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Top Gas Station Kratom Brands

Kratom users often decry gas station brands, and often for good reasons. The complaints from customers about gas station kratom brands range from overpriced to poor quality to illegitimate products.

The consensus is that your best source for kratom is online. Unless you are lucky enough to have an affordable and convenient local kratom seller, you will get better prices and quality from a brand you vetted through social media and forums.

Why Buy from Gas Station Kratom Brands

Even if you can find quality kratom locally, the likelihood of you doing so at a gas station is slim. That said, you can rely on gas stations in a pinch if you know what you are doing. Sometimes, your usual source might be dry.

Maybe your regular shipment is slower than you expected, and you ran out of kratom. You can avoid these by planning well, but sometimes things out of your control happen.


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If you have an idea of different brands and what to expect, you will be better equipped when shopping for kratom at the gas station. There are certain brands people agree are of high quality and reasonably priced. You are paying for convenience and brand recognition when shopping at a gas station, so only do so when you must.

Top Gas Station Kratom Brands

This guide will delve into the best gas station kratom brands. Kratom products from these brands are generally thought to be of good quality. Getting to kill multiple birds with one stone by shopping through your local gas station can be convenient, so use this guide to prepare yourself.

1. Sunstone Organics

image of sunstone organics kratom brand, one of the top gas station kratom brands

Sunstone Organics is another common gas station kratom brand. That said, it is not a consistent brand and it can be pricey. Typically, everything at convenience stores costs more. Beer and food are more expensive than they are at grocery stores.

Also, Sunstone Organics is, at best, middle-quality kratom. So you are paying a premium price for something that is not likely to work for you. The best thing the company has going for it is authenticity. That said, you should still check the company’s website before buying locally.

Even if you trust your local gas station, you never know if the person who sold them their kratom did not dupe them into buying counterfeit Sunstone Organics. This disclaimer will likely appear under every brand, as verifying the product’s authenticity will help both you and your local convenience store.

2. Molecule Botanicals

Molecule Botanicals is a brand that makes kratom powder capsules and markets them at decent prices. Depending on your local store’s price, this brand might be the best bang for your buck. This is regular kratom powder for the most part. Popular products from the brand include Super Green Malay kratom and Red Maeng Da kratom.

The brand is best known as a distributor of kratom powders and kava products. Aside from gas stations, you can also find Molecule Botanicals kratom at smoke shops and convenience stores.

Molecule Botanicals can also be more cost-effective than other brands on this list. That said, buying online will still be the best way to go. By doing minimal research through blogs, forums, and social media, you can get an idea of what kratom brands sell high-quality kratom for fair prices.

image of molecule botanicals logo

3. VIVAZEN Kratom Shots

VIVAZEN Kratom shots, called “Viva shots,” are another popular gas station brand. You can order these high-potency kratom extract shots from the brand directly, and they are a good deal. Online, you can find Viva shots for as low as $5.

Your local gas station or convenience store has to cover overhead and will likely sell for closer to $10, which is still a rad price for a product of this caliber.

If you like liquid kratom extract shots, or at least do not mind them while you wait for your regular kratom shipment’s arrival, then you should see if any of your local gas stations carry VIVAZEN kratom shots.

4. OPMS Kratom Capsules

OPMS Kratom is one of the most recognized brands in the industry. OPMS stands for “Optimized Plant Mediated Solutions.” The brand mainly sells kratom extracts in liquid, powder, and capsule form.

Be careful when buying OPMS at a gas station, as many sell fake OPMS products. Go to the OPMS website, where the brand published a guide to spotting genuine OPMS products. It also has examples of common counterfeit tales.

Fortunately, the brand has a limited selection, so it can be easy to learn how it should look. OPMS has been in the kratom game for a while. While you still find cheaper products of similar quality elsewhere, OPMS is known as a reliable brand. The company’s products are not too expensive, and these products are known for their potency. If you go to a gas station, and the OPMS is real, it might be your best option.

Concluding Thoughts on Gas Station Kratom Brands

While kratom users will warn against gas station brands, you should now know what to look for when you go to your local gas station for kratom. There are times when the convenience will be worth the cost or lower quality. Also, this guide should have sharpened your ability to look for the right kratom brand.

Most people recommend shopping online. If you know what brand and strain you like, you can order in bulk to save money. Typically, online brands try to ship fast to ensure that customers remain loyal and happy. Also, online brands can operate anywhere, keeping costs low. With no storefronts or retail staff, they can afford to sell kratom closer to the cost. Usually, when you shop online, you do not choose between quality and price.

image of kratom capsules

Still, there will be times when your favorite vendor is out, or you run out before your kratom comes to your house. These times, knowing a thing or two about gas station brands comes in handy. There are likely going to be some options that are complete duds.

If you want to be really savvy, call the gas station ahead of time and ask what, if any, kratom brands they sell. Then, you can check all the brands online. No matter where you get your kratom, the important thing with using kratom is to be responsible.

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