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The Best Shops To Buy Kratom in Berkeley, California

Berkeley is home to a vibrant arts scene, world-renowned universities, and a growing community of kratom users. You can buy kratom in Berkeley, California since it has a lively nightlife, and exciting kratom products and smoking accessories that the area’s smoke shops offer. Moreover, it’s considered a great place for young people to live because of the amazing opportunities.

California’s Kratom Laws

Residents can legally buy or sell kratom in California, especially in Berkeley. Currently, there are no age restrictions as well. Since the industry isn’t regulated, residents and kratom enthusiasts are cautioned to only buy kratom from reputable shops and providers.

However, some areas in California have banned the sale, use, and possession of kratom. For instance, San Diego County has banned the herb. The San Diego city council passed an ordinance that prohibited the manufacture and sale of kratom in the county. Hence, it is the only place in California where kratom is prohibited.

The Top Shops To Buy Kratom in Berkeley, California

Even with kratom legal in the city and a lively local kratom community, not a lot of shops carry kratom in Berkeley, CA. Fortunately, you can still get high-quality kratom from smoke shops, herb shops, and modern badapothecaries in nearby areas such as San Francisco and Oakland.


Shop by Strain Color


The best smoke shop and stores in Berkeley and nearby areas are listed below:

image of annapurna in berkeley ca

1. Annapurna

Address: 2416 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704, United States

Annapurna is a head shop that has been operating since 1969. The shop was remodeled in 2020 but it remains a most trusted and go-to smoke shop in Berkeley, CA. Aside from selling CBD, pipes, incense, and other trinkets, they also have a good selection of kratom extracts and capsules. They have Bali Gold, Super K, and other kratom strains available.

image of the onee inc wireless & gift in berkeley ca

2. The One, Inc. – Wireless & Gift

Address: 1019 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710, United States

The One, Inc. – Wireless & Gift is a smoke shop that has served the Bay Area since 2020. It is a one-stop shop for tobacco, cigars, hookahs, smoking accessories, and kratom in Berkeley, CA. They also have an extensive line of high-quality kratom products in various forms.

They have kratom powder and capsules, along with kratom-infused drinks as well as variety of kratom strains. The shop’s kratom selection includes Red Vein, White Maeng Da, Red Hulu, Red Dragon, Green Malay, and more.

image of bumble bee botanicals in berkeley ca

3. Bumble Bee Botanicals

Address: 3215 17th St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States

Bumble Bee Botanicals is a kratom retail chain store with several branches in California and other states. They may not have a branch in Berkeley, but you can visit their shop in San Francisco to get pure and high-quality kratom.

Unlike the other shops in this list, Bumble Bee Botanicals exclusively sells kratom. Therefore, they are experts in the product and can provide you with knowledgeable advice on different kratom strains and how to use each safely and effectively.

image of mamba smoke & headshop in berkeley ca

4. Mamba Smoke & Head Shop

Address: 3224 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610, United States

Mamba Smoke & Head Shop sells a variety of vapes, pipes, and other smoking supplies. This cozy and laid-back smoke shop also sells unique accessories and apparel that fit the lifestyle. Most importantly, they sell kratom extracts and liquid kratom from enthusiasts looking for kratom in Berkeley, CA.

image of rocky smoke shop where you can buy kratom in berkeley california

5. Rocky Smoke Shop

Address: 39471 Fremont Blvd, Fremont, CA 94538, United States

Rocky Smoke Shop has been in the industry since 2004, and they always make it a point to update their inventory. Today, they carry a variety of CBD, Kratom, and Delta 8 THC products alongside cigars, tobacco, glass pipes, and other smoking accessories at affordable prices. They have kratom powder and extracts available in White Thai, Green Malay, Red Vein, Yellow Borneo, and other strains.

More Shops Where You Can Buy Kratom Near Berkeley CA

With kratom legal in most of California, you can also get kratom in cities near Berkeley. If you’re up for a 10 to 30-minute drive, you can explore more kratom shops near Berkeley, CA, and the Bay Area. Below are some shops that are worth stopping by:

Shop NameAddressPhone
Smokeez4020 Bay St, Fremont, CA 94538, United States+1 510-573-0911
Tobacco Outlet10170 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito, CA 94530, United States+1 510-559-6989
Wonderland Smoke Shop40900 Fremont Blvd # A, Fremont, CA 94538, United States+1 510-226-9900

Why Buying Kratom Online Is Better

Not all kratom shops are created equal. As you may notice, some shops listed above sell a variety of other things like vape, e-juice, cigars, glass pipes, and other smoking accessories. Smoke shops tend to stock as many products as possible to maximize sales.

Due to the variety of products sold at these smoke shops, their staff tends to be less knowledgeable about kratom and its different varieties. As such, they might not be able to provide sufficient advice or assistance to beginners.

And while these shops still carry high-quality kratom, they usually lack variety. Moreover, physical smoke shops and vape shops place a higher markup on kratom products to recoup business expenses.

Given these drawbacks, you may be better off buying kratom in Berkeley, CA, from reputable online sellers who offer a wider selection of kratom strains at competitive prices.

Online kratom shops also mostly source their products directly from Southeast Asia where kratom is organically grown. With fewer operating expenses and staff to maintain, online kratom providers can offer reasonable prices compared to physical smoke shops.

The Bottom Line

You can legally buy kratom in Berkeley, CA, as well as the rest of California, except San Diego County. While Berkeley, CA has a welcoming kratom community, only a few shops within the city carry high-quality kratom products.

For more choices, you need to drive to Fremont, San Francisco, and other places in the Bay Area. However, you can always choose to shop in online stores where more kratom strains and variety are available at affordable prices.

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