What Is Gold Kratom?

What Is Gold Kratom?

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The kratom industry is growing so fast that it can be challenging to stay up-to-date on new products. Case and point: There’s a ton of speculation over what “gold kratom” means.

While gold kratom powders aren’t as diffuse as red, white, or green-vein strains, they have been making the rounds in headshops and on kratom websites. Understandably, as gold kratom becomes more available, customers have many questions about what distinguishes it from the competition.

If you’re on the fence about giving gold vein kratom a try, please be sure you know what you’re getting into.

What is gold kratom?

There’s no accepted definition for “gold kratom” in the global industry. However, most reports suggest gold kratom strains are a blend of at least two kratom varieties. Some people also say that the “gold” in gold kratom refers to a unique sun-drying technique used in Southeast Asia. Allegedly, the extra time gold kratom spends in the sun produces a distinctive “goldish” hue. Also, some claim gold kratom is naturally higher in the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine than mitragynine.

Unfortunately, confirming any of these claims about gold kratom powder is hard. At this point, most people only agree that gold kratom contains a mix of various kratom strains, similar to Trainwreck kratom.

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A quick note on Bali Gold kratom

Bali Gold kratom has the most prominent reputation among all the gold kratom powders. Unsurprisingly, Bali Gold kratom seems to offer many of the effects associated with red-vein Bali powder. Since gold kratom is still a delicacy in many regions, those who find this variety will likely have the easiest time ordering Bali Gold.

What is gold kratom used for?

Gold strains like Bali Gold kratom are used for all the same reasons as other kratom strains (i.e., relaxation). Specifically, many people treat Gold Bali kratom as another form of red-vein kratom. Many assume stock Gold Bali kratom has high 7-hydroxymitragynine content, which may give it relaxing properties. People often use gold kratom to help bring on sleep.

How does gold kratom differ from other kratom strains?

A quick scan of kratom forums will show there are still questions about how gold kratom differs from other kratom varieties. However, enough anecdotal reports suggest gold kratom has distinct properties compared to more traditional strains.

Potential effects and benefits of gold kratom

It’s difficult to say whether gold kratom has “benefits” over other kratom strains. Most people believe gold kratom is a mix of primarily red-vein varieties, meaning it has a considerable amount of 7-hydroxymitragynine. This may account for gold kratom’s strong association with relaxation and sedation. It’s rare to hear of people using gold kratom early in the day for an energy boost.

Gold kratom’s potential side effects

Compared with other kratom strains, gold kratom doesn’t appear to have many distinctive side effects. However, since gold kratom is a blend of various kratom strains, it may have more intense effects than standard kratom powders.

Also, if it’s true that gold kratom has higher than average 7-hydroxymitragynine levels, it may have a greater risk for adverse reactions at lower doses. These side effects will likely include the same reactions associated with other kratom products, including headaches, nausea, and digestive upset.

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Gold kratom consumption methods

Since gold kratom isn’t as common as other kratom strains, it’s more difficult to find it in various formats. Currently, most of the gold kratom on the market is either in powder or capsule form. You probably won’t see gold kratom as a tincture, resin, or tea until it grows in popularity. At this time, you’ll most likely swallow gold kratom using methods like “toss-and-wash” or “mix-and-wash.”

The average price of gold kratom

Gold kratom products tend to be more expensive than standalone kratom strains. Gold kratom is more scarce than other cultivars and may require additional drying and curing. Plus, gold kratom is a combination of multiple kratom varieties, which tends to drive up its average price.

A few major types of gold kratom

In kratom circles, “gold” doesn’t refer to just one strain. Instead, gold is a category that includes many kratom blends. Although dozens of kratom hybrids now use the “gold” name, a few mixes have already become dominant forces in the industry.

Bali Gold kratom

As mentioned above, Bali Gold kratom is the most widely accessible version of gold kratom. As the name highlights, Gold Bali kratom has traces of the famous Indonesian cultivar Bali. In most cases, this gold kratom variant has heavy amounts of red-vein Bali, which means it tends to have relaxing and sedating qualities.

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Yellow Gold kratom

Yellow kratom is another curious variety of kratom powder steadily entering the Western market. Like gold kratom, most assume yellow kratom strains are a mix of various kratom varieties. However, this product’s brighter “yellow” hue suggests there may be a higher percentage of white-vein kratom strains. The greater concentration of white kratom strains helps explain why Yellow Gold kratom tends to produce stimulating effects. Those most interested in daytime kratom strains should focus on Yellow Gold powders.

Final thoughts on gold kratom

Gold kratom is an exciting strain that may offer unique benefits. However, since gold kratom is new, customers need to pay extra attention to third-party lab results. There’s still no standardization on the blend of kratom strains that “should” go into gold kratom powders. Every kratom manufacturer could use different percentages of kratom cultivars in their gold formulas. The only way to know what’s in a gold kratom capsule or powder is to review transparent Certificates of Analysis associated with your products.

New Dawn Kratom strives to be the most transparent kratom vendor in the USA. Our team always ships kratom powders that pass rigorous tests for purity. You can find more information on our lab screening protocols for each kratom strain in our online shop.

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