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Super Kratom

Super Kratom is an alkaloid-optimized small-batch kratom blend, unlike any other enhanced kratom powder on the market. By combining the best of Green Malay, Red Maeng Da, and other strains into one naturally augmented powder, we have created the finest example of enhanced kratom products.

Our fair trade Super Leaf kratom powder is farm-fresh, lab-tested, and compliant with AKA-Good Manufacturing Practices. Every order gets discreetly mailed in secure packaging.

What is Super Kratom?

Super Leaf describes enhanced kratom strains like Super Green Malay and other strains with “super” in their name. Many other brands have produced enhanced kratom products, such as liquid kratom shots and proprietary blends, but most have failed to strengthen their powders naturally.

That is where New Dawn Kratom comes in.