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Best Places to Buy Kratom in Augusta, Georgia

Kratom enjoys a legal status in Augusta, Georgia, but it may be difficult to find kratom products in the city. High-quality kratom may be even trickier to find, even for a resident. But if you know where to go, you can buy kratom in Augusta, Georgia without any fear of getting low-quality products.

Read on as we review some of the best kratom shops in the city and more useful information to ensure you get a wholesome kratom experience.

Is Kratom Legal in Augusta, GA?

Yes. Kratom is legal in Augusta and the entire state of Georgia. In 2014, the governor of Georgia signed the Kratom Consumer Protection Act (KCPA) into law.

The KCPA banned the sale of kratom to anyone under the age of 18 years. The act also mandated that all kratom products contain labels with important details such as alkaloid content, ingredients, and disclaimers.


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This means that individuals over 18 can legally buy, sell, and produce kratom products in Georgia.

However, kratom’s legality in the state didn’t come easy. In 2017, a group of lawmakers proposed House Bill 785, which sought to include kratom in a list of other banned synthetic drugs. Fortunately, kratom was removed from the bill’s final draft, thanks to testimonies by several kratom users in Georgia and the advocacy of the American Kratom Association (AKA).

The following year another bill was proposed to form a joint committee to study the risks associated with kratom. However, this proposed bill was eventually struck out by the state’s senate.

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After another year of relentless advocacy by the AKA, the state eventually decided to introduce its own version of the KCPA. The state subsequently passed House Bill 551, which laid out the following regulations:

  • A ban on the sale and transfer of kratom products to persons under the age of 18 years
  • All kratom products must have labels with the following:
  • Clearly labeled ingredients
  • The amount of 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine contained in the product
  • The amount of 7-hydroxy mitragynine and mitragynine contained in the packaging
  • A common name for each ingredient in the product, listed in descending order of predominance
  • Clear directions for the consumption of the product necessary for safe and effective use
  • Name of the product’s manufacturer or the party responsible for distributing the product
  • Precautionary statements relevant to the safety and effectiveness of the product

Any violation of the laws above is punishable by Georgia state law.

Best Kratom Shops to Buy Kratom in Augusta, Georgia

Augusta is one of the safer cities in the U.S. where you can purchase kratom products. The stringent regulations around kratom ensure that all kratom distributors and retailers sell high-quality, uncontaminated products. However, this also means that you may have to spend a little more on kratom in Augusta GA than in unregulated states.

Here are five of the best Augusta kratom shops:

image of augusta kratom in augusta georgia

  • Augusta Kratom

Address: 337 S Belair Rd, Martinez, GA 30907, United States

Augusta Kratom is a specialized kratom shop that offers kratom products and other herbal wellness products like CBD. The shop has an extensive selection of kratom products at reasonable prices, including popular and exotic kratom strains. Customers who prefer online shopping can also choose from strains like Green Bali, Red Elephant, and White Borneo.

The staff there is also knowledgeable and friendly. They’re always willing to help you choose the best strain for your specific needs and suggest appropriate consumption methods.

image of ragweeds in augusta georgia

  • RagWeeds

Address: 218 S Belair Rd, Martinez, GA 30907, United States

RagWeeds is a vape and smoke shop that offers a wide variety of products, including kratom. The shop boasts an extensive selection of kratom products spread over 40 different strains, all at reasonable prices.

Reviews also indicate that the staff is well-informed about the store’s products and is more than willing to answer customer questions.


  • Aficionados of Augusta

Address: 307 8th St, Augusta, GA 30901, United States

Aficionados of Augusta is a tobacco shop that also offers CBD products and kratom products. They have a wide selection of kratom products ranging from powders to capsules and extracts, all of which come at affordable prices.

This Augusta kratom shop is very spacious and well-arranged, thus giving you the space you need to walk around and browse their products.

How to Buy Kratom in Augusta, Georgia

Despite the strict regulations, kratom products are still widely available throughout the city. You can buy them from a local smoke shop and at specialty stores or online. Like in most regulated states, kratom in Augusta GA can be quite expensive, especially in physical stores.

Online vendors in Augusta typically offer products at lower prices compared to their brick-and-mortar counterparts. This makes them the perfect choice for anyone looking to save a few bucks without compromising on quality. They’re also more convenient and have broader product selections.

Other Places to Buy Kratom in Augusta, GA

Here are a few other smoke shops that carry high-quality kratom products in Augusta.

Shop NameAddressContact NumberOpen Hours
Vape and Tobacco3422 Wrightsboro Rd Augusta, GA 30909, United States+1 706-496-87409 a.m. - 11 p.m. (Sunday); 8 a.m. - 11 p.m. (Monday to Saturday)
Smoke Life Smoke & Vape3402 Wrightsboro Rd B, Augusta, GA 30909, United States+1 706-303-47449 a.m. - 12 a.m. (Monday to Sunday)

The Bottom Line

Tourists and residents in Augusta GA have plenty of choices when it comes to smoke shops and stores that sell kratom. Kratom products might be slightly more expensive in an Augusta smoke shop than in other unregulated cities, but at least you know you’re getting value for your money.

With that said, you can save a few bucks by buying the highest quality kratom from reputable online vendors.

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