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As one of the most widely available Kratom strains on the market, Red Borneo Kratom is a consumer favorite in the Kratom community. Thanks to its potent nature, benefits, and unique advantages, this Kratom strain is in high demand. Red Borneo is also quite affordable as it grows abundantly and many Kratom vendors stock it among their products.

Ideal for new and long-term users alike, Red Vein Borneo Kratom reacts slower than other strains, but its effects are relatively long-lasting. However, the strength and longevity of its effects depend on the amount consumed. Most Red Borneo Kratom users stand behind its strong performance, making it one of the most famous red vein Kratom strains.

Often compared to Maeng Da and Red Bali, Red Borneo is simply among the most well-known strains in the world. Some of its best features include:

  • One of the most potent red vein Kratom strains
  • Suitable for both new and experienced users
  • Slower in reaction compared to other Kratom strains
  • Easy to use
  • Genuine and high-quality product from the Island of Borneo, Southeast Asia
  • Carefully tested to prove quality, potency, and safety

14 reviews for Red Borneo Kratom

  1. kdent1981 (verified owner)

    Great strain, potent and good.

  2. charlesfrye40 (verified owner)

    Very good product I would rate out of the many vendors I’ve been thru the last 2 years as NDK to be high quality and hands down the best of them all.Awsome customer service you have an issue you will get a call personally that’s good service what company will do that? Will continue to shop here A+

  3. Brandon (verified owner)

    Some of the best Kratom I’ve ever received from any vendor. A+++

  4. Cammmm (verified owner)

    Very good red strain

  5. joejoe4350 (verified owner)

    I have purchase seven different strains from New Dawn Kratom and it’s just amazing quality and i’ve tried red borneo yesterday and it’s just excellent. I hope NDK always maintains the quality because it’s just excellent vendor and i’ll be ordering only through NDK from now on. The prices are the best and most important is the kratom is of the best quality.

  6. Sarah (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased many different kinds of kratom from NDK. This is an excellent red strain. Also, NDK is an excellent vendor. The price is fair, shipping is extremely fast, and the customer service is the best I’ve ever encountered from any company, ever. I just ordered more of the red borneo, in powder this time, and I can’t wait to see if there’s a noticeable difference. I’m really surprised there aren’t more reviews of the RB.

  7. Luke (verified owner)

    This is very High quality kratom! Perhaps the best kratom i have purchase period! I was a bit skeptical at first because of the price, however this kratom did not disappoint me. iI rate this 10/10. The powder is very fine and fluffy, i will be buying from NDK again!

  8. Chloe.m92 (verified owner)

    I love New Dawn Kratom & i highly recommend giving this strain a try.

  9. K.

    NDK Borneo is very very good. Been buying it for months now.

  10. adventuretim77 (verified owner)

    Super high quality and insanely excellent prices!

  11. Diane (verified owner)

    This is a very good red kratom and I am so glad to find this shop. These guys sell quality kratom, and have the best prices. So far in reds I have tried this red Borneo and red Hulu and both are really good, I highly recommend both!

  12. Jim (verified owner)

    I have ordered Red Borneo twice before and New Dawn is now my go to vendor for my go to strain. Just ordered another 500g!

    The price can’t be beat, they reply to emails very quickly and ordering is no hassle and free shipping over $50 is absolutely great!

  13. Laticia (verified owner)

    Same every time ….Five star all the way’

  14. Jacob Jankins

    Very poor quality, gritty , no effects, just dizziness and sweats. I’ve tried all 4 bags. Just being honest !

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The Origin of Red Borneo Kratom

Red Borneo mainly hails from the third largest island in Southeast Asia, Borneo. Three countries, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia, share Borneo’s territory, with the latter owning 70% of its surface. Consequently, Indonesia grows and ships most of the Red Borneo Kratom available in the world.

Generally, this Kratom strain grows along riverbanks, contributing to its higher alkaloid percentage compared to other red vein varieties. The island is popular for its constant tropical climate, dense forests, and rich volcanic soils, which provide the ideal environment for the growth of Kratom trees. Indigenous farmers across the region have been growing and using a variety of Kratom strains for centuries.

Harvesting and Drying Of Red Borneo Kratom

Similar to other red vein strains, harvesting of Red Vein Borneo occurs when its tree reaches maturity. Due to their experience and expertise, the local farmers in the region carefully hand-pick the leaves and clean them with some water to remove any visible impurities. The picked leaves are then shipped to our manufacturing and processing plants at least every week.

At our manufacturing facilities, the leaves undergo a fermentation process using water and sunlight for approximately 48 hours to enhance their potency levels. During this process, the water evaporates from the leaves; thus, their active alkaloids such as Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine increase in their concentrations. After a successful fermentation process, we dry the leaves carefully under direct sunlight for a few hours, then crush them into powder and other forms of consumption. It is the last stage of drying that gives this strain its rich red hue; hence its name ‘Red Borneo.’

What Makes Red Borneo Kratom So Unique?

Are you looking for a new and high-quality red vein strain for yourself? Red Veined Borneo is one of the few strains that are in high demand due to its distinct profile of positive benefits. It also comes with a sweet fragrance that makes many people choose it as their favorite strain. Its soothing aroma also aids local farmers to identify it from other strains.

