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Dragon Kratom

Dragon Kratom is a phenomenal innovation of the kratom farming community. By combining the rousing aroma of Elephant leaf with the supreme potency of Maeng Da, farmers have given us a creation as exhilarating as it is unpredictable.

Our line of Dragon Powder consists of proprietary kratom blends unlike any nature has produced. Our fair trade kratom is farm-fresh and lab-tested.

What is Dragon Kratom?

Dragon Kratom is a kratom hybrid alternately made by blending Elephant kratom with Maeng Da or Thai Kratom. These robust cultivars make for a vigorous, animating, aromatic, and enduring kratom hybrid. Dragon Kratom is a horned leaf kratom powder with a broad spectrum of potential effects.

Our line of Dragon kratom powder gets espoused by a wide array of patrons, including academics, artists, athletes, entrepreneurs, and more. This remarkable combination may be ideal for unwinding after a hard day’s work or inspiring minds when the brain is feeling foggy.