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What’s the Best Way to Take Kratom

The strong bitter taste of kratom can turn off both novice and ardent kratom users alike. It’s why users look for more palatable ways to enjoy their dose. While capsules and flavored liquid kratom are a better option, they’re way pricier than their powder form.

Fortunately, there’s a new method of ingestion called parachuting. It’s fast becoming the go-to option among users who want a tasteless powder dose.

In this article, you’ll learn one more option for the best way to take kratom, what parachuting entails, and how to do it at home.

What Is Parachuting

Parachuting kratom involves wrapping the powder in oblate discs. When filled with powder and exposed to moisture, the oblate disc shuts in the powder so your taste buds don’t touch the powder when you’re swallowing it.


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Oblate discs are thin, flavorless, and edible sheets made from potato starch and rice. They are non-GMO and gluten-free. Masataro Kobayashi, a Japanese physician, discovered and patented oblate discs in 1903. At that point, the discs were wrappings to powdered medications. The invention paved the way for the gelatin capsules used today.

Oblate discs have since spread worldwide and go by other names, such as edible films or blate papes. Today, they have wide applications in herbs, supplements, cooking, and candy making.

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How Do You Parachute Kratom at Home

  • Plate
  • Kratom powder
  • Cup of water
  • Measuring spoon


  1. Dry your hands before touching the oblate disc paper. Lay it flat at the center of the plate.
  2. Scoop your dose of kratom powder. A disc can accommodate up to 5 grams of powder. But you shouldn’t overfill it. The more kratom you fill in one disc of paper, the more difficult it will be to swallow.
  3. Pour the powder into the center of the paper, making it easier to wrap the paper from the sides.
  4. Fold the paper’s top, bottom, right, and left edges into a compact narrow shape. The narrow shape allows for easy swallowing.
  5. Dip the pouch into a cup of water halfway using your fingers and remove it immediately. The dipping action seals the edges of the pouch around the powder. So, the powder can’t escape when you throw the pouch in your mouth.
  6. Drop the kratom-filled pouch in your mouth and wash it down your throat with water. After this, you can look forward to the desired effects of the strain you’ve ingested.

Parachuting kratom on an empty stomach quickens the onset of its effects or for kratom to kick in. But you might feel nauseous. So, consider eating a light snack to avoid this.

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What Benefits Can You Expect From Parachuting?

Swallowing kratom parachutes offers a myriad of benefits:

  1. Masks the Bitter Taste of the Herbal

The flavorless oblate discs seal in the powder and form a barrier between your taste buds and the powder. So, you can swallow the herb without tasting it.

2. Fast-acting

The oblate film is a thin paper that dissolves when it lands in your stomach. Once the alkaloids enter your bloodstream, you can expect to get the desired effects immediately. Hence, parachuting kratom is faster than ingesting capsules and only a little slower than the toss-and-wash method.

3. Minimal Prep Time

Filling powder in the oblate disc is simple. Even first-timers can get the gist of it. It only takes a few minutes to prepare and swallow a kratom-filled pouch.

4. No fancy equipment is necessary

You don’t need any fancy equipment to parachute the herbal. Once you have your stash of its powder and the oblate film, you’re set to go.

5. High capacity

Capsules often contain a maximum of 500mg of kratom. So, if your dose is around 2 to 6 grams, you must swallow 4 to 12 capsules, which is too many pills for a day. So, how much powder can oblate discs hold? Discs can hold more powder than the average capsule. Filling up to 5 grams of powdered kratom in one oblate film is possible. So you don’t have to take several small parachutes to achieve your desired effects. Instead, you can experiment with a higher dose at once, depending on your tolerance.

Tips for Parachuting Kratom

When dipping the parachute into a cup of water, don’t leave it inside the cup. Instead, immerse it between your fingers and remove it at once. Otherwise, moisture will break down the film before you can swallow it. You can use two oblate films as a precaution.

Oblate films come in small and large sizes. Always start with a small dose and work up to significant amounts. Remember, swallowing a large quantity may choke you if you’re not experienced.

Finally, oblate films are fragile and not meant to store the kratom contents for future use. So, only prepare the kratom-filled parachute right before you consume kratom.

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Types of Oblate Discs For Parachuting

Apart from oblate discs, here are other common options you’ll come across when shopping:

  • Oblate squares: They are square-shaped and easier to fold.
  • Oblate pouches: They resemble cone-shaped cups and are easier to fill.
  • Oblate cups: They look like baking cups for making cupcakes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you need to parachute kratom at home?

You only need your stash of powder and oblate film. You don’t need any fancy equipment.

Is parachuting kratom safe?

The edible films are safe for human consumption. But it would be best if you dosed responsibly because of the risk of choking. For first-timers, start with a small dose, like half a teaspoon.

Are there any side effects of parachuting?

Parachuting on an empty stomach may cause nausea and vomiting. On the bright side, the effects don’t last for too long.

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Why use kratom oblate discs?

They are flavorless and hide the earthy, bitter taste of the herbal plant. Their thin construction means they dissolve faster in the stomach, leading to quicker onset of effects.

Where can you buy oblate discs?

Visit your local grocery store, local supermarket, or Walmart. If you prefer online shopping, Amazon and online health food companies are your best bets.

What are the other popular methods of taking kratom?

When it comes to the best way to take kratom, your preferences and needs will determine your go-to method of taking the popular herb from Southeast Asia. Most users mix kratom powder in sweet drinks like orange juice or chocolate milk. Other enthusiasts take it as kratom tea, mixing kratom with sweeteners like maple syrup or honey to mask the taste. But it’s good to note that kratom powder, unlike stems and veins, is one of the most commonly used forms due to the flexibility of methods to consume it.

The Bottom Line

Parachuting kratom is a viable alternative for those who dislike the taste of loose powder or find kratom extract and capsule forms pricey. It combines the best worlds of kratom capsules and the toss-and-wash method.

It is a fast-acting and affordable ingestion method that requires minimal preparation. Moreover, your taste buds no longer have to deal with kratom’s strong herbal taste. It’s why kratom enthusiasts have embraced parachuting to get a flavorless dose of kratom powder.

If you want to try parachuting, start with a small-sized oblate disc. And then you can graduate to larger doses with time.

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