Super White Kratom

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15 reviews for Super White Kratom

  1. Daniel

    This sounds like good stuff but can’t know for sure without the results of proper lab testing. Does “Super” differ from other White Vein strains? Will it get a description like all your other strains? I’m very interested (mainly because of its name) but the lack of info is a deterrent for now…

  2. Vladimir

    Hello Daniel, I’m Vladimir – We are still working on the product descriptions, be sure they will be up soon 😀 You were very fast to pick up the new strains, they were just added a few minutes ago 😀

  3. David P

    Any updates on lab like the last guy I am very interested Just by the name because I LOVE Super Green Malay! Any new info would be great! Thanks to my favorite Supplier, NDK!!

  4. Angelo Henderson

    How about we not rate low stars until we actually try the strain!!!!. Don’t understand the 4 star reviews when you haven’t even tried it yet

  5. Jerry (verified owner)

    I got the super white capsules and they are great!!!

  6. Laticia (verified owner)

    I’ll just leave a 5 star for a title match right here ..

  7. alex G

    Since people are leaving 3 star ratings for this without trying the product, i wanted to say that I LOVE this super white strain and I love New Dawn kratom in general. I’ve been buying Kratom for 6 years and this is the best product I’ve ever tried! The quality is amazing and the prices are great. thanks guys!

  8. Steven (verified owner)

    I have bought this strain and I am vary happy with the quality and consistency of the product.

  9. lochlansxgoldfish (verified owner)

    Definitely one of ND’s stronger strains.

  10. Chandra Marski (verified owner)

    The Super White is the most powerful strain ever. I was shocked. Holy cow.

  11. Ron (verified owner)

    Best white I’ve had

  12. danalovesshane69

    Just ordered this I can’t wait to try it I know it will be amazing because NDK only provides the best!!

  13. Ron (verified owner)

    Imo it’s the best white vein I’ve ever had. I’ve ordered it twice and will be getting it often

  14. danalovesshane69

    Had to add to my review now that I’ve tried the super white holy cow it packs a punch i love it and I love NDK thank you for adding new strains for your customers love you guys

  15. Juanita Wormwood

    Can’t say enough nice things about New Dawn the products i have received were excellent and the customer service has been super but the price makes me so happy 🤗Keep up the great job you guys make me wish all my relationships were this great 💜

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