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Yellow Dragon Kratom Review: Unraveling the Unique Benefits and Effects of this Exotic Strain

The Yellow Dragon kratom strain is a lesser-known yellow kratom strain that is starting to gain a following. It is often compared to the more popular Yellow Jongkong and Yellow Hulu Kapuas strains for their alkaloid profiles.

The power of the Yellow Dragon kratom strain comes from its origins in the Orient, where the dragon symbolizes power, wisdom, strength, and hidden knowledge. Some attribute these traits to the Yellow Dragon kratom strain, a signature Thai-style combination of White Dragon and red kratom created by the pekerja pakar of Malaysia. This dragon strain shares many characteristics with the Thai strain. 

Aside from the Yellow Dragon, other varieties include the White Dragon kratom, Red Dragon kratom, and Green Dragon kratom.  

image of yellow dragon kratom benefits and effects


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Effects and Benefits of the Yellow Dragon Kratom

Like other kratoms, the Yellow Dragon comes from Mitragyna speciosa, an evergreen tree. The leaves of this kratom tree possess powerful psychoactive components. This specific strain is said to offer a comforting feeling and specializes in the areas of arousal and repose. Kratom is not a recommended medication for restlessness, but many people claim to use it for motivation and stress reduction. 

  • Exhilaration: The Yellow Dragon kratom strain gives users energy. People who feel sluggish have reported getting mild exhilaration and adrenaline after taking this kratom. They also feel refreshed and ready to take on another day. 
  • Tranquility: The Yellow Dragon users say it produces feelings of peace, relaxation, and tranquility, calming the mind and body. Many people say it is good for sleep disorders.
  • Appetite: People having problems with their appetite have reported a mild increase in their food intake when consuming the Yellow Dragon kratom. 
  • Focus: Some users claim to have increased motivation and focus after taking the Yellow Dragon kratom. They have a heightened sense of awareness that helps them finish work on time. 
  • Sense of Well-being: The Yellow Dragon kratom is said to improve one’s sense of well-being. Users say they feel more relaxed but are also more alert than ever, enabling them to focus on the essential things at work. It also helps them calm down once the day is over. 

Similar Strains to the Yellow Dragon Kratom

The Yellow Dragon Kratom strain contains Red Dragon Kratom and Red Bali. To make Yellow Dragon kratom, producers handpick Red Vein Dragon leaves and expose them to direct sunlight. After which, photosynthesis will yield a higher concentration of key alkaloids. 

The reduced stress people claim to feel after their intake of Yellow Dragon kratom comes from the Red Bali, while the serenity without drowsiness comes from the presence of Red Dragon. The Yellow Dragon kratom also has a similar alkaloid profile to the Yellow Jongkong and Yellow Hulu Kapuas. 

Yellow Maeng Da

Growers combine 80 percent white kratom and 20 percent red kratom to create Yellow Maeng Da. This results in high alkaloid content. The leaves are from Kalimantan Island, Indonesia. Users say that this is a good blend if you like yellow kratom. 

This kratom can help you do your tasks without the stress. It has been suggested that this strain may help you achieve a good life-work balance. Kratom lovers take this in the morning or late in the afternoon for more focus. 

Seasoned users recommend mixing Yellow Maeng Da with tea. It has been advised that lemon water can enhance this strain’s effects. You can sweeten your kratom beverage with honey or agave. 

image of yellow hulu kratom

Yellow Hulu

Yellow Hulu grows near Indonesia’s Kapuas River. This body of water is full of minerals. It nourishes the Yellow Hulu kratom trees, providing the leaves with high alkaloid levels. Kratom users praise this strain for its many benefits. 

It has been advised that this strain improves focus, resulting in mental clarity. Users claim that this kratom may help them remember things better. This results in higher productivity that lasts for hours.

Yellow Hulu can reportedly increase your energy to a mild level. Kratom lovers say that this strain may give you the stimulation you need without the jitters. This strain might be an effective substitute for coffee in the morning. 

It has been advised that this kratom strain may help you relax and achieve more rested sleep. Users love how Yellow Hulu relieves their stress, especially after a hectic day. The relaxation you get from this kratom does not result in sedation. It will only calm and tone down your energy until you naturally fall asleep. 

Research shows that Yellow Hulu may improve your mood. Users report that they feel more positive and enthusiastic about what they do. They report having more pleasant feelings in a day, allowing them to perform their daily tasks. It has been reported that this strain may help people suffering from severe sadness and restlessness.

The kratom community also recognizes Yellow Hulu’s ability to assist patients control their consumption of prescription medications. It has been suggested that patients who want to stop their dependency on habit-forming medications can turn to this strain for support.  

Discomfort is a debilitating symptom. Experienced users consume Yellow Hulu to help relieve their chronic aches. This may reduce your dependence on prescription medications. This can help improve the quality of life.

image of available forms of the yellow dragon kratom

Available Forms of the Yellow Dragon Kratom

First, you must understand how the Yellow Dragon kratom strain is prepared. The skilled farmers of the Penang region handpick the finest red and white kratom leaves. These leaves are exposed to direct sunlight for drying. This exposure produces a chemically altered product with higher alkaloid content. 

  • Powder: The leaves of the red and white kratom are dried and ground to make the powder form of the Yellow Dragon kratom strain. The kratom powder is then packed in sterile containers to protect the final product from contamination. 
  • Capsule: The powder form of the Yellow Dragon kratom can also be put inside capsules. The kratom capsules are packaged like regular medicine tablets. The capsule form is the easiest way to move and sell this kratom product. 

Ingredients of the Yellow Dragon Kratom

Regular kratoms are abundant in mitragynine and 7-OH (7-hydroxy mitragynine). However, the Yellow Dragon kratom strain is high in paynantheine, speciogynine, and other powerful indole alkaloids. The supreme alkaloid content and vibrant golden yellow color make this hybrid strain an enticing kratom for users to try.  

The Final Say

The Yellow Dragon kratom strain packs the properties and characteristics of the red and white kratom leaves. This leaves users with unique benefits that make them feel relaxed and energetic at the same time.

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