Does Kratom Expire – Understanding Kratom Shelf Life

does kratom expire – understanding kratom shelf life

Does kratom expire? It’s often asked by those new to kratom and some experienced users. And the answer is: Yes, it does. After all, kratom is a plant product. Like any other organic material, it will eventually degrade and lose potency. Let’s get into more detail about what you must know about kratom expiration.

Does Kratom Expire? 

Kratom does expire regardless of its form — dried kratom powder, tea, or capsule — and how you store it. 

Fresh kratom leaves have the highest concentration of active alkaloids after they are picked from the plant. These alkaloids give kratom its unique effects on the mind and body. However, these alkaloids will degrade over time, and the potency of your kratom will slowly lessen.

How Long Does It Take for Kratom to Expire?

Under the most optimal conditions of storing kratom, it can last between three months to one year. Anywhere beyond that, you will likely notice a significant drop in potency. This is because kratom alkaloids are volatile and easily degraded by light, heat, and oxygen exposure. It’s crucial you consume kratom as soon as you open the packet.

Numerous factors determine the kratom expiration date. The kratom strains of the product you have will affect its longevity. How you preserve kratom also plays a critical role in its expiration date. For example, kratom stored in a humid and hot environment will degrade much faster than kratom stored in a cool and dry place.

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What May Affect the Shelf Life of Kratom?

Shelf life refers to a food or product’s storage time before it spoils. A long shelf life of kratom is attainable depending on the storage conditions.

Storage Process: As soon as you pick the kratom from the tree, the chemical components lose their potency. Exposure to direct sunlight hastens the process further. The shelf life of kratom exposed to sunlight will be shorter than that of kratom kept in the dark.

Oxidation also plays a role in diminishing the alkaloid content of kratom. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that occurs when kratom gets exposed to oxygen. Heat and light speed up the process and cause the leaves to dry and become brittle.

Kratom Format: Kratom comes in different forms, each with a different shelf life. The shelf life of fresh kratom is typically short. They are only potent for a few weeks after you pick them from the tree. Kratom powder made from dried and ground leaves will last longer, but its potency will still diminish over time.

Kratom products, like kratom capsules, have a long shelf life. The capsules are airtight and not exposed to oxygen, light, or heat. As long as the capsules are in a cool, dark place, they will retain potency for over a year.

Quality of Kratom: The quality of kratom can also affect its shelf life. Kratom sourced from renowned growers and appropriately processed will have a longer shelf life than kratom of lower quality.

Average Time It Takes for Kratom Quality to Start Deteriorating – A Comparison Table

Overexposure to sun & moisture1-3 Months2-6 Months1-3 Months
Ideal exposure to sun & moisture1 yearWhen mixed with high-proof alcohol and kept in brown glass bottles, kratom tincture can last up to two years.Freezing tea after brewing can make it last indefinitely.
The package was never opened1 year6 months6 months
Package opened, product stored in airtight container3-6 months1-3 months1-3 months
Package opened, product stored in poor conditions1 month1 month1 month

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to tell if kratom is expired?

One of the most telling signs of kratom expiry is a color change. If your kratom has turned from its natural green hue to brown, it is most likely expired. Another way to tell if kratom has degraded is by fresh aroma or lack thereof. If its aroma has lost its robustness, it’s probably gone bad. Finally, if your kratom doesn’t seem to have the same effects as it used to, it may already have expired.

How long does kratom tea last in the fridge?

You can store your kratom tea in the refrigerator for five days. However, you must ensure that the refrigerator’s temperature is as low as possible to prevent degradation. In addition, you must not drink kratom tea if it’s been in the fridge for more than seven days, as it may have already spoiled.

How to extend kratom’s shelf life?

Kratom expires just like any other organic product. To extend the shelf life of your kratom and avoid expired kratom, you must observe proper kratom storage practices. These include

  • Storing kratom products like kratom tincture in an appropriate storage container or airtight containers
  • Keeping kratom in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight or heat exposure
  • Avoid causing damage to the kratom packet, as this will allow oxygen and other elements to enter and degrade the kratom product
  • Finally, make sure to purchase kratom products from a reputable supplier. This will ensure that your kratom is high quality and has been appropriately stored before reaching you. Most times, expired kratom products come from shady suppliers.


Does kratom expire? The answer is yes. Kratom is a potent substance with a short to moderate shelf life. The length of time kratom remains potent depends on many factors, including the type of kratom, how it’s stored, and it’s quality. To extend kratom shelf life like kratom powder, you must purchase from a reputable source and have proper storage. 

DISCLAIMER: This content has not been reviewed by a medical professional. The content on this page is for entertainment purposes only. The FDA has stated warnings about kratom. Please visit the site for more information.

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