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Dragon Kratom

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We take pride in offering only the finest Dragon varieties carefully cultivated by dedicated Southeast Asian farmers. Rest assured that you only get the finest aroma, freshest leaf, and most potent alkaloid profile when you shop with us.

Our catalog features our beloved Red blending potential calm relaxation with tranquility, lively White potentially energetically motivating, and Green striking a potential balance between stimulation and calm. Every strain bursts with its distinctive alkaloid mix, a sign of our top-notch farming and careful processing techniques.

We welcome you to try these beloved Dragon strains, which may share qualities treasured by kratom fans everywhere. All of our kratom strains are third-party lab-tested for purity and subject to stringent AKA compliance.

Dragon Kratom Colors

GreenMood-Boost + Positivity
RedRelaxation + Calm
WhiteStimulation + Motivation

Green Dragon

Green Dragon may offer smooth motivation paired with level-headed calm, allowing for potentially increased productivity. Effects might include an uplift in energy, mood, and outlook, making everyday tasks more enjoyable.


  • Motivation + Concentration
  • Calmness + Positivity
  • Energy + Mood

Red Dragon

Red Dragon may offer tranquil calming, allowing complete relaxation. Effects might include profoundly calming properties ideal for releasing tension in the evenings or at night.


  • Relaxation + Calmness
  • Relaxed Focus
  • Evening + Night Use

White Dragon

White Dragon might offer clean stimulation paired with tranquil mood elevation. Effects might include increased motivation, energy, and positivity, which might be ideal during active hours. Our White varieties might fit well with to-do tasks and duties.


  • Energy + Stimulation
  • Mood Elevation
  • Motivation