom to kids.

There were also reports that he distributed the substance to other athletes he coached. They ended up charging Schaeffel with reckless endangerment and distributing kratom products to minors.

Despite the regulations put up, people still willingly distribute kratom in an illegal manner. Stricter methods against the violators may prevent cases like this.

The Kratom Ban Controversy in the U.S.

It was in 2016 when the FDA was dead set on classifying kratom as a Schedule I drug at a federal level. Back then, Barack Obama was the president. And just before they applied the ban, over 140,000 kratom advocates signed a petition. They requested that the FDA perform more research on Mitragyna speciosa before banning the substance.

FDA Warns Public About Kratom Addiction

Despite kratom being technically legal, the FDA is still against using it for human consumption. On their website, they highlight how there are no FDA-approved uses for Mitragyna speciosa.

This means that despite being an all-natural product, they cannot prescribe it as medication. And as much as kratom advocates believe the benefits, insufficient studies on the herb mean some risks to overall health.

The American Addiction Center also warns about kratom withdrawal symptoms. This could manifest in different ways. So it’s best to consult a doctor before attempting detox.

image of is kratom legal in colorado forever

Is Kratom Legal in Colorado Forever

As of now, kratom in Colorado will most likely be legal for some time, especially since the state will apply a more restricted version of the KCPA in the coming year.

So if we’re to ask, “Is kratom legal in Colorado in the foreseeable future?”, a good prediction would be a resounding yes.

But if anyone feels that kratom legality in Colorado is in danger, they can reach out to American Kratom Association. They help kratom consumers participate in efforts to keep kratom legal.

The Colorado KCPA for 2024

The new legislation to keep kratom legal and a controlled substance would take effect on July 1, 2024. To keep kratom’s legal status, the following will then be illegal:

  • Sell, offer, or distribute kratom despite knowing the kratom products sold has marijuana or other controlled substance.
  • Selling kratom without a label that displays the address and identity of its manufacturers. This includes the absence or inaccuracy of the list of ingredients.
  • Sell, offer, or distribute kratom to someone below the minimum age of 21.
  • Storing or displaying kratom products sold in places where people below the age restrictions can access them.

This act also makes the following violations civil infractions:

  1. Sell, give, offer, or distribute kratom to someone under 21.
  2. Failure to ask for government-issued IDs to confirm whether they are selling, giving, or distributing to someone below 21 years old.

Anyone caught committing a civil infraction will pay a fine of $200.

Where Can You Buy Kratom in Colorado?

The new legislation makes it easy for anyone over 21 years old to buy kratom. So if you already live in the state, it won’t be hard for you to find a vendor. That is, of course, if you’re not in the two towns with local bans on kratom.

If you’re visiting the area to use kratom, you’ll most likely spot a vape shop or two that sells it. If not, a quick internet search, such as typing “buy kratom in Colorado Springs…” or any location should get you the info.

Once you find a shop you like, make sure to bring your ID. They’ll most likely ask for it, so best prepare for a smoother transaction.

When buying kratom, stay away from unbranded products or shady stores. These may not have undergone the proper checking and lab testing procedures despite being legal in Colorado.

image of buying kratom online

Buying Kratom Online

You can also shop for your kratom product online. It may take some time before your kratom can reach you, but online vendors actually provide some benefits:

  • Online kratom sales, discounts, and free shipping offers
  • Wide range of choices
  • More payment methods you can choose from
  • You can look at the reviews for suggestions.
  • You get privacy when ordering, and no one will know it’s you.

For now, we know that kratom legality will be in favor of kratom users for some time. However, change is inevitable, so it’s always a good idea to keep up with current events. Also, if you want to help prevent the state from banning kratom, it’s important to use it responsibly.

image of frequently asked questions about kratoms legality in colorado

Frequently Asked Questions

What is kratom?

Kratom is a plant that grows abundantly in countries in Southeast Asia. It was widely used in medication in Asian communities before. Today, many states in the U.S. use it for leisure for its mood-enhancing effects.

What is the recommended dosage when taking kratom?

The recommended dosage will vary on the user and their desired effect. If you’re new to the herb, it’s best to start with small dosages.

What are the effects of kratom?

The effects of kratom can vary depending on the strain and dosage. Most claim that the effects include relaxation, focus, and increased energy.

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