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Hulu Kapuas

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We offer only the finest Hulu Kapuas varieties carefully cultivated by dedicated farmers in Southeast Asia. Our kratom strains are guaranteed to have fresh, rich aromas.

Our featured varieties include our Green, blending potential stimulation with tranquility, and our Red, known for its famous potential calming and deep relaxation properties. Each variety has its own unique properties from how it’s grown and processed.

We invite our customers to sample these Hulu Kapuas varieties and shop confidently, knowing our kratom varieties are lab-tested, AKA-certified, and backed by an unwavering satisfaction guarantee.



GreenMotivation + Mood-Boost
RedRelaxation + Calm Clarity


Green Hulu

Green Hulu offers potential smooth motivation paired with level-headed calm. Effects might include productivity without sedation. Our Green variety might uplift energy, mood, and mental positivity.


  • Mood + Calming
  • Energy + Well-Being
  • Day Time Use


Red Hulu

Red Hulu might offer light rejuvenating body sensations, potentially allowing complete mental relaxation while preserving mental clarity. Effects might include profoundly calming properties ideal for winding down in the evenings or at night. The variety is generally not as overly sedating like some other red strains.


  • Relaxation + Calm
  • Mental Clarity
  • Day + Evening + Night Use