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Mit45 Legality: The Laws Around This Popular Kratom Extract

Sure, kratom powder is accessible and easy to use. But its taste and texture deter countless consumers. And that’s why brands have come up with a clever array of kratom-derived and infused products that aim to give you that coveted dose minus the attack on your taste buds. Among the most popular is Mit45.

Offering a distinct line of unique kratom products, Mit45 markets itself as one of the best names in the business. Their products allegedly provide a more potent experience than any other kratom pick on the market. And with such strong claims, some buyers can’t help but ask — is Mit45 even legal?


What is Mit45?

A glance at Mit45’s website should make it apparent that they’re more of a headshop brand. Although you can buy retail through their website, most of their transactions happen with partner distributors. That’s why you’ve probably seen their products in vape shops, gas stations, and convenience stores before.

The brand’s name ‘Mit45’ pertains to their flagship product, the Liquid Gold kratom shot. According to the vendor, the 15mL bottle contains 250g of mitragynine, making up 45% of its composition. Based on their findings, a single bottle amounts to five standard kratom doses.


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They sell products in three categories. These include liquid, capsules, and raw leaves. Generally, however, Mit45 gets the most attention for its liquid kratom shots. As of writing, the brand has developed four different choices, including:

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  • Mit45 Liquid Gold
  • Super K Extra Strong
  • Super K Special Edition
  • MitGo Black Extra Strength

Based on information taken from their website, all of their formulations have been assessed by the AKA and deemed GMP-compliant. They also claim to perform a rigorous triple purification process. Interested parties can find lab reports for their products through the Certificate of Analysis page on their website.


Is Mit45 Legal?

Mit45 walks a narrow line in terms of legality. One major consideration is the status of the kratom legislature in various parts of the United States. While kratom remains legal on a federal level, different states and cities have imposed their own laws regarding its use and sale.

According to the Mit45 website, they can’t and don’t ship to certain locales, including:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Tennessee
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin
  • Sarasota County, Florida
  • Union County, Mississippi
  • Denver, Colorado
  • San Diego, California

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These locations have banned kratom outright, so people within their borders can’t use, possess, buy, or sell herbal products. Other states and localities have regulations that guide the use and sale of kratom, limiting its consumer base by age.

There’s more to legality than just state and city laws, however. Another important angle to consider would be that of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Kratom as a plant extract or product has not been approved by the FDA for human consumption.

By that logic, kratom products that are designed and marketed to look like they’re being sold for that purpose may put a brand at risk. According to the fine print on the Mit45 website, “The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has not yet approved these products for human consumption.”

But even then, the vendor’s suggestive posters, images, and advertising point to their products as food or drink. If you read the copy on their website, however, they make no mention of how their products are supposed to be used.

On the bottle’s label, the vendor indicates that the product’s ‘reported use’ would be 1/5 of the contents diluted in water. However, to avoid FDA scrutiny, they don’t indicate whether users are encouraged to drink the formulation.

While that might help them avoid the unwanted attention of the FDA, kratom advocates assert that similar marketing behavior could be damaging to the industry as a whole. With kratom legality teetering on the edge, tactics like these may rouse the ire of the FDA and the authorities.


Is Mit45 Safe?

Safety is a common concern among kratom buyers. Again, Mit45’s products are all AKA-GMP compliant, and they do provide lab tests. But there’s more to safety than just simply being free from contamination and adulterants.

To get a better idea of what you’re getting out of a bottle of Mit45, here’s what the flagship blend contains:

  • Mitragyna speciosa extract (leaves)
  • 7-Hydroxymitragynine
  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Filtered water
  • Citric acid

Every bottle contains about 5 times the usual dose, so the vendor recommends that users dilute a fifth of the contents in water. However, Reddit threads indicate that buyers may be following the beat of their own drum:

“Just consume all at once. I saw where someone recommended orange juice, and like to follow up on that. Absolutely get some O.J., the liquid extract is very bad tasting..”

“I drink 2 Mit45 a day. About 6 hours apart. No more and no less.”

Because of its high mitragynine content, Mit45 allegedly increases tolerance and causes dependence. Numerous users on Reddit have explained that constant doses of Mit45’s Liquid Gold may produce withdrawal symptoms.

Considered a habit-forming kratom formulation, users are advised to take the product responsibly. Following the manufacturer’s guidelines for use should help prevent the risk of developing dependence and increase tolerance.

Kratom users also strongly advise against abusing Mit45’s other liquid extract products. Their MitGo Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot is significantly more potent than its Mit45 Liquid Gold counterpart. Taking these formulations in moderation and sparingly may help prevent their potential risks.

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Should You Try Mit45?

Mit45 is peddled as one of the strongest kratom extracts on the market. Combining a blend of natural ingredients, the formulation claims to bring a more immersive kratom experience for even the most seasoned of users.

But be warned — the habit-forming blend risks increasing your tolerance and developing a dependence when used irresponsibly. That, plus the fact that such products may go against FDA guidelines, makes it a questionable pick for well-meaning buyers and kratom advocates.

Nonetheless, if you were hoping to explore your limits, a dose of Mit45 might not do too much harm. Keep your dosage low, listen to your body, and follow manufacturer guidelines to reap the product’s benefits without toying with its risks.

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