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The Top Shops to Buy Kratom in Fort Collins, Colorado

Fort Collins has the fourth largest population in Colorado, with 359,066 people in the Fort Collins metropolitan area. You can find a number of smoke shops where you can buy kratom in Fort Collins, Colorado.

If you aren’t happy with the options for kratom in Fort Collins CO, Denver is just a short drive to the south. The city may provide you with even more choices.

Is Kratom Legal in Fort Collins?

Yes, kratom is legal in Fort Collins CO, and the majority of Colorado. Although kratom is legal at the state level, it will likely soon be somewhat regulated in Colorado. As of July 2024, kratom sold in the state will need labels with its ingredients and manufacturer information. Moreover, kratom use is only legal for those who are at least 21 years old.

If you travel around the state, keep in mind that Monument and Parker explicitly ban kratom sales. Any kratom product you buy from smoke shops in Denver will have a consumer advisory warning. Additionally, the age limit of 21 years old is in place in Castle Rock.


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It currently looks like Colorado is more interested in regulating kratom than banning it, so you should not have any major concerns about accessing kratom in Fort Collins CO in the future.

Where to Buy the Best Kratom in Fort Collins, CO

Now that you know the legal status of kratom in Fort Collins, CO, it is time to look at your options for buying it.

The following kratom stores, smoke shops, vape stores, and gas stations are the most popular options for buying kratom in Fort Collins. They are all highly rated and have an excellent selection.

image of botava wholesale kratom & kava in fort collins co

  • Botava Wholesale Kratom & Kava

Address: 1415 N College Ave #3, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States

Botava Wholesale Kratom & Kava specializes in kratom and kava products in Fort Collins CO. Customers praise the store for its prices, quality of products, customer service, and even the vibes of the store. There is an impressive variety of kratom powders available, including various green, red, yellow, and gold strains. There are even enhanced powders and house combinations.

Just keep in mind that kratom powder is the only form of Mitragyna speciosa this Fort Collins currently sells, so visit somewhere else for capsules.

image of the joint smoke shop in fort collins co

  • The Joint Smoke Shop

Address: 2427 S College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525, United States

Considered one of the best vape shops in the area, The Joint Smoke Shop offers a variety of products, including vapes and kratom. It has a 4.7-star rating on Google.

Kratom users in Fort Collins love the prices as well as the variety of the products, including the availability of kratom extract. They also praise the friendliness of the staff, along with their knowledge and willingness to help customers choose a product.

image of kind creations in fort collins co

  • Kind Creations

Address: 828 S. College Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80524, United States

Established in 2003, Kind Creations provides an extensive selection of kratom products, vape juice, disposable vapes, and smoking accessories such as glass and water pipes.

Fort Collins customers have given the head shop positive reviews for its unique product selection, extensive offering of kratom products, and reasonable prices. Many customers also love the shop’s knowledgeable, approachable employees.

Other Places to Buy Kratom

The following stores and smoke shops are also excellent options for buying kratom in Fort Collins CO. If you aren’t close to one of our top-rated head shops and stores, see if you are near one of these to take advantage of their selection and convenience.

Shop NameAddressContact NumberBusiness Hours
Foco Smoke Shop 127 N. College Ave. Unit B, Fort Collins, CO, United States+1 970-680-476410 a.m. – 12 a.m. Daily
Kratom, Vape, & CBD Fort Collins (in Shell Gas Station)1709 W. Harmony Rd, Fort Collins, CO, United States1-970-377-24665 a.m.-10 p.m. daily
One Love700 S. College Ave Unit B, Fort Collins, CO, United States1-970-484-23409 a.m.-9 p.m. daily

Another Option: Buying Kratom Online

While you can find kratom powder and other kratom products in head shops and vape stores in Fort Collins, you can also choose to buy kratom online. Shopping online is the best way to find the highest quality kratom, as you will have a better selection. You also won’t feel pressured to purchase in a store with a limited selection.

In addition to offering a wider selection of quality kratom, choosing to buy kratom online tends to give you more affordable prices. This is due to lower overhead costs for online stores.

image of buying kratom online

As a bonus, you can buy kratom online from anywhere at any time, without any need to check the hours of a Fort Collins kratom store or drive there. Of course, the caveat is that you will have to wait a few days for your kratom to arrive.

No matter where you buy your kratom, always opt for lab-tested products. This is the best way to ensure the product is of the highest quality. Remember that kratom in Fort Collins CO is unregulated, so certificates of analysis and lab testing are the only way to confirm the quality of your kratom.

The Bottom Line

You can buy kratom in Fort Collins, Colorado, or order it online and have it delivered to your house. Kratom is legal in Colorado; just remember that you cannot enjoy it in public places in Fort Collins. Instead, stick to the privacy of your home to avoid violating any local laws.

That said, you will have a wide variety of strains and forms of kratom to choose from in Fort Collins, so you should be able to find one that fits your preferences.

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