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The Best Places to Buy Kratom in Anchorage, Alaska

As the largest city in Alaska, Anchorage is the best place in the state to find kratom if you don’t want to buy it online. There are numerous smoke shops, vape stores, and kratom shops spread throughout the city.

Anchorage is home to 291,247 people, along with various cultural sites and easy access to gorgeous wilderness that lets you connect with nature. But if you want to find kratom, where do you look?

Is Kratom Legal in Anchorage, AK?

Kratom is completely legal in Anchorage AK. There are no state-wide restrictions on buying or selling kratom in Anchorage, but many stores set their own age limits, such as only selling to those over 18 or 21 years old.

The only challenge to kratom in Alaska came in February 2014. There was an attempt at a kratom ban, but it didn’t go anywhere. Proponents of the bill were too concerned about the potential backlash from kratom supporters. The only other relevant attempt was the nationwide attempt by the DEA to ban kratom in August 2016. But by October of the same year, that ban had been lifted.


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Where to Buy Kratom in Anchorage, Alaska

As mentioned, you can find a long list of stores selling kratom in Anchorage AK, but the following are our top picks based on selection, pricing, quality, and reviews:

image of ak smoke world in anchorage ak

1. AK Smoke World

Address: 750 W Dimond Blvd #109, Anchorage, AK 99515

AK Smoke World is easily one of the most popular and recommended kratom stores in Anchorage, with hundreds of rave reviews. The only important caveat is that this store focuses more on smoke and vape products, so its selection of kratom isn’t as great as that at some other shops. That being said, the selection is reasonable with fair prices and the store has helpful staff, even if they are more knowledgeable about other products than kratom.

image of blazing smokes in anchorage ak

2. Blazing Smokes

Address: 6408 DeBarr Rd, Anchorage, AK 99504

Blazing Smokes is known for its selection and prices. You can find a variety of kratom products, along with various products and accessories for smoking and vaping. Their staff also receive high praise for their customer service.

image of midnight market in anchorage ak

2. Midnight Market

Address: 411 W 4th Ave D2, Anchorage, AK 99501

Midnight Market has a wide selection of kratom products, along with a very knowledgeable staff. Customers keep coming back because of the friendliness and helpfulness of the staff. This store stocks kratom from various high-quality brands, such as Royal Kratom, MIT45, OPMS, Krave, Super K, and more. With so much variety, you’re likely to find your favorite strain in your preferred form.

Other Places to Buy Kratom Near Anchorage

The following are even more options where you can buy kratom in Anchorage, Alaska, and in nearby cities. We’ve also included some websites where you can order kratom online for delivery to Anchorage AK.

image of planet x vapor & smoke shop in anchorage ak

1. Planet X Vapor and Smoke Shop

Address: 900 W Northern Lights Blvd, Anchorage, AK 99503

2. Divine World Botanicals

Website: https://divineworldbotanicals.com/kratom-anchorage-alaska/

You Can Also Buy Kratom Online – Online vs. In-Store

While there are multiple good kratom shops in Anchorage, you’ll get an even better selection if you decide to buy online. This is especially helpful if you want a specific strain or type of product. Compare the pros and cons of each option.

1. Selection

Some local smoke shop options have a good selection of kratom, but most only have a few popular brands. If you want something specific or just want to have more options, buying online will be your best choice. This will give you access to any brand, strain, and form of kratom, from capsules to powder.

2. Quality

You can get lucky and find a local smoke shop like AK Smoke World that has high-quality kratom, but not all stores will have the best brands. You may also not feel comfortable taking the time to look up an unfamiliar brand or its certificates while in the store.

By contrast, shopping online lets you take your time comparing products and checking their quality. There is no one there to pressure you to immediately buy kratom Anchorage stores offer. You will even have time to check reviews to confirm quality.

image of you can also buy kratom online

3. Price

Some herbal shops selling kratom Anchorage users are looking for better prices than others. Still, you’ll never find better prices than online – at least not for quality, fresh products.

The best kratom shops online have more negotiating power with distributors because they buy more kratom, and they can pass those savings onto you. They also don’t have to worry about the overhead costs of keeping a shop open.

4. Staff

If you strongly prefer in-person interactions, then you may want to visit one of the smoke shops in Anchorage. And you may find that the staff knows a fair amount about kratom. But you are much more likely to find knowledgeable staff when you buy kratom online.

That is because most stores in Anchorage also sell other items, such as hookahs, vaporizers, and tobacco products. Think of the staff as “jacks of all trades but masters of none.” They’ll know a little about kratom, but not enough to make suggestions beyond the most popular brands.

This contrasts with the experience when you buy from an online kratom shop. They have more specialized kratom knowledge, making them more helpful.

5. Convenience

You may occasionally need your kratom immediately, but otherwise, buying online tends to be more convenient. You don’t have to leave your home or venture out in poor weather. With some planning, you can even ensure you never run out of kratom before your next delivery arrives.


You can easily find local shops selling kratom in Anchorage, AK. But most people will find it much easier to buy their favorite products online. As a bonus, online shopping gives you a better selection of products, including high-quality ones. It also tends to be much more affordable. You will also get the benefit of the staff’s more specialized knowledge, letting you take advantage of their expert product suggestions.

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