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If you are familiar with the white veined Kratom strains, you have probably heard of White Borneo Kratom. Thanks to its distinctly energizing aroma, White Borneo is one of the most used Kratom strains by Kratom enthusiasts. Over the years, this strain has grown in popularity as more users worldwide appreciate its potency levels and easy to find nature.

White Vein Borneo is primarily suitable for beginners and avid users and is one of the most well-balanced strains in the Kratom community. As a matter of fact, many users describe it as a very potent green strain as it offers a smooth impact across the entire effect spectrum. As a result, many consumers prefer Kratom White Borneo because of its versatile and robust nature.

Compared to other Kratom strains, many people can attest that White Borneo Kratom is the ultimate Kratom strain. Let us look at reasons why you should try this Kratom strain.

  • It is one of the most consistent white strain varieties
  • Ideal for new and experienced users
  • Easy to find and available in different varieties
  • Easily absorbed and long-lasting effects
  • Directly sourced from local farmers in Indonesia
  • Extensively tested for purity

16 reviews for White Borneo Kratom

  1. James Brantley (verified owner)

    I have tried this strain from several vendors and always let down. Not this time new dawn has the best out there. Don’t waste your money with other vendors. Their quality is unmatched and I have tried a lot of vendors. I never left reviews ever but I had to after I discovered new dawn.

  2. Leila

    This is the first batch of kratom I’ve bought personally after trying another brand a friend had. I’m satisfied even though I don’t have much to compare it to. Shipping time on New Dawn’s part was great. USPS had some problems and I had to wait an extra week for delivery, but of course New Dawn had no control over that.
    I got the 500 capsule bag.

  3. Andrew (verified owner)

    New Dawn went ‘over the top’, both in terms of customer awareness AND product quality. I ordered a total of 3 split kilos so I have six selections in my Kratom Pantry to mix/match. They are all excellent, although I personally am not a fan of the Super Green Malay so it only got a ‘4’. The White Borneo is an awesome addition to any cupboard and earned a ‘5’.

    Here is Truth Apparent: You will be delighted with New Dawn’s products. Please notice many of the reviews absolutely rave about New Dawn Kratom and it is hard to believe you get the best there is at such a low cost. The reviews are all real, the product, pricing, and customer service is really that good. Please also notice that New Dawn Kratom very recently removed the portions of the product descriptions (as well as customer reviews) that related to “descriptions of effects”. That demonstrates New Dawn’s commitment to following all the rules and so should we all.

  4. nickyoder16

    I got the pick 3 250 bags one is green melay second is red Bali and last is white borneo which 3 250 bags of kratom for 50 with free shipping is 5 outs 5 steal I only tasted the green melay and wow taste is pure warm glow 🌟 I like it ty you new dawn your guys are so inexpensive for the working class don’t change 💪 💯Nick Yoder 10/10

  5. charlesfrye40 (verified owner)

    Just recieved my order in record time I’ve ordered a lot from NDK and always super good kratom also fast customer service and very nice anyone reading this take my word for it and try can’t get any better A++++++++

  6. Kristina (verified owner)

    After trying a few of the white strains, this one is my favorite! Very fast shipping. I will definitely keep purchasing this one. So happy I found NDK.

  7. Barbie

    So far we have tried the red Borneo and maeng da and also the white maeng da… I and my husband are very happy with the results, the products & they come like clockwork… 4 days. Can’t beat the price. Will never get our kratom anywhere else again (We have tried many other stores… Locally & online)

  8. Valerie (verified owner)

    This white borneo from New Dawn is hands down my favorite.

  9. Daniel (verified owner)

    First off, New Dawn is the absolute best company in terms of quality, prices, and shipping speed. I have tried many companies over a five year period, and New Dawn is THE BEST.
    White Borneo is a strain I will purchase again. I highly recommend this White strain. A+

  10. jellisonj.jj (verified owner)

    By far the best price and quality available! I have tried them all pretty much and I can’t believe I used to pay way more for way less.

  11. Morgan

    I got this as part of the 3x 250 red/green/white sample pack, and it blew the others out of the water. Great, highly recommended.

  12. Nathan Horst (verified owner)

    Just got my first shipment from NDK and they are my new go to for kratom. Both the quality and the prices are fantastic. The shipping speed is also very good. I got 3 different strains and the white borneo was my favorite.

  13. Alex

    SUPER GOOD! Less is more, with this strain in my experience. I’m more of a red vein fan but when I’m in the mood for a white vein, Borneo has a very unique profile and is my go-to white strain. NDK has by far the best quality and potency, this strain is particularly special from them!

  14. danalovesshane69

    All their strains are good but white borneo is my fav white strain.

  15. Sethy350 (verified owner)

    This is definitely a good quality White Borneo, it used to be my favorite. I wish, WISH they would stock “White Papua New Guinea”, the best kratom of all time, ever. Case closed.

  16. jdiehl12345 (verified owner)

    This is one of the better sites to order from. Quality is great. Ship time is great. Price is great. If I could make one request if the bags couldn’t be seal so tight like a brick. It makes the consistency really chunky and I find myself breaking down the chinch before I take it. But that has nothing to do with any specific Strain. All and all worth the $ hands down.

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The Origin of White Borneo Kratom

Similar to many other Kratom strains, White Borneo Kratom gains its name from where it originates from. This Kratom strain comes from Borneo, the biggest island in Southeast Asia and one of the largest islands in the world. Attached to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei, the island consists of dense rainforests, rich soil, and a tropical climate, which is perfect for the growth of Kratom trees.

