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Black Seed Oil and Kratom – Effects, Usage, and Safety

Black seed oil and kratom may be a perfect combo if you want to avoid increasing your tolerance to kratom. For most kratom neophytes, a dose of between 2g to 3g can be more than enough to bring about those coveted effects. But with time, your body may increase its tolerance to kratom. So those modest doses that used to get you doing might no longer cut it. Now, before you start increasing your dose (which might be risky in the long run), you might want to try a potentiator first.

Potentiators are foods, drinks, substances, and supplements that help heighten the effects of kratom. There are lots of different potentiators available, but one particularly preferred by kratom enthusiasts on the web is black seed oil. Just how effective is the kratom-black seed oil combo, is it safe, and how do you use them together? Here’s what you need to know.

What is Black Seed Oil?

Nigella sativa or fennel flower is a flowering plant that’s native to eastern Europe and western Asia. However, it has been successfully cultivated and naturalized in many other parts of the world, so it’s really not as rare as it used to be. The plant flowers once annually, and its beautiful white flowers bloom with dramatic tendrils. But despite the garish display of its snowy centerpiece, it’s really not the flowers that people are interested in.

This plant produces tiny black seeds that are harvested and pressed to produce black seed oil. The substance has been used in traditional folk medicine for over 2,000 years and was even allegedly found alongside other items in King Tut’s tomb. Today, it’s widely used in Indian and Middle Eastern cuisine to add calculated bitterness to various dishes.


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Effects and Benefits of Black Seed Oil

Step into any shop selling natural medicines and supplements and you’ll find black seed oil vials, soft gels, and capsules lining the shelves. The substance is prized for its high antioxidant content and is said to offer a variety of benefits.

Now, that’s a lot for such a small seed. And while a lot of these alleged advantages haven’t been confirmed by studies, people who use black seed oil swear by its benefits.

Aside from these long-term effects, black seed oil produces immediate, palpable effects that can impact your present disposition. Of course, these effects are often subjective and change from person to person.

Effects of Kratom and Black Seed Oil Together

To set the record straight, there are no reports, studies, or publications that truly confirm the effectiveness of black seed oil and kratom. You may not find studies that state that black seed oil can heighten the effects of kratom. For the most part, any information you’ll find online will come only from anecdotal sources. That said, what you experience from the combination might be different from what other kratom users report.

With that out of the way, it’s worth talking about the effects that kratom enthusiasts claim to experience with the kratom and black seed combo. According to various users, using the two substances together can imbue the body with a sense of calm and collectedness.

While users have tried black seed oil with white and green vein varieties, the supplement’s soothing effects might counteract the profile of whites and greens. Using it together with red vein kratom tends to have more similar effects and can help heighten the experience and highlight the benefits of both the kratom and the black seed oil.

Together, kratom and black seed oil may be able to:

  • Help you fall asleep faster
  • Reduce stress and feelings of apprehension
  • Calm the mind
  • Inspire a feeling of cognitive clarity
  • Reduce physical and mental discomfort

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When and How to Take Kratom and Black Seed Oil

The best time to take red vein kratom and the said oil together would be a few hours before bedtime, right as you wind down at the end of the day. Black seed oil gel caps seem to work best to potentiate kratom since they’re easier to digest and metabolize.

There’s no magic ratio since everyone is different. But you may want to start with just 1g of black seed oil or 1 gelcap to see how your body responds to the combination. It may also be better to dial down your kratom dose by 2g to 3g if your usual dose is above 10g. If you take less than 10g, reduce your kratom dose by just 1g.

If you enjoy whites and greens more, then you may want to avoid black seed oil as a potentiator. However, you can use the supplement to taper down the effects of white and green vein kratom if you feel like they’re drawing on for too long.

Is It Safe to Take Black Seed Oil with Kratom?

The short answer is no one really knows. For the record, there haven’t been any reports of people experiencing adverse reactions as a result of the combination. But it’s important to remember that everyone responds differently to kratom and other supplements.

Always ask your doctor before you start a new health or wellness regimen. If you intend to use kratom and black seed oil together, see to it that you stick to lower doses first to find your threshold and avoid taking more than your body can handle.

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Over to You

Building your kratom tolerance can be detrimental to your experience. So, to avoid increasing your kratom dose, try a potentiator. Many people have used black seed oil as a traditional medicinal supplement, and today, its purpose is now as a potentiator for kratom. Of course, nothing is certain and only limited studies are around. But if you’re willing to take other kratom users’ word for it, then black seed oil might just help improve the effects you get out of every kratom dose.

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