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Apple Cider Vinegar and Kratom : How the Duo Works and How to Take it

Over the years, people have used apple cider vinegar (ACV) as a home remedy. From cooking and cleaning dirty surfaces to preventing heartburn, its uses abound. Research studies also show that apple cider vinegar may boost weight loss and reduce total cholesterol levels.

More recently, ACV has become a popular kratom potentiator, which can strengthen its effects. This eliminates the need to increase your dose to achieve your desired effects.

Read on to learn how the combination of apple cider vinegar and kratom works. And how it may give you more bang for your buck.

How ACV and Kratom Works

Users mention feeling stronger when taking ACV with their kratom dose. This means you can take a smaller dose and still experience the same effects as you would from your regular dose. This helps reduce the potential side effects of taking large amounts of kratom.


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Kratom potentiators are adequate for users looking to overcome stagnant strain syndrome. This form of kratom tolerance comes with using your favorite kratom strain over a long period. So you become dependent on a higher dose to feel your desired effects.

When taken together with kratom, ACV enhances the strength of kratom in two ways:

Potentiates it

Acetic acid accounts for 5% to 6% of apple cider vinegar. When you take ACV with kratom, the acetic acid alters and breaks down the plant’s cell walls (cell lysis).

With the cell walls broken down, more kratom alkaloids become available for absorption. The outcome is more substantial kratom effects from the ingested kratom dose.

image of how acv and kratom works

Enhances Bioavailability

ACV has an alkalizing effect on the body. It has more alkaline nutrients like magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

An alkaline environment in the body positively affects the number of nutrients absorbed from food. Thus, ACV puts the body in an alkaline state, increasing the number of alkaloids your body pulls out from the dose you’ve taken.

Is it Safe to Take ACV with Kratom?

There have been no reported safety concerns when you combine kratom with ACV. That said, this is not a piece of medical advice, nor should it be deemed as such. What is certain, though, is that ACV potentiates your kratom dose’s effects.

How to Use ACV and Kratom

You can enjoy a mix of apple cider vinegar and kratom using two methods:

Freshly Brewed Kratom Tea

You can add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your cup of kratom tea to create a more subtle blend. If you find the taste unpleasant, add some cinnamon, honey, or cayenne pepper to make it more palatable. (Zolpidem)

Toss and Wash Method

This method involves putting a kratom powder in your mouth and then washing it with ACV. It works better for most kratom users since it’s quick and carries no risk of choking, coughing, or gagging.

But remember that ACV has a tangy taste and a horrible smell. So only use this method as long you’re comfortable with ACV’s taste.

For a more enhanced experience, wash down your dose of kratom with a glass of ACV on an empty stomach.

image of other kratom potentiators

Other Kratom Potentiators

If you don’t like the tangy flavor of apple cider vinegar when mixed with kratom, other alternatives work well as kratom potentiators. They include:

Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit juice is a popular kratom potentiator. It inhibits the CYP3A4 enzyme, which metabolizes mitragynine.

Slowing down this enzyme reduces the clearance rate of mitragynine from the body. So you will experience strong effects, which may last for much longer.

Cayenne Pepper

Make chili before your kratom dose, or mix a teaspoon of cayenne pepper with kratom powder and water.

Either way, this will lead to an increased blood flow in the intestinal barrier. As such, there’s better absorption of alkaloids, leading to stronger effects. However, you should start slow with cayenne pepper if you aren’t used to spicy flavors.


Coffee and kratom belong to the same Rubiaceae family. Like kratom, coffee produces stimulating effects. Thus, the two may work synergistically to produce more potent stimulant-like effects.

The Bottom Line

If you want to enhance your kratom experience, adding a potentiator like ACV may be a game-changer. From Red Bali to Green Borneo, it doesn’t matter the type of kratom strain you want to potentiate.

When mixed with kratom, ACV increases the alkaloids available for absorption. So you experience stronger kratom effects from a smaller dose. It also saves you money since your kratom supply will last longer.

Besides the potent experience, ACV offers many other health benefits. These include weight loss, skin health, and improved digestion.

Remember to exercise moderation when taking ACV with kratom. Don’t take the dose every day. Have frequent breaks in between use to avoid building up a tolerance.

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