What Is White Kratom and What Is It Used For?

What Is White Kratom and What Is It Used For?

To the naked eye, there’s no easy way to tell the difference between kratom powders. Even experienced users have a difficult time identifying kratom strains purely on sight. However, every kratom cultivator agrees that this plant has three distinct categories: red, green, and white. Each of these colors refers to a particular stage of development and the vein appearance on the kratom leaf.

White-vein kratom strains have become increasingly popular with customers who want to take their kratom during the day. So, what is white kratom used for, and is it the right choice for you?

What is white kratom?

White kratom is a variety of the Mitragyna speciosa plant with bright white veins on its leaves. All white vein kratom strains are harvested relatively early in kratom’s flowering cycle. If kratom farmers want to focus on white-vein kratom strains, they will deliberately harvest their strains once they notice the leaves have a noticeable white coloration.

Since the “white” in white-vein kratom refers to its color, there’s no one strain associated with this type of kratom plant. An entire category of white vein kratom powder includes dozens of cultivars. Any kratom plant could be a white strain if harvested early in the season.

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What is white kratom used for?

The most common reason customers opt for white kratom versus other strains is it’s potential “mood-enhancing” effects. Allegedly, white kratom cultivars have a balance of alkaloids, making them more likely to produce uplifting qualities. Some kratom fans believe white kratom has higher percentages of the alkaloid mitragynine than 7-hydroxy mitragynine, which may explain its energy-inducing properties.

Since white kratom is closely associated with energy, many people use it to combat fatigue-related issues. Anyone who struggles with fibromyalgia or daytime drowsiness may get the most out of white kratom powders. Some customers may even use white kratom as a replacement for caffeine. Since kratom is a relative of the coffee plant, it’s common to use this herb to give them the same “pick me up” as a cup of java.

How does white kratom differ from the other strains of kratom?

White vein kratom varieties share the same names as many green and red vein kratom strains, but they have noticeable differences. Customers need to know what they’re getting into before choosing a white kratom strain.

Potential effects and benefits

A white vein kratom strain is more likely to increase a person’s energy levels than other kratom varieties. Indeed, people gravitate to white kratom hybrids to take advantage of their supposed stimulating properties.

White kratom strains are the best fit for customers who want to use kratom during the day. Since it’s less likely white kratom will produce drowsiness, it’s a better choice for those who need kratom’s effects without sacrificing productivity. White kratom may also be the optimal product for customers who want to use kratom specifically for fatigue-related complaints.

Potential side effects

There aren’t specific side effects related to white kratom versus other kratom varieties. However, some customers claim white kratom tends to be the “most intense,” especially compared with traditionally mild green vein kratom strains. Therefore, people new to kratom may experience more severe adverse reactions if they start with a high dose of white kratom. A few common side effects associated with white kratom include:

  • Jitteriness
  • Digestive upset
  • Nausea
  • Lightheadedness
  • Headaches

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Method of consumption

Customers should have an easy time finding white kratom in a variety of product categories. Similar to red and green kratom, there are many ways to consume white kratom extracts. However, the most common ways people take white kratom are in powder or capsule form. Customers swallow their white kratom with water or juice with both of these products. There may also be white kratom teas, gummies, and liquid tinctures in specialty headshops.


Every kratom manufacturer has different quality standards for producing powders and capsules. Therefore, it’s difficult to gauge an “average” price for white kratom products. The amount a company charges for white kratom depends on its unique cultivation, manufacturing, and testing procedures.

That being said, white kratom strains may be higher in price than green or red strains because they aren’t as abundant. Since cultivators need to harvest white kratom early in the season, there are fewer leaves to grind into powders. The lower relative supply of white kratom may give them a slight premium over green or red strains.

Types of white kratom

As previously mentioned, any kratom cultivar could be a white-vein strain. There’s no specific strain that’s always in the white kratom family. Instead, a strain is “white kratom” if harvested early enough in the season to have bright white colors in its veins. So, any kratom strain could be white vein, depending on its harvest time.

Here are a few examples of white kratom strains:

image of types of white kratom white maeng da

White Maeng Da

Many kratom fans associate “Maeng Da” with the famous red-vein strain. Although Red Maeng Da is wildly popular, that doesn’t mean Maeng Da is only available in a red format. Indeed, White Maeng Da is available for those who want a robust cerebral experience. True to its “pimp strength” name, White Maeng Da is a good choice for kratom connoisseurs interested in a high-potency white-vein experience.

White Thai

White Thai is another intense stimulating strain best suited for intermediate or advanced kratom users. The intensity of this white-vein strain can provoke profound euphoria and stimulation. Those not used to these energizing properties may find White Thai too much to handle. However, those who need to banish tiredness and increase focus may get what they want with White Thai powder.

image of white bali kratom

White Bali

Like Maeng Da, many kratom fans only associate the Bali strain with its red-vein variety. However, White Bali is becoming increasingly popular with kratom fans who want an energy boost. Although White Bali typically has high alkaloid concentrations, it doesn’t hit users as quickly or as complexly as White Maeng Da or White Thai. Instead, White Bali tends to work gradually to produce a sustained sense of stimulation. For this reason, those new to white kratom may want to start with a small dose of White Bali.

White Elephant

Experienced customers looking for an experimental white strain may want to look into White Elephant powder. There’s not as much anecdotal info on how White Elephant differs from more traditional kratom strains like Maneg Da and Bali. All that we “know” is this strain was most likely named after its “elephant-sized” leaves. People already familiar with other white-vein strains may want to try this novel strain to see if it offers any unique effects.

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White Indo

Short for “Indonesia,” Indo belongs in the best-selling kratom strains, including Bali, Maeng Da, and Thai. Like these other strains, Indo has a white-vein variety closely associated with uplifting effects and daytime use. Some people who use White Indo report a greater sense of focus and alertness shortly after this powder enters their system. Therefore, it may be worth trying White Indo if you’re most interested in reducing distractions and improving your work performance.

White Horn

White Horn is one of the rarer strains to enter the white kratom catalog, like the White Elephant. Although not much is known about White Horn’s potency or common effects, more experienced customers are interested in trying this strain. People who use White Horn kratom often report this strain has a refreshing, energizing quality that’s perfect for use early in the morning. Since White Horn kratom isn’t as easy to find, it will require a bit of experimentation to figure out the standard effects and the ideal dosage. You’ll also have to work with a reputable kratom vendor that provides detailed lab reports on their White Horn products.

Final thoughts on white kratom

White kratom is typically the best option for customers most concerned with low energy. Thanks to white kratom’s close association with stimulating properties, it tends to have a positive impact on fatigue and daytime focus compared to other kratom strains. So, if you’re interested in using an energy-boosting kratom during the day as a replacement for a shot of espresso, consider digging deeper into the best white vein kratom capsules on New Dawn Kratom.

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