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The 5 Best Local Shops To Buy Kratom in Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Junction, Colorado is popular for its warmth and incredible mountain views. With a population of over 66,000, Grand Junction, CO remains one of the most populous municipalities of Mesa County. For kratom users and enthusiasts, you can buy kratom in Grand Junction, Colorado without difficulties.

Since the state of Colorado permits the sale and distribution of kratom for adults aged 21 years and older, you can safely buy and use kratom in Grand Junction, CO. Kratom products are widely available through smoke shops, lifestyle stores, and specialty shops in the area.

Kratom Regulation Updates in Colorado

While kratom is legal and accessible for people aged 21 years and above in Colorado, there are renewed attempts to regulate the substance. In 2022, state legislators introduced a new bill that seeks to regulate the use, sale, distribution, and promotion of kratom. If signed into an act, the new regulations will be effective by July 2024.

While the new bill does not seek to ban kratom entirely, it does implement more stringent regulations to ensure kratom sold on shelves is pure and unadulterated. Distributors and retailers are also required to put proper labels and include the full list of ingredients.


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Top 5 Shops To Buy Kratom in Grand Junction, Colorado

Kratom is commonly found in smoke shops, lifestyle stores, and specialty shops in Grand Junction, CO, and nearby areas. In specialty shops, you can try kratom-infused drinks that many customers are raving about.

Below is a list of the best kratom shops in this part of Colorado:

image of discontent lifestyle stores in grand junction co

 1. Discontent Lifestyle Stores

Address: 2977 North Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81504, United States

Discontent Lifestyle Stores used to be a gift shop and CD store. However, the store has since reinvented itself into a smoke shop and lifestyle store that customers love for its great prices and great staff. Aside from vape and locally-sourced glass, they have a selection of incense, shirts, hoodies, and jewelry. Most importantly, they sell coffee-infused kratom that’s worth checking out!

image of the bee dynasty in grand junction co

2. The Bee Dynasty

Address: 524 Colorado Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

The Bee Dynasty is a family-owned shop with humble beginnings. While the shop is primarily a CBD and honey store, they also carry a great selection of kratom products. Locals love coming back to this shop because of their friendly staff and hands-on owner.

image of smoke shop etc in grand junction co

 3. Smoke Shop Etc

Address: 1059 North Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

Locals can always rely on Smoke Shop Etc for their vaping needs. The store is known for its helpful employees and wide selection of vape accessories, glass, dabs, and rigs. Aside from that, they offer the best deals for kratom, and many customers can attest that their kratom supply is one of the most potent.

image of gj kratom bar in grand junction co

 4. GJ Kratom Bar

Address: 1005 N 12th St #108, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

GJ Kratom Bar is part of a chain of kratom specialty stores, so customers can visit the Clifton Kratom Bar, and other locations. This store is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a shop that exclusively sells kratom products. They have kratom in powder, extract, and capsule forms. Additionally, the shop can serve you a good blend of kratom-infused tea or coffee!

image of colorado kratom in grand junction co

 5. Colorado Kratom

Address: Parkwood Plaza, 1000 N 9th St #38, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States

Colorado Kratom is another specialty store that exclusively offers a wide selection of kratom in Grand Junction, CO. If you’re looking for a particular strain, then Colorado Kratom might just have it. They have strains ranging from Greens, Whites, Reds, and Yellow.

In addition, Colorado Kratom has a series of special blends that are a must-try! They have “Sunrise,” which is a combination of White Sumatra and Green Sumatra, and “Sunset,” which is a blend of Green Bali, Red Bali, Yellow Vietnam, and Gold Bali.

More Shops to Buy Kratom in Grand Junction, Colorado

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can check out other smoke shops to buy kratom in Grand Junction, CO, including stores from nearby areas. It’s best to make a call first before driving all the way out of town to make sure they have the kratom you’re looking for.

Shop NameAddressPhone
Myxed Up Creations Grand Junction874 North Ave, Grand Junction, CO 81501+1 970-699-3387
That One Place 309 W 8th St Unit 7, Palisade, CO 81526+1 970-778-7500
Clifton Kratom Bar569 32 Rd #9a, Grand Junction, CO 81504+1 970-549-1041
Montrose Kratom Bar20 N Townsend Ave, Montrose, CO 81401+1 970-765-2070

Buying Locally vs. Online: Where Can You Get Better Deals

If you want to buy at great prices, there are a few ways to make that happen. First, you can always wait for some local shops to offer discounts or hold a “happy hour” where kratom can be bought at a lower price or given away for free. Second, you can always order from online kratom shops that let you buy kratom at better prices without leaving the house.

Kratom sold in brick-and-mortar shops is generally more expensive than kratom from online stores. This is because physical shops have to mark up their prices to compensate for the labor and overhead costs of running the store. Online shops, on the other hand, are less expensive to run.

Therefore, it’s safe to say you’ll get better deals when you buy kratom from online stores. It’s also recommended to buy from specialty stores that exclusively sell kratom. A well-curated inventory means you’re getting a fresh and more potent batch of kratom. This is not guaranteed when you get your kratom from smoke shops that stock a variety of vapes, smokes, and accessories in the hopes of maximizing profits.

The staff at smoke and vape shops or smoking stores that offers an extensive selection of products may not be experts on the products they sell. You want to shop from a shop that focuses on kratom and has staff with thorough knowledge of different kratom strains and products.

In Summary

As long as you’re 21 years or older, you can buy kratom in smoke shops, lifestyle stores, and specialty shops in Grand Junction. With favorable regulations in place, you can find a variety of kratom strains available in most shops. Specialty shops like GJ Kratom Bar and Clifton Kratom Bar even offer kratom-infused drinks through a series of specialty blends that you cannot find in any other state. For the best deals moving forward, however, buying kratom online is the recommended route.

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