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Can You Eat After Taking Kratom?

Get on any kratom forum on the internet, and the first thing you’ll see is people asking whether they can eat after taking kratom or take kratom before eating. When you follow the thread, you might end up even more confused by the conflicting answers.

Well, taking kratom before eating enables you to enjoy pronounced effects, which kick in in record time. But on the flip side, it leaves you susceptible to numerous side effects, especially if you’re a beginner. On the other hand, taking kratom after eating will delay its onset and, in some cases, reduce its effects. But on the upside, you won’t have to deal with adverse side effects.

So, can you eat after taking kratom? Read on to find out.

Kratom After Eating

Most kratom users claim that they experience nausea and vomiting whenever they consume kratom before their meals. In the same measure, you might also experience similar side effects when taking kratom immediately after a meal. Fortunately, there’s a right way to do it – one that doesn’t leave you susceptible to these daunting side effects.


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First, you must wait an hour after your meal before taking your favorite kratom strain. This will give your body enough time to digest and absorb food. When you take your dose, your stomach will still have some food, which may limit the possibility of getting side effects. However, you’ll have to contend with the delayed onset of effects as it may take up to 30 minutes for the effects to kick in.

The delayed onset is even more pronounced if you take kratom capsules. Besides waiting for the food to be absorbed, you’ll also have to give the kratom capsule some time to break down. This may take about 45 minutes. But, on the bright side, most kratom users have enjoyed the effects for up to eight hours when they take kratom after meals.

What Are the Effects of Taking Kratom After Eating?

image of taking kratom after eating effects

Some users have reported no notable effects when taking kratom after eating. When this happens to you, it’s best to take another dose. Once it kicks in, you’ll enjoy tons of beneficial effects without risking the possibility of nasty side effects.

One of the advantages of taking kratom after eating is that it can help you circumvent feelings of nausea, vomiting, and upset stomach. This is especially suitable for new users whose bodies haven’t gotten used to the high alkaloid concentration of kratom.

It’s important to note that the quantity of food you take directly impacts kratom’s effects. If you don’t eat enough food, it might not be enough to offset the side effects. And if you overeat, you might not get any notable effects. Therefore, you’ll need to try out different servings to figure out which works best for you.

Some people prefer taking some fruit or a handful of nuts during mealtimes, while others prefer a heavier meal. Regardless of your choice, it is advisable that you eat a light meal that’s easily digestible. This way, you’ll manage to offset the nasty side effects without losing out on the kratom effects you love.

Are There Any Disadvantages of Taking Kratom After Eating?

Despite being one of the best ways to take kratom, taking kratom after eating can present a few drawbacks. For starters, if you take kratom with your meal or shortly after, you may develop a tolerance. In time, your dependency grows, ultimately putting your health at risk.

Some users also say that taking kratom after a meal reduces kratom’s effects, prompting them to increase their dosage – and that’s not always a good idea. Additionally, people who take kratom in capsule form have to deal with an extended onset duration since the capsule covering acts as a barrier that needs to be metabolized before kratom is absorbed into your body.

Can You Take Kratom Along With Your Food?

image of kratom leaves

Not everyone has the stomach to deal with kratom’s unpleasant taste. As such, some users prefer mixing it with food and drinks. Some people even use it as an ingredient in different food and beverage recipes. When you do this, the flavors of the other ingredients overpower that of kratom, enabling you to enjoy your favorite herb in a tasty treat.

How Long Should You Wait After Eating to Take Kratom?

To enjoy the maximum effects of your favorite kratom strain, you need to time your dose just right. If you take kratom in the morning after breakfast, wait at least 30 minutes before taking your dose. Similarly, if you take kratom after a heavy lunch or dinner, wait a bit longer or take a short nap before taking your dose. This way, you’ll give your body enough time to metabolize the food so it can absorb kratom quicker.

How to Avoid Building a Tolerance When Taking Kratom

Beginners rarely have to deal with increased tolerance limits. This problem is more prevalent among more experienced users, some of whom take two or even three doses of kratom per day to offset their tolerance limits.

You’re probably aware of the dangers of overdosing on kratom, so taking more than one dose per day is not a good idea. If you notice your tolerance going over the roof, it’s best to take a little time off. When you come back, your body’s metabolism will have reset, enabling you to enjoy recommended doses without having to go overboard.

image of how to avoid building a tolerance when taking kratom

The Bottom Line

Kratom has some pretty good effects, but if taken incorrectly, it might just ruin your day. If you eat after taking kratom, you may feel some side effects. As such, taking kratom after eating is one of the best ways to avoid getting side effects. The effects also last much longer, making it a win-win situation. While you’re at it, you should take caution to avoid building a tolerance that might lead to dependency.

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