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Kratom and Turmeric – Should You Use Them Together?

Scout the kratom market, and you’ll find that the options are always the same. Powders, capsules, extracts, tinctures, and the occasional edible — things can get pretty boring if you were looking to try something new. And that’s why most kratom users have taken matters into their own hands by mixing kratom together with a variety of other supplements and substances. One common example is the kratom and turmeric mixture.

Turmeric is often mentioned throughout countless kratom blogs as a powerful potentiator. That simply means that turmeric possesses chemistry that amplifies the effects of kratom to give you a more potent experience. But is it really a match made in heaven? Here’s what you need to know.

image of turmeric powder

What is Turmeric?

Belonging to the ginger family, Curcuma longa or simply turmeric is a flowering plant that’s native to south India and tropical south Asia. While all parts of the plant can be consumed, it’s best known for its rhizomes or fleshy roots that are typically dried and pulverized to create fine, orange dust.


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In cooking, turmeric is used in traditional Indian cuisine for its warm, bitter flavor and bright colors that lend vibrance to curry dishes and more. Turmeric is also widely used in folk medicine for a range of benefits.

Most people who use turmeric these days take it mainly as tea. Turmeric tea is available widely throughout the globe. You can find them in most retail stores, natural medicine boutiques, and even grocery stores.

Taking Kratom and Turmeric Together

So obviously, turmeric is a powerful, beneficial herb in its own right. But what happens when you combine it with kratom? Interestingly, these two herbs are much more complementary than you might think.

Sources claim that turmeric is actually a potentiator for kratom. What that means is that turmeric’s chemistry works in such a way that it elevates the effects of kratom to give you a more profound experience.

According to some reports, turmeric might prolong the effects of kratom by blocking certain enzymes in the digestive tract. This allows kratom to stay in the body much longer, preventing the rapid breakdown of its alkaloids so that you feel its effects for an extended period of time.

But more than prolonging the effects of your kratom does, turmeric has also been found to provide similar effects to kratom in terms of memory and cognitive function. Both herbs show advantages that may improve various areas of cognitive health including slowing the progression of Alzheimer’s and boosting mood.

image of taking kratom and turmeric together

How to Take Kratom with Turmeric

The best way to enjoy the two herbs together would be to take kratom as powder or capsules and then wash it down with a swig of turmeric tea. Most people swear by the method and claim that the effects are much more palpable when they take the herbs as a powder and tea combo.

Alternatively, you could also infuse your turmeric tea with kratom, but that would entail having the oral tolerance for double the dose of bitterness. Then, of course, you could always just take both herbs in capsule or powder form.

Keep in mind that the effects of the combination may change depending on what strain and color vein you use. In general, because turmeric is calming, it pairs best with red or green vein kratom. That doesn’t mean however that you can’t mix it in with white vein if that happens to be your preference.

Managing Your Kratom Dose

As a potentiator, turmeric works to elevate and prolong the effects of your kratom dose. If you’re trying to watch your kratom dose and you’re avoiding increasing your tolerance, then taking a potentiator like turmeric can let you experience the same potent effects without having to increase your kratom intake.

That said, you might also want to consider dialing your kratom dose down. Doing this is applicable if you plan to use it together with turmeric. Taking both herbs together can heighten the effects you experience. As such, it might not be necessary to take such a significant amount of kratom to start.

image of kratom doses

A New Way to Enjoy Kratom

If you were looking for a new way to enjoy the benefits of kratom, then turmeric might be the answer. Turmeric might just be what you need to amplify the effects of kratom. The best about it is that it can offer a slew of its own distinct benefits. Thus, it can help you enjoy kratom to the fullness of its effects.

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