4-Way Split Kilo (4 x 250g Powder)

(11 customer reviews)


Strain 1

Strain 2

Strain 3

Strain 4


Earn up to 850 Points

Choose 4 strains; you’ll get 4 x 250 grams for just $85


11 reviews for 4-Way Split Kilo (4 x 250g Powder)

  1. danalovesshane69 (verified owner)

    I already loved you guys but adding the 4 way split is so amazing. I just ordered 2..thank you for being the best vendor there is with the best prices. NDK is the best the quality is perfect as well as the price.Kratom has been a lifesaver for me thank you. I will be a life long customer..oh and thank you for the memorial day 25% off Vladimir your the best!!!!

  2. Jimmy Crawford

    Awesome vendor!! Love this stuff!!

  3. Laura

    We go thru a kilo a piece for three of us every mo and love new dawn’s product!

  4. Cammmm (verified owner)

    Ordering around a kilo per month. Moved from CA to MI and was worried about shipping. Got tracking on Thursday. Delivered on Saturday morning. Couple extra days before it shipped do to the awesome deals from Memorial Weekend, but Vlad is always on support and ALWAYS answers any concerns. Best Kratom Vendor 2021/2022.

  5. lcolwell513 (verified owner)

    I just started buying kratom and this is honestly the best deal to try other strains. Kratom is a game changer for sure

  6. Robin boyce (verified owner)

    Great quality and great price… thank you all so much. I will never order from anywhere else again. New dawn kratom #1

  7. ricbehning

    New Dawn is the most consistent, clean and professionally packaged Kratom on the market.
    They recently raised prices, but due to cost of goods and supply chain issues, I have no problem paying it. Although the split kilo brings the price back down to what it used to be.

    Keep doing what you’re doing and I’ll keep buying.

    Thanks Guys!

  8. Huntington (verified owner)

    Been a customer for almost 2 years, once I found NDK it changed the game for me. No more dealing with sketchy sites online with questionable kratom or paying $30 for 40 capsules at the gas station. NDK is fast, clean, easy, and just the absolute best!

  9. Leroux A CARR

    4 way split is an epic deal. Was so afraid that with the raising costs of everything else out there, that kratom would soon be unafordable to us too. Please keep the 4 way split going for your customers! We do thank you.

  10. jimeefreeman (verified owner)

    Being able to split a kilo into four without it costing an arm and a leg is an awesome feature. Excellent overall service & product. You’ve got yourself another loyal customer.

  11. Rose (verified owner)

    Always super fast and excellent product! I’ve tried a lot of different companies and New Dawn is definitely the best!

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