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How to Potentiate Kratom

If there’s any one rule that governs the use of kratom, it’s that people need to be careful with developing a tolerance. Over time, you might feel that your usual dose just doesn’t give you the same strong effects that it used to. When this happens, some people resort to simply tweaking their dose by adding a few extra grams with each new use.

The problem here is that you could end up maxing out the doses as your body’s tolerance steps up every time. The solution? Potentiate kratom instead. There are certain foods and substances you can take together with kratom to get stronger effects without increasing your doses. And you’d be surprised that a lot of them can be found in your kitchen.


If you’ve ever taken the time to read the labels on your medication or supplements, you’ll notice that a lot of them tell you not to take your dose with grapefruit. That’s because the chemistry of grapefruit juice blocks an enzyme in your intestine, which then prevents the breakdown of whatever you consume.

Taking a glass of grapefruit juice with your kratom dose can help you leverage these effects. In effect, you can experience the benefits of kratom for a longer time and to a stronger degree.


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Some studies suggest that turmeric might work similarly to grapefruit in that it also stops the action of enzymes in your digestive system. The result is stronger effects for a longer period of time. But there might be more to the effects of turmeric than just that.

Since turmeric contains compounds and antioxidants that have the same function as the stuff found in kratom, they end up empowering one another as they join together in your system. To use turmeric with kratom, simply combine a teaspoon with your kratom dose and add to tea, a fruit shake, or dust over your meal.

Cayenne Pepper

Now, cayenne pepper works a little differently than turmeric and grapefruit. Instead of blocking the breakdown of kratom, it speeds up digestion. The result is that you end up feeling the effects of the kratom much faster. This works well for people who might not want to wait for the chemistry to kick in.

Cayenne pepper is smooth and fine, so it mixes well with kratom powder. But if the strong flavor is a little too much for your senses, it might be better to mix together equal parts kratom and cayenne pepper and make your own capsules at home.

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Chamomile Tea

On its own, chamomile tea is used for its relaxing, soothing benefits that can help people calm down after a long and tiring day. Lots of people have also leveraged chamomile tea for its ability to help improve sleep quality.

As a kratom potentiator, chamomile tea is often best enjoyed with red vein kratom that works to the same end. Simply steep chamomile tea and add in your kratom dose before bedtime or when you want to wind down to experience double the relaxation.


Fun fact: kratom and coffee actually come from the same family. So there are a lot of similarities between their chemistry. That’s especially true about white vein kratom which lends more energizing effects versus its red and green counterparts.

Enjoying kratom with coffee is as simple as taking a swig of your favorite brew to wash down your kratom powder or capsule dose. Of course, there’s always the option of adding kratom to your cuppa joe.

image of kratom and coffee

Cat’s Claw

Otherwise known as “Unicaria tomentosa”, a cat’s claw’s chemistry demonstrates a load of similarities with kratom. In fact, some people in places where kratom is banned turn instead to cat’s claw to enjoy the same effects — albeit not quite as pronounced.

Taking the two together may entail mixing them together and then downing them with a drink of water. Some vendors sell cat’s claw in capsules for easier dosing with your kratom.

When to Take Kratom Potentiators

If you’re trying to watch your kratom doses and you don’t want to increase your intake, then it might be helpful to take a potentiator. The actual timing of the intake may change depending on your potentiator of choice, but most experts recommend taking those that slow down the breakdown of kratom at least 45 minutes before consuming the kratom itself.

A word of caution, however: kratom potentiators are no joke. These substances can significantly increase the effects you experience. So try to start with the lowest doses first and then work your way up to match your tolerance. This way, you can prevent being overwhelmed by their effects.

Kratom and Drug Interactions

Some studies have found that kratom might interact with certain medications. These include blood thinners, acetaminophen, phenibut, diphenhydramine, agmatine, and magnesium. If you’re taking medication, see to it that you consult with your doctor to determine whether kratom would be contraindicated for your case.

The Bottom Line

As the old adage goes — too much of a good thing is bad. If you’re looking to keep your kratom tolerance low, try a potentiator. Helping you maximize the benefits of the herb without having to crank up your doses, potentiators can make it possible for you to truly enjoy kratom at bare minimum doses.

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