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"WOW!" After many vendors! I found New Dawn! Great Kratom! Great prices!! And Tested!! Will order Again!! And love the % off!! Thanks New Dawn!!
Charles W.Genarie Sr. - avatar Charles W.Genarie Sr.

One of my "go tos". I like to blend it 50/50 with Red Malay. Definitely add this to your rotation.

As others have pointed out, New Dawn is now my favorite vendor for high quality and great prices.
Marshall Hewitt - avatar Marshall Hewitt

Vladimir thank you for your great prices and this fire Red MD! My new favorite strain!!
Emily - avatar Emily

Ok, I just received the NDK white maeng da actually two days earlier than the projected due date. I must say, as I type this and feel the Kratom surge kick in, that this is hands down, primo grade, shot out from a cannon mitragyna speciosa. What a difference from the green maenga da I was getting from a different vendor. I’m sold on New Dawn. Great product.
Moonjax - avatar Moonjax

I have been buying from New Dawn for a few months since I first discovered them online. I am so in love! The quality and quantity of the kratom is the best! I won't be shopping anywhere else. White Maeng Da has never been a favorite of mine (I have been sticking to greens for a while before this) but I decided to give this one a try and I love it! Worth every penny and it lasts me longer than usual!
Bckyreynlds - avatar Bckyreynlds

This a solid pick. It’s mellow and the onset is slow. Very satisfying. I received this about April 22. I’ve been enjoying it with the other strains that I got in that order.
Cali - avatar Cali

This for me was how a Red Hulu should be like . Excellent Company Fast Shipping my New go to for everything company . I had three strains and All 3 were excellent
Ticia - avatar Ticia

How a Red Bali should be ..New dawn is Amazing
Ticia - avatar Ticia

I was pleased with my old vendor spending almost $150 a kilo. I dont have much to spend so I was hesitant to even try a new vendor but OMG am I glad I did! I tried the GMD after I received it today and it's so much better than the more expensive vendor I've used. Strong and definitely worth the awesome price and more!
Hollie Klumpp - avatar Hollie Klumpp

I've really fallen for Red Bali and the brain buzz that goes along with it. It quit working and I've been bummed trying all kinds of strains from different vendors with no avail. This DEFINITELY did the trick at a pretty low dose. Very very pleased and you can't beat the price!
Hollie Klumpp - avatar Hollie Klumpp

I come across this website by browsing through another website .I have been having no luck with finding any good daytime strains in past few months despite all the mixed reviews I tried this Company and All I have to say is WOW’ this is my New Favorite Company the strain I chose WMD is my new favorite day .Excellent and Also not to mention Shipping was super Fast and Price is totally Unbeatable..I still have two other strains so I will update on those another moment ..Thank you New Dawn I really Appreciate you Thanks Again!!
Ticia - avatar Ticia

Very decent indeed! Excited to have found this vendor.
Matt Smith - avatar Matt Smith

I've tried four of the red strains...all very good. The Red Bali and Red Maeng Da strains are two of my favorites and New Dawn Kratom has some of the most best kratom I have ever bought. I thought the Reddit forum was hyping it up...but nope, it definitely packs a punch. I will definitely be ordering more and I'm hoping the quality stays consistent. My package got here in 2 days...awesome job New Dawn!
jc184980 - avatar jc184980

Great sense of well being! Mix with red Bali for an incredible experience
Cali - avatar Cali

Just ordered and received my order of 500mg of White MD, all I can say is AWESOME!!!!!!
Christopher S Gribble - avatar Christopher S Gribble

Wasn’t sure if I’d like this hadn’t tested a green Malay in years. This is actually a very good strain. Highly Recommend .
Calvin - avatar Calvin

An excellent strain thank you new dawn kratom. By that I mean a powerhouse !
Calvin - avatar Calvin

Green Borneo from new dawn kratom was a very good experience. Great price !!
Calvin - avatar Calvin

I have to say that the white horn that I bought from new dawn kratom has been a good experience. Very good price.
Calvin - avatar Calvin

This a magnificent red. Def. 5 stars. Great kratom from a great company !
Calvin - avatar Calvin

Great kratom strain.
Calvin - avatar Calvin

Very strong strain.
Calvin - avatar Calvin

I just received my order yesterday from the post office of RMD and I was very excited to try it. I have ordered several different strains from this company and I’ve been very satisfied every time. But this one just doesn’t hit me quite as good as the other strains I've tried from NDK.
Calvin - avatar Calvin

I have purchase seven different strains from New Dawn Kratom and it's just amazing quality and i've tried red borneo yesterday and it's just excellent. I hope NDK always maintains the quality because it's just excellent vendor and i'll be ordering only through NDK from now on. The prices are the best and most important is the kratom is of the best quality.
joejoe4350 - avatar joejoe4350

Very good red strain
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

This is one of my favorites. Great way to relax, but stay focused after a long day of work. SOLID potency.
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

I never liked Red Hulu from other vendors I've tried, so I was pleasantly surprised by how strong this is. I am here to buy more. very clean. Highly recommend!
Tammy - avatar Tammy

This is such a great quality of this strain and i have tried multiple vendors for red Bali and this is my go to vendor for red bali now. Thank you New Dawn
joejoe4350 - avatar joejoe4350