Often compared to Red Bali, Red Borneo is ideal for avid Kratom users who are looking for a more potent option. As a result, it is one of the most popular options as it provides several natural properties. Without further ado, let us discuss some of Red Borneo Kratom’s unique features.

One of the most potent red vein Kratom strains

Red Borneo Kratom is popular for being highly potent with as many as over 40 alkaloids present in its profile. Thanks to its unique fermentation and drying process, its alkaloid components increase in percentage, enhancing its potency levels. Some of the alkaloids present in its chemical structure include Mitragynine, 7-hydroxy mitragynine, Corynoxine A, Speciogyine, Corynoxine B, and 9-hydroxycorynantheidine, among many others.

The picking of Red Borneo Kratom leaves occurs from a matured Mitragyna speciosa plant. Upon maturity, the Kratom trees attain a maximum concentration of alkaloids, which only increases during the drying and fermentation processes.

Suitable for new and experienced Kratom users

If you are new to Kratom, Red Veined Borneo Kratom is an ideal option. Not only is it easily available and affordable, but it is also very potent and offers a unique profile of positive effects. Although the strain is highly potent, it can provide mild effects depending on the amount of dose taken.

Likewise, Red Borneo is suitable for use by expert Kratom users as well as connoisseurs. When taken in large amounts, this strain offers a variety of relatively immediate and noteworthy effects. So, if you are an experienced Kratom user looking for a new fix, Red Borneo Kratom is one of the best alternatives available on the market.

Slower in reaction compared to other Red Vein strains

Like other red vein strains, Red Borneo is known for its mild effects, especially when consumed in minimal doses. Additionally, it reacts slower compared to other strains that take effect immediately. Generally, Red Borneo takes about 20 to 30 minutes to react.

Despite its slow reaction time, Red Borneo Kratom consists of long-lasting effects, primarily ideal for expert users. Its effects last for approximately four to six hours, which is about thirty minutes to two hours longer than other red vein strains.

Easy to use

Similar to other Kratom strains, Red Borneo Kratom is available in different consumption styles, making it very easy to use. For hundreds of years, the indigenous people in regions where this strain grows chew the dried leaves directly. However, its powdered form is more prevalent among modern-day Kratom users because of its excellent potency levels.

Other modes of consuming Red Borneo Kratom include capsule or pill form, tinctures, resins, extracts, as well as dried leaves. It is also possible to brew Kratom tea from its powdered form. You can also mix Red Borneo Kratom powder with your favorite juice, smoothie, or meal.

Genuine and high-quality Kratom product from Borneo

At New Dawn Kratom, we are a team of Kratom enthusiasts who value the experience of our customers as well as the quality and authentic nature of our products. In turn, we ensure that we source our Kratom products from regions where Kratom trees have grown for thousands of years under ethical and sustainable agricultural practices.

Generally, the Red Borneo Kratom tree naturally grows throughout Southeast Asia in various regions. However, authentic Red Borneo Kratom, including our variety, comes from the riverbanks and dense rainforests in Borneo, Indonesia.  Our local farmers easily identify this tree using its soothing aroma. Next, they carefully hand-pick the leaves, which undergo a special fermentation and drying process to increase their quality and potency levels.

Carefully tested to prove quality, potency, and safety

As mentioned earlier, we value the quality and safety of our Kratom products. As a result, we submit our batches for thorough third-party lab testing procedures to ascertain their potency, safety, freshness, consistency, and purity. Apart from our six tests that screen for microbes, heavy metals, and other impurities, among others, we ensure that our packaging techniques are free from contamination.

Through our team of qualified technicians, we conduct our packaging methods in closely monitored rooms. They put the products in clean and air-tight bags to ensure their freshness and top quality when delivered to consumers.

How Does Red Borneo Kratom Compare To Other Red Vein Strains?

As mentioned above, Red Borneo Kratom is a red vein Kratom strain, meaning it has similar properties to other red vein strains. However, there are several differences between Red Borneo and other red vein strains. For instance, Kratom Red Borneo has a unique harvesting and post-drying technique than other red vein strains.

Unlike most red vein Kratom strains, Red Borneo Kratom comes from the ancient Kratom trees in the Borneo region. Although Red Bali and Red Sumatra are also picked from the same region, Red Borneo has a sweet and attractive fragrance that makes it easier for local farmers to identify it.

Another difference between Kratom Red Borneo and other red vein strains is their post-drying technique. Typically, red vein Kratom strains go through a drying and fermentation process to improve their potency levels. Red Borneo undergoes a drying and special fermentation process using water and sunlight to maximize its alkaloid profile and give its reddish color.

Finding the Perfect Strain for You

Many users in the Kratom community prefer Red Borneo Kratom because of its highly potent and world-class properties. The Kratom strain is affordable, easily available, and highly sought-after by many connoisseurs, experienced users as well as novice Kratom users.  It features long-lasting effects and is 100% natural, making it a potentially promising addition to your health and wellness regimens.

However, when buying any Kratom strain, you must ensure you are using a reliable and trustworthy Kratom vendor. At New Dawn Kratom, all our products are thoroughly tested for quality and consistency. We also strictly adhere to the GMP standards for processing and packaging guidelines.

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