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Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin? Learn the Facts and History, and Predict Its Future

Kratom is currently illegal in the state of Wisconsin. The alkaloids in kratom were first banned in 2014, but people have been urging Wisconsin lawmakers to legalize the herb again.

In 2022, lawmakers from a bipartisan group attempted to reinstate kratom legality under the guidance of the Controlled Substances Board (CSB). However, this ended up failing. And since 2014, kratom has been illegal in the state of Wisconsin.

Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin? A 2023 Update

After the 2022 attempt to make kratom legal in Wisconsin failed, the state lawmakers plan to revisit the matter in 2023.

However, even after the AKA put up a fight in the discussion last March 2023, kratom remains a controlled substance in Wisconsin. This means buying, selling, distributing, and using kratom will remain illegal.


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image of history of kratom in wisconsin and the attempts of legalize kratom

History of Kratom in Wisconsin and the Attempts to Legalize Kratom

Kratom was first banned in the state of Wisconsin in 2014. Thanks to the 2013 Wisconsin Act 351, the state law banned marijuana, cannabinoids, and basically all designer drugs.

Unfortunately, the list also contained the active compounds in Mitragyna speciosa or kratom. 7-hydroxy mitragynine (7-HMG) and mitragynine are the compounds in kratom known to give mood-improving effects. Despite its health benefits, medical experts suggest turning to other legal drugs to get the same effects.

In May 2022, lawmakers from a bipartisan group requested that kratom becomes legal. In response, the board said that it was up to the legislators whether they wished to change the 2014 ban on kratom’s compounds.

In the July 2022 meeting, the chair of the board Doug Englebert said that they’d be providing some guidance on kratom and reviewing the research on kratom before taking it up in January 2023.

But last March 2023, the Controlled Substances Board voted that the legislatures do not de-schedule kratom. Until further changes, it looks like kratom is going to stay illegal in Wisconsin for a while.

Future Predictions for Kratom Legality in Wisconsin

As of now, we don’t see the answer to “Is Kratom Legal in Wisconsin?” becoming a “yes” any time soon. However, kratom users and the American Kratom Association haven’t lost hope yet.

With so many people advocating to legalize kratom in Wisconsin, only time will tell when the legislature caves in.

image of the american kratom association

The American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association is a non-government agency. Their goal is to legalize and regulate kratom in the U.S.

They keep up with news and updates about any possible legislation that could endanger kratom legality in states where it’s legal, while they also fight to make kratom legal in other states where it’s not.

The AKA has been pushing to make kratom legal in the state of Wisconsin for some time now. In fact, they were also in the meeting last March 2023, where they tried to turn the decision around.

However, in the end, CSB had the last call when they claimed that, one, kratom does not meet the eight statutory elements for scheduling decisions, and two, the CSB’s research revealed problems with certain factors. So they do not want to de-schedule kratom at this time.

The AKA and local kratom users in the Wisconsin society took a loss that day. But they will keep pushing for better legislation for kratom consumers.

Where Can You Buy Kratom in Wisconsin?

Today, kratom is a Schedule I substance in Wisconsin. According to the Drug Enforcement Agency, kratom falls within the same group as heroin and marijuana. That means you can’t really just buy any kratom product.

In fact, under the kratom laws, it is illegal to possess, distribute, sell, or use kratom products of any kind. If you get caught, you may be liable to a fine, jail time, or a little bit of both.

You also wouldn’t be able to find kratom in Wisconsin so easily. You may have heard of peddlers selling it in secret, but no one can really guarantee that these products are safe. There’s also always that threat that you could get arrested.

How about online or overseas kratom vendors? Vendors will only ship products to places where kratom is legal. And even if they do ship, you’ll most likely get in trouble if caught.

How Can I Take Kratom If It’s Illegal In Wisconsin?

While the law still says “no” to the question “Is kratom legal in Wisconsin?” that doesn’t mean that there’s no way for the locals to use the substance. The best way is to visit other states where kratom is legal and indulge there.

image of the wisconsin kratom consumer protection act

The Wisconsin Kratom Consumer Protection Act

At one point in 2021, Wisconsin almost adopted the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA). This bill sought to remove the ban on kratom while adding a few rules to regulate its sale and production.

Here are just some of the suggestions in the proposed bill:

  • This will prohibit the sale of altered or adulterated kratom products. This will prevent manufacturers from adding other substances to the product that could affect its potency and safety.
  • The bill will prohibit manufacturers and producers from selling kratom with more than 2% 7-hydroxy mitragynine or synthetic alkaloids.
  • This will also make all manufacturers and producers label their products properly. It should contain at least an ingredient list and expiration dates. It should also display how much mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine the product contains.
  • This bill will inhibit the sale, distribution, and use of kratom in Wisconsin residents below 21 years old.
  • It also states that all producers and kratom manufacturers should register with respective government offices. This includes the Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) and the Department of Agriculture.

Unfortunately, this did not go through. Still, though kratom may be illegal in Wisconsin today, that doesn’t mean it won’t be legal in the future. With the help of the AKA and the efforts of the local kratom consumers, it’s only a matter of time before kratom is legal in the state.

image of frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is kratom?

Kratom is a coffee-related tree native to Southeast Asia. Its leaves contain the active compounds 7-hydroxy mitragynine and synthetic alkaloids.

Both compounds have sparked debates all over the U.S. Many want it kept legal, while the FDA and other medical groups want it banned.

In which states is kratom legal?

Many states have either unregulated kratom or restrictions in place. There are only six states that have entirely banned kratom including Wisconsin. The other states are Arkansas, Alabama, Rhode Island, Indiana, and Vermont.

You can keep track of kratom legality in every state using a quick internet search. You can also take a look at the map on the AKA website. They track kratom legality status in every state.

How do I take kratom?

You can get the health benefits of kratom by orally taking it. In states where it’s legal, you can buy kratom in different forms, including capsules, tea, powder, and extracts.

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