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Can You Buy Kratom At Whole Foods?

The short answer is that, no, you can’t buy kratom at Whole Foods. The popular national grocery chain known for selling high-end products has yet to start stocking one of America’s favorite botanical supplements. Amazon owns Whole Foods, and you can’t buy kratom from amazon either. Funnily, many kratom vendors probably directly or indirectly use Amazon Web Services. 

All said, there are many reasonable explanations as to why Whole Foods does not stock kratom. The business is already highly successful at what it does and likely has yet to see a major incentive to start selling kratom. Kratom can also be risky for a large operation like Whole Foods. 

It should also not affect you that you can’t get kratom at Whole Foods. While it might be nice to drop some kratom powder or kratom capsules in your basket during a weekly grocery trip, there should be other, better options nearby. Not to mention, it is almost always better to find your kratom from a trusted online vendor than a local store like Whole Foods. This article will try to explain why Whole Foods might not sell kratom and explain your alternatives to buying kratom at Whole Foods.



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Why Can You Not Buy Kratom At Whole Foods?

Whole Foods is a large national grocery outlet. Unlike some chains, Whole Foods all carry the same products at similar prices. With a nationally consistent inventory, carrying a product banned in some cities can be complicated. Not to mention, local regulations everywhere will change how every Whole Foods store sells kratom. The cost of training everyone separately and producing different supply chains makes carrying a product like some kratom powder not worth it for a grocery chain as large as Whole Foods. 

Credit card processors also sometimes charge more for kratom, which further complicates things. On top of all this, it is still in the air whether kratom will remain federally legal indefinitely. It would not benefit a company with over 500 stores to have to suddenly get rid of it were the FDA to issue a blanket freeze on kratom sales. All that is to say that carrying kratom comes with risks, especially at the scale Whole Foods operates. 

While your local convenience store might end up losing a few hundred dollars if kratom is banned, they do not carry most of the other risks. Not to mention, they will never accidentally stock kratom somewhere they should not, which can happen when your company is as large as Whole Foods.

Another reason why kratom might not be available at Whole Foods is that kratom tends to suffer from a negative reputation. It’s likely that Whole Foods or its parent company Amazon does not want its brand associated with a product that is often involved in controversies. 

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Why It Does Not Matter That You Can Not Source Your Kratom From Whole Foods

Do not sweat that you can’t buy kratom at Whole Foods. Unless you are in one of the few cities where kratom is not legal, there are probably many places to buy it on your regular commute. Also, since kratom is only banned at the municipal level in some parts of the United States, you can always head out of town to try it for a day if you happen to be stuck where it is illegal. 

Beyond the fact that you should have alternative brick-and-mortar spots to source your kratom, you should not worry about Whole Foods’ kratom dearth. There are many online sources. Unless you happen to live where one of the top-rated online vendors operates, you are likely to find the best prices online. Do your research on social media or forums to find where you can get the best quality kratom at the lowest prices.


Alternatives to Buying Kratom at Whole Foods

As mentioned, you have many alternatives to buying kratom at Whole Foods. If you do not want to order online, are awaiting your order, or are still researching brands, you might want to shop in person. Many gas stations and smoke shops carry popular kratom products, which might do in a pinch.  

Similarly, there are whole kratom stores. You might also find stores that specialize in various botanicals, like kratom, CBD, or kava. These specialized stores tend to carry a wide variety of kratom strains and products, so you’re probably better off shopping at these stores.

These days, you can also find bars that serve kratom cocktails. There is no shortage of options to tide you over while you await your order from a preferred online vendor. As with shopping online, do some research to find your best local source. If you shop from a convenience store, you might want to research specific brands. That said, there are many places to get kratom. You do not have to worry that you can’t buy kratom at Whole Foods.

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Conclusion on Buying Kratom at Whole Foods

Whole Foods does not sell kratom. Its parent company, Amazon, also has yet to stock kratom. You can buy plenty of kratoms online, just not through Amazon. Many kratom vendors have fast shipping that competes with Amazon speeds and high-quality products. Though you can’t get kratom at your favorite grocery store, there should be other convenient options nearby anyway.

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