I got the pick 3 250 bags one is green melay second is red Bali and last is white borneo which 3 250 bags of kratom for 50 with free shipping is 5 outs 5 steal I only tasted the green melay and wow taste is pure warm glow 🌟 I like it ty you new dawn your guys are so inexpensive for the working class don't change 💪 💯Nick Yoder 10/10
nickyoder16 - avatar nickyoder16

I've been using "red bali" from a different brand for years. Not only is this vendor's red bali better, but it is also a LOT cheaper. I've tried New Dawn's "Red Maeng Da" and I instantly fell in love with it. This bali is extremely potent and very cheap. This makes this the best vendor for kratom that I've ever had the pleasure of using. NewDawn really goes out of their way with their amazing products.
Braxton Swack - avatar Braxton Swack

Best green horn I've ever gotten
Thomas - avatar Thomas

I have been buying my kratom online for over a year. I had a steady repeat order from Mitragia and while their kratom was good, it was insanely overpriced. So I looked online and I checked reviews and gave New Dawn a shot. We ordered a Kilo from them of White Maeng da and I had to come back to review. HANDS DOWN BEST KRATOM IVE EVER HAD!! I just ordered my 2nd Kilo. This is my one and only go to Kratom shop from here out!
Amy Mascorro - avatar Amy Mascorro

Very Strong. Competes with White Maeng Da.
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

I have tried 2 products from this company so far and both were superb quality and I have not found a lower price yet!
Barto - avatar Barto

Good stuff
Tyler - avatar Tyler

This one of the smoothest I have ever tried.
MJ - avatar MJ

I could never find any strain that really knocked my socks off but this one did. Wowee. It is totally a game changer for me. Excellent!! I have found my favorite finally.
Susan - avatar Susan

One of the best strains I've ever bought. Better than anyone else, way better!
John B Fulton - avatar John B Fulton

New Dawn went 'over the top', both in terms of customer awareness AND product quality. I ordered a total of 3 split kilos so I have six selections in my Kratom Pantry to mix/match. They are all excellent, although I personally am not a fan of the Super Green Malay so it only got a '4'. The White Borneo is an awesome addition to any cupboard and earned a '5'.

Here is Truth Apparent: You will be delighted with New Dawn's products. Please notice many of the reviews absolutely rave about New Dawn Kratom and it is hard to believe you get the best there is at such a low cost. The reviews are all real, the product, pricing, and customer service is really that good. Please also notice that New Dawn Kratom very recently removed the portions of the product descriptions (as well as customer reviews) that related to "descriptions of effects". That demonstrates New Dawn's commitment to following all the rules and so should we all.
Andrew - avatar Andrew

I had repeated bad luck with 'reds' early-on so I hesitated to try again. But, I was delighted with my other recent New Dawn orders of greens and whites so it made perfect sense to try again, especially at the awesome price-point. I am so glad I did, the RMD is spell-binding. Imagine enjoying Kratom for years and finally running across a really good 'red' that has all the expected characteristics. New Dawn delivered a New World, thank you!
Andrew - avatar Andrew

5/5 EASY. These guys not only have the fastest customer support reply time I've ever had but they even got it to me within 4-5 days of me ordering and including over a WEEKEND. They ship so fast and reply to your emails so fast it would be unfair to not give them 5/5 stars. As far as the quality goes, it's miles ahead of any other brand I've tried in the past. I will never order from another vendor other than "Newdawn" again. If you're feeling skeptical about the price, don't. The product and people that work here are literally PERFECT. I've never had a better kratom experience.
Braxton Swack - avatar Braxton Swack

I've had a hard time finding anything good ordering online, and the stuff at the store just wasn't doing anything for me anymore. The Maeng Da is excellent and a favorite in my order. Its potent and gets the job done. I will definitely be re-ordering this again.
Matt - avatar Matt

Some of the best Kratom I’ve ever received from any vendor. A+++
Brandon - avatar Brandon

I would agree with Arthur, this strain has worked the best for me so far although I haven't tried the famous "red maeng da" yet. I never ordered red bali simply because I heard it was for beginners. I definitely will order again.
Tyler - avatar Tyler

Good strain and a close second to super green malay.
Tyler - avatar Tyler

I am very impressed by this strain.
Tyler - avatar Tyler

Definitely a great strain for beginners and moderate users. It is a very smooth buzz and seems to have pretty long legs as far as duration goes.
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

VERY SOLID! It competes with Red Maeng Da easily, and I think might be a tad more potent. I also feel more energetic with the Red Thai in comparison.
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

The Super Green Malay is excellent, dark green. I purchased two different 'split' kilos. IMO the Green MD, Green Vietnam, and White MD were even more excellent. Based upon my limited testing so far, the Super Green has plenty of power but is somewhat one-dimensional compared to the others. That may be due to the special processing. I experienced the same thing with a Gold Bali purchased elsewhere a year ago that was similarly cured. I found it mixed well. I will be ordering a split of 'reds' this week to round out my selection and facilitate creative mixing. New Dawn Kratom product is as good as it gets!
Andrew - avatar Andrew

Best Kratom vendor I’ve ever bought from. I was getting remarkable herbs Kratom from smoke shops prior to this and I’ll never go back. This is the Most consistent Kratom I’ve ever found but excited to try other red strains from here.
Scott - avatar Scott
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