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Yellow Thai Kratom

Yellow Thai Kratom


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Yellow Thai is one of the greatest innovations of the kratom industry. Like other yellow vein kratom strains, it is a proprietary take on Thai kratom made possible by a specialized drying process. This singular kratom powder is typically a limited-offer item.

Contrary to its name, Yellow Thai Kratom is not grown in Thailand. Instead, it is derived from Indonesian kratom specimens. These specimens are made from the cuttings of a traditional Thai cultivar. Since Thailand’s 1943 kratom ban, Red Thai Kratom has been grown in neighboring countries.

Consumers have gone crazy for our optimized yellow vein variation of Thai Kratom. The advanced rating scores speak to the sheer admiration for this top-tier yellow vein. Everyone seems to enjoy yellow vein kratom, especially longtime users.

What is Yellow Thai Kratom?

Yellow Thai Kratom is fermented Thai kratom powder, which has been harvested at peak maturity and distilled to yield a distinct alkaloid profile. Unlike standard Red Thai kratom powder or green strains, sun-dried kratom has high concentrations of 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine).

Thai kratom leaves grow abundantly across Thailand but were illegal to buy or sell. That meant you had to buy kratom strains from Southeast Asia farmers who had smuggled the cuttings out of the so-called Land of Smiles. Nowadays, these kratom leaves are available across the region.

Yellow Thai is distinguished from other Thai kratom powders. The yellow vein has an impressive duration, with a max length of five to six hours. This intensely fragrant yellow vein makes for an unsurpassed quality product.

The potency of Yellow Thai owes to its preparation. The modern Yellow Thai is forged from the cuttings of ancient Mitragyna speciosa trees, which are planted and cultivated during peak maturity before being subject to our proprietary drying technique.

How is Yellow Thai Made?

Today, the herb from Southeast Asia is offered in gold and yellow vein varieties, each of which bears unique properties. Yellow Thai is produced by drying the plant matter following ancient methods.

This agitation technique includes curing all kratom plant matter, including stem & vein. Yellow Thai is more vital than traditional raw powders because it is made with all plant matter, including stem & vein. By keeping the entire kratom flower intact throughout the drying process, more alkaloids are preserved, making Yellow Thai far more versatile.

Why Buy Your Kratom from Us?

Our take on this once-rare yellow strain offers an experience unlike any other brand. We prepare our Yellow Thai Kratom Powder by carefully sorting select leaves to dry. We carefully control the time our Yellow Thai plant matter spends in the sun before it is subjected to indoor moisture removal.

At New Dawn Kratom, we take quality control seriously. Our participation in the American Kratom Association and its Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Standards Program is only a part of our commitment to safety and potency. In addition to the AKA’s third-party audit, we test our batches in-house for aerobic plate count, bacteria, E. Coli, mold, yeast, and heavy metals.

We ship kratom products only after they have been thoroughly inspected at every stage of production and manufacturing. Yellow Vein Thai tests high for mitragynine and other essential alkaloids, including 7-OH.

We only stock product once it has cleared our quality control protocols. Since yellow kratom is only produced in small batches, we can offer a special price to our loyal customers.