Kratom Not Working? 4 Reasons Why, And What To Do About It 

kratom not working? 4 reasons why, and what to do about it

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A common complaint amongst kratom consumers is that their favorite herb suddenly “stops working” for them. No matter how long you’ve been using kratom, this sudden loss of effectiveness can come as a shock. Thankfully, since these kratom complaints are so common, troubleshooting is relatively easy. Plus, there are many simple tips on tweaking your kratom for the best experience.

You have developed a tolerance for kratom consumption.

If you’ve been taking kratom for a while and notice you aren’t feeling the same effects, chances are you have a high “kratom tolerance.” In plain English, your body is getting too used to kratom. Tolerance is a well-documented phenomenon in pharmacology, which applies to supplements like kratom. The more often you take any herb or spice, the more your system will adapt to new compounds.

Regular kratom users commonly report “diminishing returns” after a few weeks of consistent use. However, there are ways to keep your tolerance levels in check naturally.

What to do about kratom tolerance

Option 1: Rotate to a different strain

Not every kratom strain has the same average potency or popularity. For instance, most green-vein kratom strains are well-known for having evenly balanced alkaloid levels. However, red-vein and white-vein kratom usually have higher percentages of these compounds.

Look closely at the lab reports associated with your favorite kratom powder and compare them with other strains. You may find that other kratom varieties have higher average alkaloid scores. If this is the case, consider swapping your current kratom cultivar for another strain with a more substantial alkaloid percentage.

Option 2: Increase the dosage

A common way to combat kratom tolerance is to raise your kratom dose. However, this strategy isn’t the best long-term fix. Although increasing your dosage should initially produce more robust effects, your body will adjust to these higher doses at some point. Also, as you up your kratom dosage, you’ll increase the odds of adverse side effects. Therefore, it’s best to use this technique sparingly, as increasing kratom use will only worsen things in the long run.

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Option 3: Use a potentiator

A “potentiator” is any chemical that helps naturally increase the efficacy of another supplement. In this case, we’re talking about compounds that help increase kratom’s effectiveness. Some potentiators work by boosting the bioavailability of kratom; others may make your body extra sensitive. Either way, a potentiator should help you get more out of less kratom.

At this point, the science into kratom potentiators is scarce. It will likely take a bit of trial and error to find which potentiator works for your system. However, anecdotal reports suggest citrus juices may break down kratom’s cell walls, thus making it easier to absorb. Kratom fans also rave about mixing kratom with substances like ginger, black pepper, and coffee for enhanced effects.

Option 4: Take a break

Taking a break from kratom isn’t the most popular option, but it’s the most effective way to combat a high tolerance. Giving your body a few days of rest seems to help “reset” your receptors. By scheduling a few days to quit kratom each week, it’s more likely your nervous system will get a “shock” when you choose to use kratom again.

You may be using the wrong kratom type

Although “kratom” is one plant, there are countless strains and extracts on today’s market. Sometimes, customers aren’t feeling kratom’s full effects because they’re using a product that doesn’t suit their situation. In this case, you should re-evaluate the type of kratom you’re using and consider swapping it for another item.

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What to do about using the wrong kratom type

Option 1: Change to a different strain

There are dozens of distinct kratom strains, each of which has unique chemical properties and average effects. If you’re not having luck with your current kratom powder, consider researching popular names in the green, red, and white-vein kratom families. Read the average lab reports and the effects of these strains to find one that suits your needs.

Option 2: Change to a different format

Along with strain type, selecting the proper kratom format is crucial. Kratom is most prevalent in powder form, but you could also order this herb in a capsule, tincture, or even as an edible.

Generally speaking, liquid kratom tinctures are the most potent because you can place them under your tongue. The tongue’s “sublingual glands” help absorb kratom directly into the bloodstream, thus producing heightened effects. By contrast, kratom capsules must go through the liver before entering the body, resulting in a less intense impact. Be sure to research the many kratom products to find one that suits your tolerance level.

You may be using a low-quality product

Quality control in the kratom industry remains a pressing issue. Sometimes, people may experience poor quality kratom from a supplier. Using an inferior kratom product could significantly alter this herb’s effects.

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What to do about low-quality kratom

Option 1: Look out for lab testing and control evidence from your current supplier

When evaluating kratom products, you must search for items that have reputable third-party lab results. These independently-verified analyses will highlight all the essential metrics in your kratom powder, including alkaloid percentages and contaminant scores.

At New Dawn Kratom, we include detailed lab reports with every kratom powder and capsule we send. Our team also welcomes customers’ questions about our kratom products’ purity. We understand how significant transparency and lab reporting is in the kratom industry, so we go out of our way to address any concerns.

Option 2: Switch to a trusted supplier

You should consider researching alternative suppliers if you have doubts about your kratom vendor’s reputation. Please take plenty of time to review the history and reputation of your kratom company. You could also scan sites like Reddit or TrustPilot to see what kratom consumers are saying.

New Dawn Kratom recognizes how difficult it can be to find a reputable kratom manufacturer. However, our commitment to high-quality sourcing and lab testing set us apart from the competition. We also carefully monitor the American Kratom Association’s (AKA) recommendations to ensure our products meet the highest standards. If you have any questions about the reliability of New Dawn Kratom’s products, be sure to reach out to our staff on this Contact page.

You’re taking kratom powder with food

There’s a lot of debate over whether food affects kratom absorption. As with many other “kratom queries,” there’s not a ton of scientific literature on this issue. However, most kratom users claim they notice more intense effects when using kratom powder on an empty stomach. Monitor when you take your kratom to see what works for you.

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What to do about taking kratom with food

Option 1: Try taking kratom before big meals

As mentioned above, many people report more potent effects when taking kratom on an empty stomach. Try taking kratom a few hours in-between meals or first thing in the morning. The less food is in your stomach, the better odds your body will absorb more alkaloids.

Option 2: Write a daily diet journal

Some people believe certain foods could increase or decrease kratom’s potency. Admittedly, the “science” of pairing kratom with cuisine is rudimentary. However, you may find that some foods and spices work as kratom potentiators. Conversely, users may find kratom works worse when they eat certain meals.

Keep a detailed list of everything you eat daily and record when you use kratom. Before bed, record the intensity of kratom’s effects on a scale of 0 to 10 and see if you notice any patterns.

Concluding thoughts on kratom potency

Most people feel the effects of kratom after their first use. However, as you gain more experience with this herb, chances are you will notice your kratom doesn’t hit quite as hard. If this ever happens to you, remember to double-check your strain’s quality, potency, and dosage. Also, please don’t forget to add “kratom breaks” to your weekly schedule. Using these standard techniques should keep your kratom experience consistent.

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