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Why You Can’t Buy Kratom Tea Bags at Amazon

November 16, 2022GeneralNo Comments »

Amazon is a one-stop store for anything you need. But when you search for kratom tea bags, you won’t find any. In fact, the online giant shopping platform has no authentic kratom products. You won’t find kratom capsules, powder, or tinctures; just guidebooks on kratom.

Why so? The quick answer is that Amazon does not allow the sale of kratom products on the site.

Read on to learn more about Amazon’s ban on kratom and the reasons behind it. We’ve also given you a list of alternative vendors from whom you can buy high-quality kratom tea bags.

Amazon’s Kratom Policy

Amazon prohibits the selling of kratom-related products on its site. So if you come across kratom tea bags on the platform, those are counterfeit.

Amazon’s ban on kratom was not always in place. Before the ban, buyers would shop for different types of kratom products on the platform. But things changed in 2012.

Here are three reasons why Amazon banned kratom products on its site altogether.

FDA Disapproval

In 2012, kratom rose in popularity with many people interested in trying out the plant. This resulted in increased sales and the subsequent entry of many kratom vendors into the Amazon marketplace.

But later that year, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) identified kratom on an import alert for unapproved drugs and started seizing kratom shipments. As a result, Amazon banned kratom from its online marketplace as it did not want to get into any trouble with FDA.

The FDA has not approved any uses for kratom so far. The agency believes that kratom, which binds to similar opioid brain receptors as morphine, has effects that expose consumers to the threats of abuse, addiction, and dependence.

Changing Legal Landscape

The legal status of kratom in the U.S is on a case-to-case basis. So far, six states have banned kratom outright, including Arkansas, Indiana, Alabama, Wisconsin, Vermont, and Rhode Island. The rest of the states have either regulated its sale or left it unregulated.

This may lead to a scenario where a kratom user from a banned state orders kratom tea bags from Amazon, which would lead to legal issues if Amazon ships the order to the banned state.

Various countries have also banned kratom. In Europe, countries like Sweden, Bulgaria, France, Finland, and United Kingdom prohibit kratom. In Asia, Turkey, Japan, and Vietnam have banned kratom. With Amazon’s worldwide shipping policy, it would open the company to lawsuits if they ship kratom orders to such countries.

In light of these potential legal bottlenecks, Amazon decided to play it safe and ban kratom on its site.

Payment Processing Challenges

Sure, kratom is legal. But the two biggest card networks MasterCard and Visa prohibit kratom transactions from their networks. Even Stripe and PayPal prohibit kratom transactions. The card networks consider kratom a high-risk business. They cite kratom’s controversy and its legal landscape as tumultuous.

Amazon relies on these card processors which are most reliable for online transactions. But because they don’t support kratom sales, paying for kratom tea bags on Amazon is not viable. That’s another reason why Amazon decided to root out kratom from its site.

image of three reasons why amazon banned kratom products

Where Else Can You Buy Kratom Tea Bags?

With Amazon out of the picture, you can buy kratom tea bags from both local and online stores. But your best bet is to buy online.

Kratom tea bags from reputable online vendors are fresher and stronger compared to buying in-store. Besides, prices tend to be competitive as online sellers eliminate overhead or middleman expenses.

Here are three reputable online vendors to buy kratom tea bags from:

Top Tree Herbs

Top Tree Herbs sells kratom tea bags made with American Kratom Association cGMP-certified kratom. This means that you will be drinking the best quality kratom tea around.

You can choose from red, white, and green strain kratom tea bags depending on the intended purpose. They also provide the option of flavored or unflavored tea bags.

The kratom tea bags from Top Tree Herbs are lab-tested for purity and potency by an independent, third-party laboratory. You can verify the lab test results before purchase.

Each tea bag contains 3 grams of premium crushed leaf kratom, while a pouch has 14 tea bags inside. The price per pouch reduces if you buy more pouches. For example, a pouch of White Thai tea bags goes for $14. But if you buy three pouches, you’ll spend only $10 per pouch.

image of kratom tea bags from top tree herbs

Super Speciosa

Super Speciosa is another excellent place to buy kratom tea bags. This online vendor has American Kratom Association cGMP certification. As such, it adheres to the stringent GMP quality standards.

The kratom tea bags contain only pure kratom leaf, with no filler or synthetics. Super Speciosa’s commitment to quality means all the tea bags have comprehensive lab test reports.

The available kratom tea bag strains include:

A pouch contains 15 tea bags and retails at $24.99.

Kraken Kratom

Kraken Kratom is a GMP-compliant kratom vendor. The brand sells kratom tea bags filled only with superior-quality crushed kratom leaf. It also provides access to comprehensive lab test reports.

You get 3 grams of kratom per tea bag, while a pouch contains 12 tea bags. So you get 36 grams of kratom per pouch.

You can choose from a variety of strains such as Bali, Red Maeng Da, White Borneo, and more. A pouch of your favorite kratom strain goes for $12.99. You also get free same-day shipping for all orders.

image of kraken kratom to buy tea bags

The Bottom Line

Amazon prohibits kratom sales on its site, so any kratom tea bags you come across on the platform are scams. The controversy and legality issues surrounding kratom could land Amazon in legal trouble. That’s why the company banned kratom in 2012.

Though Amazon does not sell kratom, you can still buy kratom tea bags online. Some of the reputable online vendors include Top Tree Herbs, Super Speciosa, and Kraken Kratom. Apart from their reasonable prices, they back their kratom tea bags with comprehensive lab reports and fast shipping.

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