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Best Kratom E-Juice Brands

If you use kratom, you have probably vaped or been around someone vaping. Vaping is an extremely popular way of consuming botanical products. Botanical products that can be vaped include cannabis and tobacco. Of late, many kratom users have taken to vaping kratom. Kratom e-juice or vape liquid can often be bought wherever kratom or vapes are sold. You load it into your vape as you would any other e-juice and the rest is history. But to enjoy vaping, you should get your products from known kratom e-juice brands.

Not all brands make kratom vape liquid. In fact, there are a few that do, and only some of those are worthwhile. This article is going to cover the basics of what kratom e-juice is and what its best brands are.

Kratom E-Juice Overview

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Kratom e-juice is the name for concentrated Mitragyna speciosa plant material dissolved in an oil solvent. The most popular oil solvents are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. These oils are functionally similar and often used in combination. There are also variations in kratom vape liquid based on the kind of kratom used. Whether it is white vein kratom, green vein kratom, red vein kratom, or different strains, different types of kratom will impart different effects on vapers.


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Where to Buy Kratom E-Juice: The Best Kratom E-Juice Brands

Kratom e-juice is a hard product to source. It does not sell well in brick-and-mortar stores, where people are more cautious of trying unapproved vapes. You typically have to source your kratom e-liquid online. There are several well-known brands, and this guide will dive into the best kratom e-juice brands.

1. Good as Gold Premium

Good as Gold Premium is the premier kratom vape juice brand. It has over five years of history selling this product. You can get single-origin e-juice, blended e-juice, and extracts. Good as Gold also uses unique flavors to make its kratom more palatable. One of the bestselling items from the Good as Gold kratom e-juice brand is Super King Kratom E-Liquid XXXtra Strength Complex Custard, a custard-flavored Maeng Da juice. Definitely check this vendor out when starting to vape kratom.

2. Kratom Extract Vape

Kratom Extract Vape is a brand that sells its products through other online kratom vendors. One of the best places to find Kratom Extract Vape brand products is at the online store The Legal Herb Shop. Kratom Extract Vape makes three distinct products. The berry-flavored juice is green vein kratom, the pina colada flavor is white vein kratom, and the strawberry flavor is a red vein flavor. The prices at this store are reasonable.

3. Kratom Vapes

Kratom Vapes may seem like a one-trick pony, but the company does have a good trick. It has sold one product throughout its five years in business: Maeng Da e-Liquid Kratom. This product comes in a 30-milliliter bottle and has 40-times concentrated Maeng Da and vegetable glycerin. It also only costs $20, which is cheaper than many other kratom vape brands. Most importantly, Kratom Vapes even offers wholesale pricing, so you can save on kratom e-juice by purchasing bulk orders.

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Why Kratom E-Juice is Hard to Find

It might seem underwhelming that there are only three notable brands in the kratom vape industry. It makes sense in light of the government regulations on kratom and vaping. Flavored e-liquids have received vast restrictions, and the FDA almost banned kratom in its entirety. As such, it’s understandable that companies are wary about investing too much effort into building a product brand that might get banned any day. That said, the three vape product brands listed above are some of the best kratom e-juice brands on the market.

Making Kratom E-Juice

Making vape juice can be difficult or dangerous, though often the most toxic part is nicotine, which does not factor into kratom e-juice. There are several guides and videos you can consult if you want to try making your own kratom e-juice. You need vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, distilled water, and kratom powder. Making sure you get the right consistency is key to not making a mess. You also do not want to use too much kratom or risk overdoing it.

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Conclusion on the Best Kratom E-Juice Brands

There are many ways to consume kratom, and vaping is one of the more enjoyable methods. It is also a more discreet means of consuming kratom, as vaping is a widely accepted way to pass the time. Vaping can also be convenient and tasty. If any of these articles appealed to you, consider checking out one of the above brands for the best kratom e-juice. As with any kratom product, start with small amounts and ensure you enjoy the products of the vendor you are sourcing from, as everyone’s experience will vary.

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