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Is Kratom Legal in Kansas?

After almost getting banned in Kansas, kratom will keep its legal status in the sunflower state. The minimum age for kratom use was initially at least 18 years old. After this February, the age restriction is now raised to at least 21 years old.

The “Almost” Ban of Kratom in Kansas

In 2018, locals almost said goodbye to the beloved herb. According to the minutes of the meeting for SB282, the then Executive Officer of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation made a proposal. She insisted that kratom and kratom products belong to the Schedule I list of narcotics.

This “schedule” is how the Drug Enforcement Administration classifies drugs into categories. These categories determine how addictive and dangerous a drug is, including how much study there was on it.

Schedule I refers to any addictive drug or addictive substance with no medicinal use. Some of the permanent residents of this list include heroin and ecstasy. These substances are widely recognized as not fit for human consumption.


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The proponents wanted to ban kratom. Their argument was that despite being technically legal, its benefits had no conclusive evidence.

However, the opposition argued that kratom products are, in fact, effective and safe. This was in comparison to most conventional prescription alternatives. He also insisted that there was already evidence that kratom use helps promote feelings of relaxation.

Locals Advocate That Kratom Stay in Sunflower State

The American Kratom Association and Botanical Education Alliance partnered together to help locals convince the proponents to let kratom be legal.

Kansas citizens also stated their claims about their positive experience with kratom use. And after a long discussion, the answer to “Is kratom legal in Kansas?” was a “yes.”

image of what is the kratom consumer protection act

What Is the Kratom Consumer Protection Act

The Kratom Consumer Protection Act is crucial legislation that would help kratom become a better-controlled substance in Kansas. The primary goal would be to protect consumers and ensure they have access to safe kratom.

Under this, locals can expect the KCPA to:

  • Ban kratom products mixed with other outlawed or addictive substances
  • Set a minimum age requirement to prevent kratom addiction in minors
  • Apply strict guidelines to kratom manufacturers and vendors
  • Mandate purity and quality testing for all kratom products

In 2023, Kansas enacted the Kratom Consumer Protection Act in HB 2084.

How Do I Know If Kratom Is Legal in My State?

As of now, kratom is mostly accepted at a federal level. And local kratom users are ecstatic about the question “Is kratom legal in Kansas?” finally getting an answer. However, the FDA is still against kratom use because of potential risks. This includes possible physical dependence.

Despite the FDA’s concern, kratom is banned only in these six states:

  • Alabama – In May 2016, the state of Alabama decided to group kratom with other substances that cause addiction. Just like heroin and ecstasy, kratom will most likely remain illegal in Alabama.
  • Wisconsin – The state of Wisconsin likened the alkaloids in kratom to hallucinogenic drugs. It’s unlikely that they will lift the ban on kratom or any kratom product in Wisconsin soon.
  • Arkansas – The state of Arkansas decided to permanently remove kratom from the state in 2016. The state medical examiners believed that the alkaloids in kratom are from opium. There’s no sign that they will make kratom legal any time soon.
  • Vermont – In 2016, Vermont banned kratom because the state believes its alkaloids are a synthetic drug. However, in January 2020, lawmakers decided to file a bill to make kratom legal. Until now, no one knows whether kratom products will be legal or remain illegal in Vermont.
  • Indiana – Indiana first recognized kratom as a synthetic cousin of cannabis, so they banned it. They later classified it as a hallucinogenic substance while still under the ban.
  • Rhode Island – Rhode Island banned kratom in secret last 2017. Despite public outcry, kratom is still not legal in Rhode Island.

If you want to stay updated on this news, you can check out the American Kratom Association website. They keep track of the states where kratom is legal and where its legal status could get compromised.

image of buying kratom in kansas state

Buying Kratom in Kansas State

Kratom is legal in Kansas, so it’s not hard to find any kratom product you might want. Due to the KCPA, most kratom sellers won’t sell to minors. While it varies in every state, you’ll need to be at least 21 years old to buy kratom in Kansas.

Some physical stores that carry kratom products include gas stations and smoke shops. You can also find it in online shops. Kratom products are available in many forms and levels of potency.

If you’re new to using kratom, it’s suggested that you first start with low doses. If you’re wanting more from the result, you can start taking higher doses or more potent products.

How Can You Take Kratom

The only way to get the effects of kratom is by taking it orally. It’s usually available in the following forms:

  • Tea – Kratom leaves in a teabag ready for brewing
  • Powder – Mix with juices or add to recipes to get the effect
  • Capsule – Taken like a regular herbal supplement
  • Liquid Extract or Shot – Mix with juices or drink straight from the bottle

image of is kratom legal in other countries

Is Kratom Legal in Other Countries?

Kratom, or scientific name Mitragyna speciosa, is a tropical evergreen tree native to countries in Southeast Asia. But despite being its original home, it’s actually banned in many countries there.

Kratom is also banned in many other parts of the globe, including the following countries:

  • Myanmar
  • Malaysia
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom
  • Southeast Asian countries except for Thailand

Some countries, e.g. Denmark, Finland, etc., classify kratom as illegal. But a doctor can prescribe it to you for medicinal use.

On the other hand, the following countries accept kratom legality, and tourists are welcome to indulge. Note that the condition and age requirement could vary for different countries:

  • France, Germany, and the Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Brazil
  • Many African nations, including South Africa and Zimbabwe

Is Kratom Legal In Kansas Forever?

It’s undeniable how the locals’ efforts greatly affected the decision in 2018. And while kratom is legal, there’s really no telling how the future will pan out.

But if you sense any impending threat to kratom legality, you can submit a ban alert to the American Kratom Association.

The outcome of the 2018 meeting on kratom just proves how much power people’s voices have. Despite the unsure future that kratom has in Kansas, only one thing is certain. And that is the fact that users will always have the power to make a difference.

image of frequently asked questions about kratom in kansas

Frequently Asked Questions About Kratom in Kansas

What is kratom?

Kratom is a tree that produces leaves with alkaloids. When ingested, these alkaloids give stimulant-like effects.

What effects can you expect from using kratom?

Upon ingesting the alkaloid from kratom, users reported experiencing better moods. They also said they have more energy and feelings of motivation.

What causes kratom addiction?

According to some research, the mitragynine in kratom interacts with the brain’s receptor systems. This stimulates it and produces a pleasurable feeling that can lead to addiction.

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