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Kratom Vape: What Happens When You Vape Kratom?

Kratom and vape entered the US market within the same decade, so it comes as no surprise that they’re also rising in popularity at a fairly similar rate. And with both the vaping and the kratom markets exploring their horizons, it was only a matter of time before patrons from both parties started asking whether the two could be combined.

Think about it — hemp and CBD vaping products are sold widely throughout the US market. With kratom being a similar herb, shouldn’t it be a viable choice for vaping as well? On the surface, there’s definitely a lot of promise. But there’s more to vaping kratom than meets the eye.

Can You Vape Kratom?

Vaping works by heating liquids to a certain temperature so that it produces vapor. This is then inhaled in order to experience the effects of whatever is being vaporized. When vaping was first introduced into the market, it was advertised as an alternative to smoking. Today, vaping is commonly marketed as a new way to enjoy the effects of various herbal products including CBD and kratom.

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In order to vape kratom, manufacturers extract the compounds in the herb and add a range of ingredients to make it compatible with vape pens. These additives also help to improve the taste of the resulting vapor and to extend the shelf life of the cartridge. Notice however that kratom cartridges for e-cigarettes, vape pens, and vaporizers aren’t too common yet, and you might not find them in most kratom stores. In fact, even the most extensive kratom emporiums might not have them in stock, and for good reason.

Are There Benefits to Vaping Kratom?

The biggest advantage of vaping kratom would be the fact that it delivers more instant results. Since most methods of taking kratom involve oral consumption, vaping provides a more direct route that lets the compounds in the herb take effect more rapidly. However, it’s worth mentioning that the oral use of kratom isn’t necessarily slow to take effect either.

Another alleged benefit is that it might help people who are trying to quit smoking. It’s no secret that cigarettes can be significantly damaging to a person’s health. Providing kratom vapes as an alternative can help curb the risks associated with cigarette smoking. But that’s not to say it doesn’t come with its own dangers.

The Drawbacks of Vaping Kratom

There’s a reason why most vendors don’t sell products for vaping kratom. That’s because its drawbacks outweigh its benefits. While most of us would enjoy rapid effect onset, there are trade-offs that you’d have to inevitably make when choosing to vape kratom as opposed to using it in the traditionally accepted ways.

1. Reduced potency

Adding a variety of other ingredients in order to make kratom ‘vape friendly’ can affect the potency of the effects. It’s also worth mentioning that heating kratom can cause the compounds of the plant to deteriorate, significantly reducing the effects of the herb.

2. Irritation and contamination

Powders, capsules, tinctures, resins, extracts, shots, and other standard kratom products have one thing in common — they don’t leave residue or contaminants behind. The same can’t be said for vaping. Added chemicals can leave residue in the lungs and mouth, and some studies suggest potential dangers to prolonged exposure to these contaminants.

3. Limited availability

Even if you decide to vape kratom as your standard practice, the availability of these products is highly limited. That’s because vendors recognize how vaping kratom might be counterintuitive, so they avoid selling the stuff altogether.

4. Unclear dosing

It’s important to carefully manage your doses to prevent overdosing on kratom and pushing your threshold up. Vaping makes it almost impossible to determine the right dose, making the possibility of taking more kratom than you need much more likely.

5. Costly

You can get a kilogram of kratom for as low as $70, however, vaping products can cost way more. According to experts, a single dose of kratom taken in the form of vapor can cost upwards of three times the price of simply taking it as a powder or capsule.

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Kratom Vape: Safety Concerns

Let it be clear — kratom is safe. As an herbal remedy, it doesn’t have life-threatening adverse reactions, especially when used properly and responsibly. However the same can’t be said for the chemicals added to vape cartridges.

In order to enjoy kratom through a vape pen, you would have to incorporate a number of synthetic ingredients with more than questionable effects on the body. Leaving behind residue and contaminants, these added ingredients may cause lung disease and cancer.

Should You Vape Kratom?

There’s no denying the inherent appeal of vaping, but it’s worth checking the facts. Although it might work as a method for other herbs and substances, you may not ideally enjoy kratom through a vape. Posing more drawbacks than benefits, kratom vaping can significantly reduce your satisfaction. Stick to the old toss-and-wash instead or try a kratom tincture to spice things up and get the best results out of the experience.

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