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Mixing Kratom and Valerian – Safety, Doses, and Benefits

Despite having been on the North American market for over a decade, the kratom selection is still pretty bland. So once you’ve tried all the powders, capsules, extracts, shots, and edibles at your disposal, things can get pretty boring. That’s why most kratom users have found their own ways to mix things up, like mixing kratom and valerian.

Doing such is a popular trend among kratom connoisseurs—trying out kratom with a variety of other herbs and supplements. More often than not, mixing kratom with other natural medicines can help boost its effects and double the benefits of the entire experience. One such substance that’s popularly paired off with kratom is valerian root. But how well does it actually work, and is it safe?

What is Valerian Root?

image of valeriana root

Valeriana officinalis, or simply valerian, is an herb that grows native to Europe and certain parts of Asia. It’s been used in traditional medicine for centuries, with the earliest records of its usage dated as far back as 3,000 years. It was a popular remedy in ancient Greece and Rome where it was leveraged for its sedative effects.


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Almost all parts of the plant are edible and are used for various purposes. The seeds can be eaten, as well as the leaves and stems which are typically steeped and consumed as tea. However, the most popular part of the plant is its rhizomes or roots, which are thick and fleshy. These are often dried and pulverized to make powder.

Today, valerian root is widely accepted as a natural sleep aid. Studies have found that taking a cup of valerian root tea at the end of the day can help reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, as well as improve the quality of sleep.

Other than that, valerian root may have the ability to reduce stress, curb anxiety, and improve a person’s mood. Long-term effects of valerian root intake may include reduced risk of heart disease, delayed signs of skin aging, and prevention of cognitive diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Taking Valerian Root and Kratom Together

Although valerian root isn’t a potentiator for kratom, the similar effects that it has with red vein kratom might make you experience slightly more profound effects when you take them together. For context, red vein kratom is popular for its soothing, relaxing, and sedative effects that calm the body and reduce discomfort.

Because these benefits closely resemble those of valerian root, it’s no surprise that many have tried mixing kratom and valerian. According to their anecdotal reports, you can expect the following effects by taking valerian root and red vein kratom at the same time:

image of taking valerian root and kratom together

  • Full body calm
  • Relaxed mood
  • Mental clarity
  • Reduced physical discomfort
  • Slowed breathing
  • Uninterrupted sleep

When taking valerian root with red vein kratom, be wary of your doses. These two substances strengthen each other’s effects, so you might feel the same benefits of kratom but to a higher, more profound extent.

With that in mind, you should be careful to dial down your dose if you plan to take your red vein with valerian. This should prevent you from experiencing overwhelming effects that might be a little too strong for comfort.

And while you can take it with white or green vein kratom, it’s worth mentioning that these varieties of kratom might have completely opposite effects. So, they might end up canceling each other out. Instead, kratom users find that valerian root can help taper down the effects of whites and greens.

That said, if you take some white vein kratom and feel like the effects are sticking around too long, or if it’s time to get to bed and the chemistry hasn’t worn off just yet, then taking a dose of valerian root might be helpful.

Is It Safe to Take Kratom with Valerian Root?

The anecdotal reports to support the benefits and safety of this combination are pretty substantial. But then again, everyone responds differently to kratom and other nutritional supplements. Ask your physician before taking any combination of herbs to add to your health and wellness regimen.

If you intend to take kratom and valerian root together, go for a trial dose before you actually start the practice. Take a minimal dose of kratom with the smallest starting dose for valerian root and see how your body responds. Gradually increase doses as you get a feel of your tolerance, and stop taking the two substances together if and when you experience any negative effects.

Expanding Your Kratom Horizons

image of kratom mix with valerian

Bored with the usual kratom selection? Maybe it’s time to try mixing kratom and valerian. The roots of valerian can help enhance the benefits of your next kratom dose, amplifying the relaxation and clarity that the herb provides. But be careful! It might not be for everyone. Carefully measure out your doses and make a note of your body’s response. Then, adjust your use depending on how your system reacts to the brand-new combination.

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