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Red Bubble Kratom – A Guide To This Technique

Are you familiar with red bubble kratom? Red bubble kratom refers to the concentrated kratom product made when kratom is frozen. As it freezes, kratom solidifies and condenses in the center of the ice, forming what appears to be a red bubble.

Whether this makes the kratom concentrated is still being researched, but the theoretical underpinnings are sound. Not to mention, freezing kratom makes it easier to mix with tasty beverages. It is also harder to taste the natural bitterness of something cold as food becomes less flavorful and is further removed from body temperature. Keep reading to learn more about this.

Why People Are Freezing Kratom

Still, the main reason people freeze kratom is to increase the availability of its composite compounds in the body. As plant cells freeze, the inside expands and bursts the cell walls. Our omnivorous guts are not designed well for breaking cell walls. However, kratom cells release more alkaloids, the component responsible for the effect upon breaking. You can see how making kratom’s component chemicals easier for the body to access can give the plant more potent effects.

The science is murky because people don’t conduct much research on kratom. However, anecdotally, kratom users swear by the red bubble kratom technique, and the reason for doing so is logical.


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image of science backing the red bubble method

Science Backing the Red Bubble Method

The higher concentration of kratom alkaloids, the better the experience. As mentioned, freezing kratom makes its walls break open and releases more alkaloids than are generally available to the body for digestion.

The method of freezing also causes plant material to separate from the more essential chemicals. This gives the frozen kratom its distinct red bubble appearance. It also means that you can discard the outer shell of the frozen kratom mass and focus on the red bubble core.

To understand what is meant by breaking by freezing, imagine what happens to vegetable greens in the freezer. If you have ever frozen kale or spinach, you notice it’s much more flaccid after thawing. The plant cells contain water but have a rigid wall surrounding them. When water freezes, it expands.

Like how a water bottle in the freezer might break if it does not have room for the contents to expand; the cell wall breaks as the water inside expands. The process of breaking a cell is called freeze-thaw lysis, a general term for breaking open cells.

Once broken, the cell wall can’t repair itself. That is why greens get limp, and kratom gets more potent. Similarly, cooking plant material can destroy the cell wall. You risk denaturing the alkaloids and nullifying any of the kratom’s potency.

What Exactly is the Red Bubble?

image of what is red bubble

The reason for the formation of a red bubble is quite simple. When you freeze water, the water freezes from the outside in. The water molecules on the inside remain somewhat insulated by the outer layers until they freeze. As the outer layers freeze, anything in the mix that isn’t water gets pushed inward. The kratom plant material and other dissolved solids move to the middle of the ice.

When you make ice using tap water, the opaque center results from dissolved ions and metals in tap water. The outer layers of your frozen kratom will primarily contain water. It is the inner red bubble that matters. It contains a concentration of plant material, some of which you can not normally access. As mentioned earlier, when cells freeze, they break.

Because of its concentration levels, red bubble kratom is more potent and bitter than regular kratom powder. Being frozen will help some with the flavor, as it can be harder to taste frozen substances. Many people enjoy mixing red bubble kratom with soda. The result of the red bubble kratom technique is well worth it. Remember that when the red kratom bubble melts in your mouth, it may leave an acrid aftertaste.

How Accurate Is This Technique

Many proponents of the red bubble technique swear by its efficacy. They believe the red bubble technique boosts kratom’s natural potency. Still, there’s a multitude of anecdotes that contradict the notion that red bubble kratom does anything.

The best way for you to know is to try it yourself. At worst, you end up with a long-term solution for storing your kratom. At best, it will provide an enhanced kratom experience that makes you happy you took the time to freeze your kratom. You might also enjoy the taste of a kratom slushie.

It would be simple for a lab to research whether freeze-thaw lysis creates a higher proportion of kratom. Some labs exist for kratom vendors to determine the number of alkaloids in their products. If you freeze kratom, thaw it, and dry it, you should be able to test the resultant material for an alkaloid profile.

image of how accurate is the red bubble technique


How To Do the Red Bubble Technique

The red bubble kratom technique is simple. You can also make multiple doses at once. It’s essential that you use an acidic natural liquid like vinegar or lemon juice to dissolve your kratom dose. You want to form a liquid.

Set a ten-minute timer, and turn the jar over twice every two minutes. Add boiling water to the container, careful not to shatter any glass. Add enough water to dilute the acidic solvent. The reason to use boiling water is to ensure any contaminants die.

Once the container has started to cool, you can place it in the freezer. Let it rest for one night, and you should be the proud owner of some red bubble kratom. You can use it as a base for a variety of kratom beverages. Mix it with oat milk and sugar in the morning, or add some cherry cola or orange soda to the red bubble kratom for a snack.

image of how to do the red bubble techique

Parting Words on What The Red Bubble Kratom Technique Is

If you wonder whether this technique is a fancy way of referring to freezing kratom, then you understand the technique. It is simply a frozen kratom tea. When freezing kratom, a red bubble appears at the center.

There is debate on whether it is more potent, but most seem to agree that red bubble kratom is enjoyable. It also has the practical side effect of allowing you to store your kratom longer. You’ll never know if it’s more potent until you try it yourself. Take your favorite kratom out of its bag and make red bubble kratom using the above technique.

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