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Freezing Kratom: A Guide to Creating Red Bubble Kratom

Freezing kratom is a method that extends your kratom’s shelf life and makes it more potent. This technique has gained traction in recent years as it’s an excellent way to store kratom long-term. You can buy in bulk to save money when you find a good price, and it lets you not worry if your kratom will go bad before it gets used. For example, buying a kilogram at once is much more affordable than buying 100 grams 10 times. However, you might not be able to use a kilogram before it loses its efficacy. Thus, freezing kratom will give you access to better prices since you can freeze what you do not use for later use.

Freezing kratom in bulk will also help you ensure you always have kratom on hand. Sometimes, your local supplier runs out, or your favorite online vendor is slow to ship. There are always factors outside of people’s control that can affect shipping, and even a trustworthy vendor might have trouble finding their product one day, so it can be good to be proactive. People also argue that freezing kratom also potentiates its effects. Regardless of why you choose to freeze kratom, it is considered a technique with which all kratom users should be familiar.

Freezing kratom involves mixing your kratom with water and freezing it. This causes the cells to break and release alkaloids for which kratom is known. Thus, frozen kratom might actually cause more effects on the user than unfrozen kratom. Freezing kratom is also a fun way to engage more with kratom as a hobby, and it can help you develop a better understanding of this tropical plant.

General Overview of Red Bubble Kratom

Frozen kratom is also called red bubble kratom because it forms a reddish-brownish bubble in the center of the ice as it freezes. This bubble is a dense core of kratom’s component alkaloids. As it freezes, the water in the kratom cells expands, and the plant cell walls break. As the walls break, alkaloids stored there are released. Your body is typically bad at digesting these cell walls, so breaking them with this method gives your body access to more alkaloids from kratom than using it fresh. The breaking of the cell walls and freezing is also what creates the dense, reddish mixture that gives red bubble kratom its name.


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Alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine are responsible for kratom’s effects. Alkaloids are nitrogen-containing chemicals that impart different effects on the body and mind. Other famous alkaloids include caffeine and nicotine. Alkaloids are also responsible for kratom’s bitter flavor. Since frozen kratom has a higher alkaloid density, it can taste much more bitter than the unfrozen sort. Fortunately, in its frozen form, it is easy to improve kratom’s flavor by adding something sweet. This can help make the kratom go down easier and improve the experience of taking it.

image of red bubble kratom

How Does Freezing Kratom Work?

As you freeze kratom, it pushes out less dense plant material, which is typically not the part of the leaf that has any effect. This process causes the center of the frozen kratom to contain more alkaloids than the surrounding parts. It makes what appears to be a large red bubble in the center of the frozen block of kratom water. The process is a rudimentary way of creating kratom extract. It also removes impurities from your kratom, like plant material.

The best way to freeze kratom is to mix it with a minimal amount of water in a much larger container. As it freezes, the cells break open and create an alkaloid extract. The plant material separates from the active chemicals, making a stratified iceberg of kratom. Looking at your frozen kratom, the part that you will want to use is the reddish, dense core. This dense core gives red bubble kratom its name since it looks like a massive red bubble. Humans have a difficult time digesting plant cell walls, so breaking them by freezing gives you more access to kratom’s active components.

Factors Affecting Freezing Kratom

Freezing kratom is best for people who plan to store kratom long-term. Also, if you live somewhere that is too hot or humid, storing kratom in a climate-controlled area like the freezer or fridge is already your best bet. Kratom can deteriorate with time, and the deterioration is exacerbated by light and heat exposure.

Old kratom is not unsafe; it is simply less potent. For this reason, you will also want to freeze kratom powder as close to the time it was harvested and processed. It might seem obvious, but freezing better kratom results in high-quality frozen kratom.

When you pick out your kratom for freezing, follow the same process you would for sourcing any new form of kratom. You should pick out a strain and variety that you enjoy, testing samples from various vendors until you find the right strain.

If you want a more uplifting experience, go for white vein kratom. For a more relaxing result, you might prefer red vein kratom. Once you have determined which kratom you want to freeze, the rest of the process is the same. As you have more experience freezing kratom, you will learn which methods and strains work best.

image of freezing kratom

The Bottom Line

There are many reasons to consider freezing your kratom. The most straightforward reason is storage. Freezing kratom makes it easier to store long-term and makes it last longer. Kratom needs to be kept away from light and heat, making your freezer a perfect spot to hold it.

Frozen kratom might also be easier to consume. Many kratom users liken it to drinking a slushie or eating a snow cone. You might find the flavor is a bit harsher than a frozen treat, though you can always add soda or juice to make it taste better.

Freezing kratom also makes it stronger. When you freeze kratom, it releases some of the alkaloids that would not otherwise be accessible through standard digestion. Since alkaloids are part of kratom and responsible for its effects, more alkaloids mean stronger kratom. Though it is not technically an extract, freezing kratom is the easiest way to make a concentrated form of kratom at home. In fact, most other methods of extract preparation are best left to professionals.

So, figure out your favorite kratom and find yourself a nice freezer. This guide should serve as a wonderful kick-off point, and delving deeper into forums will help round out your knowledge on freezing kratom. You can freeze all kinds of kratom, and it can make a wonderful treat to share with friends. Freezing kratom makes it last longer and ensures that a smaller amount goes further in potency.

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