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White Elephant Kratom : Its Effects and Recommended Dosage

Most kratom strains are named after their country of origin, while others are named after their distinct characteristics. White elephant kratom falls under the latter, owing to its elephant-ear-shaped leaves.

But that’s not the only thing that makes the strain unique. Read on as we explore everything there is to know about this strain, from its effects to recommended dosage.

White Elephant Kratom Effects

Like all white-vein kratom varieties, white elephant kratom is harvested when the trees are still relatively young, giving it a unique alkaloid profile. As a result, this kratom strain has predominantly stimulating and uplifting effects. Most users also claim that it doesn’t cause nausea like most strains.

When taken in lower doses, the strain offers mood-boosting effects and an increase in focus and energy. These effects slowly become more calming and sedating as you increase your dosage.


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White elephant kratom is generally considered mature despite its early harvesting practices. This means the strain offers strong, hard-hitting effects even in low doses. The effects also kick in pretty fast, with most users reporting getting results within 20 to 30 minutes after ingestion.

The alkaloid profile of white elephant kratom is not very well balanced. Unlike most kratom strains, which give you varying effects depending on your dosage, the effects of white elephant kratom typically err on the side of stimulating and heightening energy levels effects.

This makes it especially suitable for anyone looking for a morning pick-me-up or a mid-day strain to get through the day. Here are more effects you can expect from using white elephant kratom:

image of white elephant kratom effects

Mood Enhancement

Like most white-vein kratom varieties, white elephant kratom can improve mood. Most users report getting feelings of positivity, ease, comfort, and optimism from consuming the strain. This makes it an excellent choice whenever you’re feeling down or need a little motivation to keep going.

Energy-Boosting and Other Stimulating Effects

The stimulating effects of white elephant kratom make it quite popular among people looking to boost their energy levels and endurance. That’s probably why many athletes and fitness enthusiasts are incorporating it into their pre-workout routine.

These stimulating benefits transcend basic workout routines into your daily activities and work life. Some blue-collar professionals also use it to reduce the strain of strenuous work activities.

Likewise, students and white-collar professionals who need a little focus and rejuvenation to keep going use it to stay focused and uplifted.

The strain’s uplifting effects also work well in social settings, as they can make you more sociable. However, you should keep track of your dosage as using too much of it can make it harder to focus, not to mention the increased risk of side effects.

image of white elephant kratom side effects


White Elephant Kratom Side Effects

Taking too much kratom will undoubtedly result in side effects, and it isn’t any different with white elephant kratom. The most common side effects of taking too much kratom are nausea and vomiting.

On the bright side, most users don’t report getting nauseating side effects with white elephant kratom. However, there’s a myriad of other potential side effects associated with the strain, including:

  • Dizziness
  • Chills
  • Drowsiness
  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Dry mouth
  • Rapid heartbeat

White Elephant Kratom Dosage

A lot of factors go into consideration when determining your optimum kratom dosage. Everything from your age, metabolism, kratom tolerance, and experience plays a crucial role in how your body responds to kratom.

Generally, you should use the lowest possible dose and work your way up. First-time users should stick to low doses of about 1.5 to 2 grams, while more experienced users can go a little higher with about 2 to 4 grams.

Your dosage also has an impact on your effects. For energizing and stimulating effects, experts recommend taking about 2 to 5 grams and 5 to 8 grams for more calming and sedating effects. (Treerush.com)

Taking white elephant kratom on an empty stomach can maximize its effects, making it a little overwhelming. Taking kratom without eating first also makes the effects come on too quickly, which may be off-putting if you’re not in a comfortable environment.

That being said, you should take white elephant kratom after a light meal for the best results. Mix it with your favorite fruit juice or smoothie to mask its bitter taste. And, if you’re still not feeling it, you can increase its effects with potentiators like citrus juice and turmeric.

Potentiators come in handy in limiting the dose you need to get your desired effects and masking the bitter taste of kratom. However, due to the efficacy of using kratom with potentiators, you should pay close attention to your dose. That’s because even your regular dose could become overwhelming with a potentiator.

image of white elephant kratom similar strains

Are There Similar Strains to White Elephant Kratom?

No two kratom strains are alike. Their alkaloid profiles give them unique effects. However, you can still find strains with similar effects to white elephant kratom. Here are two of the best strains that work like white elephant kratom.

White Sumatra Kratom

Straight from the island of Sumatra, White Sumatra kratom comes packed with lots of beneficial alkaloids. The alkaloids provide some of the same effects as white elephant kratom, predominantly around the strains’ stimulating and energy-boosting effects.

White Borneo Kratom

Like most white-vein kratom varieties, White Borneo kratom is known for its energy-boosting effects. Most users also report feeling motivated and focused and getting an improved mood after consuming the strain.

The Bottom Line

White elephant kratom is a member of the white vein kratom community. As such, the strain has predominantly stimulating and energy-boosting effects, making it very popular among athletes, students, and professionals who need an extra kick to keep going. The strain also has a high alkaloid concentration, so you may want to watch your dosage as you indulge.

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