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Gold Bali Kratom Vs. Red Bali Kratom

Kratom, or Mitragyna speciosa, is a tropical plant with many variants. To start, you have several strains from which to choose when deciding on what kratom to take. You can further group each kind into colors. Thus, you have many kratom types that bear similar names: Gold Bali kratom vs. Red Bali kratom. Each of these is a color variant of the ever-popular Bali kratom.

Different colors tend to occur based on when farmers harvest the kratom in its growth cycle. It may also depend on how farmers process kratom post-harvesting. These factors affect the kratom’s effects on users. There are differences in kratom attributed to color. While a gold and green version of the same strain will share many of the type’s unique characteristics, they also will differ similarly to how gold and red strains of another variant might.

Red kratom comes from leaves harvested late in the growing process. Meanwhile, gold kratom is the term given to sun-dried red kratom. This extra processing is similar to further ripening. While young kratom leaves like white kratom have more stimulating properties, more mature leaves are more relaxing.

This article will cover the Bali strain more in-depth and discuss the differences between Red and Gold Bali. Which one you like will ultimately come down to you and what you want from your kratom experience.


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What is Bali Kratom?

Bali kratom comes from the Bali region of Indonesia, where it gets its name. All kratom comes from this southeast Pacific region of the world. Kratom likes tropical climates with nutrient-rich soil, like its cousin coffee. The Bali region is the perfect climate for growing kratom. It is tropical, and the soil is nutrient-rich. Still, many surrounding parts of the Sumatran islands also grow Bali kratom.

As mentioned, kratom is part of the same family as the coffee plant, like how we share our biological family with the gorilla and chimpanzee. Kratom and coffee both come from the Rubiaceae family. Though coffee grows throughout the tropics, kratom sticks to regions like Balinesian Indonesia. Still, you can likely grow in Bali.

Kratom at home with the right preparation. It just needs warmth, humidity, light, and plant food.

That said, belonging to the same genetic family does not explain all the similarities between coffee and kratom. After all, there are other members of the family that grow in arid climates. Similarly, plants like tea and cocoa resemble coffee but are distant relatives. Bali Kratom is also similar to coffee in that folks have used Gold and Red Bali in its native region for centuries.

Bali Kratom is special because it has a high quantity of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine. Like caffeine and coffee, these alkaloids are named Mitragyna speciosa and are responsible for most of its effects. Alkaloids are nitrogen-bearing chemicals that exist throughout nature, like caffeine and nicotine. The exact effects depend on the specific chemical structure and how it interacts with your neuroreceptors.

Mitragynine turns into 7-hydroxymitragynine through oxidation as the leaves mature or are dried in the sun. Since 7-hydroxymitragynine has a more calming effect, this is the underlying reason why White, Green, Red, and Gold Bali have different uses.

Red Bali has a calmer effect than Green or White Bali, and Gold Bali has an even calmer one. Thus, Gold Bali is like a riper Red Bali.

An In-Depth Look at Red Bali Kratom

image of an in depth look at red bali kratom

Red kratom is kratom made from leaves harvested late in the kratom development process. The leaves’ chemicals have oxidized and changed color, giving the kratom a reddish tint. Red kratom can range in color from reddish-green to reddish-brown. Red kratom is thought to be more sedating than its less ripe counterparts, white and green kratom.

Kratom fans love Red Bali for its potential relaxing effects. It can be a welcome respite after a long day of work or a great way to help you enjoy your days off. If it is your first time trying Red Bali kratom, start with a small amount and adjust from there to ensure you are used to it and like it. This is always a safe, cost-efficient way to try out a new substance that you might end up not liking.

An In-Depth Look at Gold Bali Kratom

Gold Bali Kratom is made from Red Bali Kratom. When picked, farmers lay the Red Bali leaves out to bake in the sun. This process further oxidizes the chemicals. It also makes the kratom easier to powderize. Gold Bali kratom can appear a goldish brown. This kind of kratom is even more relaxing than Red Bali kratom. It can also uplift your mood. Everyone responds differently to different kinds of kratom. To get a great picture of how Gold Bali kratom works for you, you will want to try a small amount first.

How Gold Bali and Red Bali Compare

Red Bali Kratom and Gold Bali Kratom start from the same plant. This kratom cultivar originated in Bali. The people living in this tropical paradise have used kratom throughout most of history. Its use predates written history. Bali Kratom is grown throughout the region and world now, but the majority of its horticultural history is restricted to a small area. People love this kratom variety, and it is one of the more potent options available to kratom enthusiasts.

As for the properties: Gold Bali Kratom Vs. Red Bali Kratom both exhibits uplifting and relaxing properties. That said, all kratom balances these effects with stimulating ones. For you, Red or Gold Bali may prove to be more of a sharp, focused feeling. The best way to know whether kratom is right for you is to try it yourself. Keep in mind that you should start small, and perhaps start trying these when you have a clear schedule. They are known to be relaxing and may make you want to sleep.

Final Thoughts

Red Bali Kratom and Gold Bali Kratom are both types of the popular Bali Kratom strain. Up until processing, Red Bali Kratom and Gold Bali Kratom are exactly the same. Some Red Bali is set aside and sun-dried, becoming Gold Bali in the process. The two powders are comparably potent, though the Gold Bali leans more into the relaxing effects offered by kratom.

You are sure to enjoy either option and should easily find a vendor that will let you try Red and Gold Bali kratom. You might even want to try out their cousins, Green Bali, White Bali, and Yellow Bali. Start slow and always remember to be in safe surroundings when trying kratom for the first time.

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