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We proudly offer our Sumatra varieties grown by expert Southeast Asian cultivators. Lovers of these varieties often rave about their effects that may deliver energy and calm in a unique balance. Available varieties include the potentially stimulating White fused with potential tranquility and the exclusive Yellow blend with added possible relaxing properties.

Renowned as potentially motivating and multi-dimensional, fans might find the curated varieties offer energetic and harmonic effects. Dive into our top-shelf selections, all with the promise that we’ve got you covered if they don’t meet your expectations.



WhiteStimulating Energy & Motivation
YellowBalanced Mood Lift & Relaxation


White Sumatra

White Sumatra potentially offers a clean energetic stimulation paired with clear-headed calm. This White might hone your focus and energy, making it potentially ideal for nailing a day full of tasks.


  • Energy + Focus
  • Calm + Stimulation


Yellow Sumatra

Yellow Sumatra may offer simultaneous body relaxation, mental motivation, and mood lifts. Effects might include a gently balanced focus or deep calming sensations.


  • Relaxation + Mood-Lift
  • Balance
  • Day + Night Use