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Super Elephant Kratom Strain Review : Origins, Potential Effects, and Similar Kratom Strains

Energizing, mood-enhancing and fast-acting are words that sum up what Super Elephant kratom is all about. However, many users don’t know what Super Elephant kratom is and what effects to expect from it. That’s because the strain is rare and less known than other super strains. (Valium)

Find out about the strain’s true origins and the effects you can expect from Super Elephant kratom from this guide. We’ll also check out some alternative strains you can try out for similar effects.

What is Super Elephant Kratom?

Super Elephant kratom gets its name from its large leaves, which look like elephant ears. The strain is a variation of Elephant kratom strains and originates from the Northwest region of Sumatra Island, Indonesia.

Super Elephant is a strong variety of green vein kratom. As such, it intensifies the effects of regular green vein kratom varieties. As a result, this kratom strain also retails at a higher price.


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Like other “super” kratom strains, Super Elephant owes its strong effects to the size of its kratom leaves during harvest. The strain comes from the largest leaves that are only harvested when mature. This means that they are rich in alkaloids.

The strain contains two of the most sought-after alkaloids found in kratom plants: mitragynine and 7-hydroxy-mitragynine (7-OH). Mitragynine produces stimulating effects, while 7-OH is known to have sedating effects.

The high alkaloid concentration—which sets apart Super Elephant from other green strains—is to an extent due to the cool climatic conditions and the rich soil in the region where the trees flourish.

image of super elephant kratom effects

The Potential Effects of Super Elephant Kratom

Like other kratom strains, Super Elephant produces a variety of effects. But its effects are more intense, so you will most likely need a lower dose than what you’re used to.

Here are some of the commonly reported effects of this strain:

Boosts Energy

Super Elephant kratom is said to be highly energizing even at lower doses. That’s because it is rich in mitragynine, which has stimulating properties. As such, it can make for a great alternative to your morning coffee.

This strain is particularly useful if you have a long day ahead or need to solve a complex task. Users say that it gives them a significant boost in energy that can last for several hours.

Mood Enhancement

Super Elephant kratom stands out as one of the best strains for enhancing your mood. It does this in two ways.

First, the alkaloids in the strain bind to the receptors in the brain to trigger a dopamine rush. Dopamine is a chemical hormone that regulates mood, pleasure sensations, motivation, and learning. That’s why users report feeling motivated after consuming this strain.

Super Elephant also enhances your mood by relieving taxing thoughts from your mind. Having a peaceful frame of mind gives you a sense of optimism.

Better Focus and Concentration

Super Elephant kratom is your go-to strain if you’re looking to enhance your focus and concentration. While it may not match the strongest white strains in this department, it can still improve your focus for quite a few hours.

Users say the focus and concentration may also turn into relaxation after several hours.

Feelings of Relaxation

Super Elephant boasts a higher concentration of 7-OH than your typical green strains. As such, it triggers relaxing effects.

Users claim that the strain delivers calming and soothing effects at higher doses. It’s said to ease fatigue from muscles making you relaxed. It also eliminates stressful thoughts from your mind, making it the go-to strain after a tiresome day at work.

Similar Kratom Strains

Super Elephant kratom is a rare strain, so your favorite kratom vendor may not have it in stock. If that’s the case, here are some alternative strains that have almost similar effects as the Super Elephant:

image of super green maeng da is similar to super elephant kratom

Super Green Maeng Da

The Super Green Maeng Da variety has almost identical effects to Super Elephant kratom. However, it’s more popular than Super Elephant, which is why many vendors will carry it.

Super Green Maeng Da differs from Super Elephant in that its effects are stronger and last longer. This means that you’ll need an even smaller dose of Super Green Maeng Da to achieve your desired effects.

Super Green Malay

Super Green Malay offers similar effects to those of Super Elephant, but users claim Super Green Malay’s effects are not as strong.

So if you find the effects of Super Elephant too overwhelming, you can turn to the slightly milder Super Green Malay.

image of super green balo kratom

Super Green Bali

Super Green Bali is well-known for its great energy and mood-boosting effects. It’s also said to have relaxing effects.

Therefore, if your go-to vendor doesn’t have Super Elephant kratom, Super Green Bali may be an ideal alternative. Besides providing similar effects as the Super Elephant, it’s also easier to find among most kratom vendors.

The Bottom Line

If you’re a fan of green vein kratom, you will fall in love with Super Elephant kratom. It boasts more intense stimulating and nootropic effects than your typical green strain.

Because of its strong effects, you should approach this strain with caution. Ideally, you should start with a low dose to avoid potential side effects. You can gradually increase your dosage in increments of 0.5 grams as you get used to it.

Super Elephant kratom is a rare strain, and most vendors might not stock it. So there’s a possibility that unscrupulous vendors may label any other green strain as a “Super Elephant” to meet user demand. Reputable vendors won’t cut corners, but it makes sense to ask for a certificate of analysis or lab report before you make a purchase.

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