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The Best Local Shops to Buy Kratom in Denver, Colorado

World-class museums, breweries, and nightlife to die for are just a few reasons why people love Denver. The relatively large population of just over 750,000 people also loves kratom, and you can see it in the sheer number and variety of kratom products available in the city. Thus, you can find some places to buy kratom in Denver, Colorado.

Unfortunately, kratom isn’t legal to buy and sell in all parts of Denver, thus making it quite challenging to maintain your kratom habits while on the move. So to make your kratom experience safer and more fulfilling, here’s everything you need to know about using kratom in Denver.

Is Kratom Legal in Denver, CO?

Well, it is, but technically it’s not. Denver recently passed a bill banning the sale of kratom products for human consumption. But there’s a loophole – as long as vendors stick a “not for human consumption” warning on their products, they can continue their business. Additionally, possessing kratom in the city is still legal, so you won’t get into trouble once you’ve already purchased it.

However, considering the city’s current stance on kratom and the FDA’s continued efforts to ban kratom, we might see a city-wide kratom ban in Denver. The city may also go the other way and regulate kratom products through the Kratom Consumer Protection Act rather than insisting on banning kratom all-out. Therefore, keep yourself informed on kratom’s legal status as you travel across Denver and Colorado.


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Best Kratom Shops in Denver, CO

Despite the regulations around kratom products in Denver, the city has an impressive number of specialized kratom vendors. This significantly improves your chances of getting high-quality kratom products there.

Here are some of Denver’s best kratom shops and smoke shops that carry high-quality kratom products:

image of clean kratom denver in denver co

1. Clean Kratom Denver

Address: 258 N Broadway, Denver, CO 80203, United States

Clean Kratom Denver is the largest kratom shop in Denver. The shop has an extensive selection of kratom products, including powders, capsules, extracts, and tinctures. All the kratom here is lab-tested for quality and comes at pretty affordable prices.

The shop has a pretty neat layout that makes finding what you need easy and interact with the staff and other shoppers. Clean Kratom also facilitates online deliveries, so you can call or visit their website to make an order.

image of mile high botanicals in denver co

2. Mile High Botanicals

Address: 1540 S Holly St #5, Denver, CO 80222, United States

Mile High Botanicals has one of the city’s most diverse selections of kratom products. They have products ranging from powder and capsules to extracts. Here, you can get some of the most popular strains and a few exotics ones.

image of vitality botanicals kratom supply in denver co

3. Vitality Botanicals Kratom Supply

Address: 1111 Broadway #408, Denver, CO 80203, United States

Vitality Botanicals has a pretty impressive kratom product selection. Their product catalog includes everything from popular kratom favorites to unique blends and exotic strains. According to the shop’s website, all its products are sourced from a small family farm in Indonesia.

While you’re there, don’t be afraid to ask the staff any questions. They are professional and will gladly help you out.

image of royal pipes & hookahs in denver co

4. Royal Pipes and Hookahs

Address: 4857, 4857, 10890 E Dartmouth Ave, Denver, CO 80014, United States

Royal Pipes and Hookahs are considered the best smoke shop since it also deals in botanicals. You can find everything there, from your favorite kratom products to CBD and smoking accessories. They have a decent product selection, so you’ll find kratom strains that meet your needs.

image of myxed up creations in denver co

5. Myxed Up Creations

Address: 5800 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220, United States

If you like locally produced, high-quality glassware, check out Myxed Up Creations. They specialize in locally-made smoking pipes and glass accessories. They also offer various kratom products ranging from powders and capsules to tinctures. So you’re sure to get precisely what you want.

How to Buy Kratom in Denver, Colorado

Like other legal cities, there are two ways to buy kratom in Denver: online and at physical stores. We’ve covered the latter, so let’s jump into online shopping. The Denver online kratom market is booming, with numerous online vendors selling kratom in the city.

One of the best things about buying kratom online is it comes with certified lab test results as quality assurance. Online vendors also typically have more comprehensive product selections than physical stores, thus giving you a chance to experiment with different strains.

Other Places to Buy Kratom in Denver, Colorado

Here are a few other places to buy high-quality kratom products in Denver.

Shop NameAddressContact Number
Quality Pipes & Tobacco1842 S Parker Rd Unit 19, Denver, CO 80231, United States+1 720-708-2468
Broadway Smoke Shop108 S Broadway, Denver, CO 80209, United States+1 303-945-4677
Herbal Daze Smoke Shop4530 E Colfax Ave, Denver, CO 80220, United States+1 303-333-1445

The Bottom Line

Despite the varying kratom regulation laws in the country, Denver’s kratom industry and community are still thriving. The city has a vast number of kratom vendors. And despite the “not for human consumption” label on your favorite strain, you can still get some high-quality products there.

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