Due to the white vein running down in the middle of the leaves used to make this strain, White Borneo is quite rare. It only originates from the island of Borneo as it has the right humidity that lasts year-round to allow the proper growth of the leaves of the Borneo Kratom. Additionally, its leaves are quite distinct from the leaves of other Kratom strains as they have an oval shape with an average size of 100-1800 mm in length and width and are dark green.

The Harvesting and Processing of White Borneo Kratom

Kratom White Vein Borneo comes from the young leaves of the Mitragyna speciosa plant. Our local farmers in Borneo carefully trim the Kratom tree to obtain the young leaves in good condition. Next, they allow the leaves to dry indoors to ensure they are not exposed to any light as it may affect their alkaloid profile.

After drying and curing the leaves, the resulting product is ground into a fine powder, mainly using a pestle and mortar. However, industrial-grade Kratom manufacturers use industrial grinders to make large quantities of White Borneo Kratom powder. Then, they package the product in a monitored environment to ensure no impurities have access to it. It is essential that all manufacturing and packaging processes directly adhere to the GMP guidelines to ensure the product is as fresh as possible when it reaches its destination.

What makes White Borneo Kratom unique?

Apart from its unique region of origin, several other unique characteristics make White Borneo Kratom powder stand out from different Kratom strains. These special features include:

A well-balanced white vein Kratom strain

Generally, white vein Kratom strains are famous for their high potency levels. However, White Vein Borneo Kratom is a little different. Many consumers can attest to the impeccably smooth and consistent nature of White Borneo Kratom effects. Due to its broader spectrum of benefits, many users prefer it to other strains.

When it comes to its alkaloid profile, Kratom White Borneo contains a balanced concentration of 7-hydroxy Mitragynine and Mitragynine. It is due to its balanced concentration of active alkaloids that gives this strain its consistent nature. Furthermore, Kratom enthusiasts refer to White Borneo as the perfect blend of Green and Red Borneo.

Suitable for both novice and experienced Kratom users

Due to its broad spectrum of benefits, White Borneo Kratom powder is ideal for all Kratom users. Whether you are new, intermediate, experienced, or a connoisseur, Kratom White Borneo has something for you.

Also, this Kratom strain comes with powerful and long-lasting effects, depending on the user’s dosage. With its more than 40 alkaloids, it is definitely worth trying White Borneo. You never know; you might make it your favorite go-to blend!

Available in different forms

Like other Kratom strains, White Vein Borneo Kratom comes in several forms to suit the needs and preferences of the user. It is available in extract form, powder form, capsules, whole or crushed leaves, Kratom tea, and even Kratom –resin ‘pies.’

Its different forms allow users to consume them in a manner that is most suitable and easy. For instance, you can opt to chew the leaves, make Kratom tea using the leaves or their powder form, smoke them, or dissolve them in warm water.

It is also possible to consume the White Borneo Kratom powder or leaves as it is and even mix it in your favorite foods or drinks. If you do not enjoy the strong bitter taste of Kratom, you can opt for the White Borneo Kratom capsules. It may take longer for you to feel the effects, but you will not have the bitter Kratom taste in your mouth.

Directly originates from the Island of Borneo in Indonesia

As its name suggests, Borneo Kratom is only available on the Island of Borneo in Indonesia, where it grows naturally and under sustainable agricultural methods. We value our relationship with our local farmers in the region as they ensure that they pick the young leaves of Borneo Kratom carefully to ensure the tree survives to serve the manufacturing needs of other Kratom strains.

Upon picking the leaves, the leaves are dried indoors in an air conditioned room devoid of light. Once they reach our manufacturing plants, we ensure that the drying process is complete before we grind the leaves into powder and other forms of White Borneo Kratom.

Extensively tested in state-of-the-art laboratories

Before packing our products in an air-tight bag or container, we submit each batch for extensive testing to ensure it is safe for consumption by our customers. We use third-party labs to test our products for quality, consistency, freshness, and potency.

Each Kratom batch undergo six lab tests, including tests on screening for microbes, heavy metals, and alkaloids. Once there is a complete report on their safe consumption, the product is then put in an air-tight container or bag, following the GMP guidelines for standard packaging.

How does White Borneo Kratom compare to other White Vein Kratom strains?

As mentioned earlier, White Vein Kratom strains are relatively popular because of their high potency levels. They are also quite hard to find because of the white vein that runs across the middle of their leaves. However, White Borneo Kratom also has its own set of features, distinct from other white vein strains.

First, White Borneo Kratom is only sourced from Borneo Island. Secondly, it offers its consumer a wider range of benefits than other white vein strains. It is also incredibly smooth to ingest, which is why some users can consume it as it is.

Finding the Perfect Kratom Strain for You

If you are looking for a 100% herbal and natural product with proven potency levels, White Borneo Kratom is an ideal choice. Not only is it robust and readily available from several online Kratom suppliers, but it also features well-balanced benefits and only requires a small dose to feel the effects.

However, you must conduct thorough research before adding any Kratom product to your daily regimen. It is also vital to ensure that you buy your Kratom products from certified and trusted suppliers. Read on the various processes different companies use to make their Kratom and whether they add any artificial additives to their Kratom strains.

At New Dawn Kratom, we strictly follow the AKA GMP protocols to ensure that we are first in line when it comes to keeping the Kratom industry a safer place. Our products are also 100% original and vegan friendly.

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