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I was skeptical at first cause of the price. It's not just a good price its the best prices I have ever seen. I paid $101 for a 455g bag of Bali kratom powder from another popular online vendor.

I paid $39 for 500g (half a kilo) of red bali here. I expected it to be bunk kratom or simply not even show up. I assumed all the reviews I saw were just paid reviewers or something. But no. They are legit

Payment with bitcoin was super easy. Just scanned the QR code from my wallet and it went through fast and easy. After the order I realised I ordered the gold Bali so I emailed Support and asked if I could switch to the red Bali. Within a minute the owner Vlad had e-mailed me back with a new receipt for the red Bali. Just like that. He replied so fast that I thought it was an automated reply at first.

In a few days the kratom was in my mailbox in California. Packaged great. Link to lab results on the bag.
And the quality was top notch. I immediately noticed the fresh smell. The product is amazing.

I still can't believe I got it for such a price.
If you are skeptical and reading this review, don't hesitate to make an order. Trust me you will not regret it.

New Dawn is now my new main Kratom vendor.
You can search around for hours but you absolutely won't find better prices and support than here.
chrlsmor89 - avatar chrlsmor89

After trying a few of the white strains, this one is my favorite! Very fast shipping. I will definitely keep purchasing this one. So happy I found NDK.
Kristina - avatar Kristina

I have to leave another review. Threw in an order on Monday LAST MINUTE, and Vlad was a champion and got it mailed within an hour of corresponding. Just received it today on Thursday. You seriously won't beat that service, and i already know the product is SOLID.
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

I’ve been buying kratom for over a year. For the past year I’ve been getting my kratom from another online merchant. Which I loved but I wanted to try out a new company. I stumbled across new dawn and decided to order 3 bags of 250 grams each. Red, white and green. Just for my order from them yesterday and let me say. Shipping was super fast. I will definitely be ordering from new dawn from here on out. Thankful for company’s like them that don’t sky rocket the prices like other vendors. Very affordable
penwellj007 - avatar penwellj007

NDK is hands down the best online vendor to purchase from. Communication is key to everything in life and NDK goes above and beyond to make sure you feel comfortable and confident you make the right purchase. I was blown away with the price and quality of Red Maeng Da and I guarantee I speak for anyone who has tried this batch from NDK that they can confirm my statements. You can add another faithful customer to your list, along with the family and friends I have brought on. Thanks NDK!
Chris Zamora - avatar Chris Zamora

Really impressed with NDK. An easy to navigate website, excellent products, service and value make it a pleasure to advocate for these guys. As an experienced Kratom buyer I would without hesitation give NDK a 5 star review as a total package.
Thanks NDK!!!
djemo81 - avatar djemo81

It took me about two months of experimenting with different vendors and strains. I was beginning to think Kratom wasn't a right fit for me until I ordered the Red Maeng Da from NDK. I was also a little skeptical at first due to the low cost compared to other sites. I can say I’m very pleased with this this vendor and strain, this is definitely my new go to company! Thanks NDK
JS - avatar JS

Just recieved my order in record time I’ve ordered a lot from NDK and always super good kratom also fast customer service and very nice anyone reading this take my word for it and try can’t get any better A++++++++
charlesfrye40 - avatar charlesfrye40

Really impressed with NDK!
djemo81 - avatar djemo81

Excellent product and service. The GMD was like great fuel for the tasks of the day!
djemo81 - avatar djemo81

Very good kratom for very good price , if the prices stay this good you bet I'll be back and be a customer for life !
David Hendricks - avatar David Hendricks

I loved my last RMD! Thanks everyone at New Dawn, it's really been helping me. I don't feel like laying in bed, I actually get stuff done. Ordering again soon. As always thanks Vladimir!
Emily - avatar Emily

I tried White MD first from hearing so many great things and I liked it so I decided to try something different this time and ordered White Thai and I love it! Will definitely buy this again. Super fast shipping as well.
Kristina - avatar Kristina

This white maeng da is good stuff.
Mckratom - avatar Mckratom

Love this vendor, another great quality strain. The prices on this site are out of this world. I’ve tried six different strains already without hurting my budget. Good job
Mckratom - avatar Mckratom

New Dawn is hands down to best vendor to buy Kratom from. The wide variety of strains is also amazing. This red maeng da is very good. Thank You New Dawn
Mckratom - avatar Mckratom

This is one of my favorites. Perfect for winding down after work.
Arthur Stair - avatar Arthur Stair

Great white strain. This was my first white vein I tried. You should give it a try too. I have had good results with all the ndk powders and the shipping is fast
Rick - avatar Rick

This is an excellent strain. It has become one of my favorites. I have tried the green strain and it is good as well but I like this a bit better
Rick - avatar Rick

Great Kratom. Nice color. New Dawn Kratom is awesome
jarekgonzalez12 - avatar jarekgonzalez12

Once again Newdawnkratom works magic. I placed this order on Friday, and received it on Tuesday morning. I’m familiar with the Red Bali and Green Malay that comes in this sample pack but not the White Borneo. I opened up each pack and had the freshest scent, and texture greet me with each pack. This is the best company hands down for stocking up, quality and freshness. With lab results stuffed into the QR code on each product to ensure quality assurance. I will be a returning customer and will refer anyone looking for a quality Kratom supplier. If you haven’t, or are speculating the truth when it comes to reviews, look no further, this website/company really delivers. Customer service is also above and beyond. Thank you NewDawnKratom.
YoungByrdFlock - avatar YoungByrdFlock

Love white veins. First time trying thai. My main vender to buy kratom!
Brittany Agenjo - avatar Brittany Agenjo

Probably the strongest Kratom I ever had. Extremely effective for things you might want a 'red' for. Be careful with this one.
Andrew - avatar Andrew

The best white I’ve tryed to date,fresh and always great customer service. If you read this understand NDK saves you money and quality is better than most…..
charlesfrye40 - avatar charlesfrye40

This stuff is rocket fuel. The White MD is really good but the White Thai is more energetic.
Andrew - avatar Andrew

OMG. The aroma of the Red Hulu is enchanting. If you are wondering which one to get first, this is it.
Andrew - avatar Andrew

Amazing potency. Not to mention the customer service is unmatched ! :)
Cisco - avatar Cisco

I have to say threw the years of testing this product ndk is by far the best vendor out there I am really pleased by everything shipping and product..amazing thanks alot
michaelmeadows017 - avatar michaelmeadows017

Good Quality Kratom. One will get their bang for their buck & then some for the nice deals of New Dawn. Took about 3 days Shipping from Colorado to North Carolina
Michael H. Grose - avatar Michael H. Grose

I'm a long time customer.
This is the best quality I've found.
🙌 Great company.
Shane - avatar Shane

For me, this is the best true red I have found. Very potent and relaxing. If you have trouble sleeping try this one!
Zenmaster - avatar Zenmaster

I found this to be a “slow” kratom, comparable to a good red. I use this at the end of my day to wind down and relax. Very potent and definitely a little different from anything else.
Zenmaster - avatar Zenmaster

So I came from a “(high class brand)” that so many people raved about. I spent hundreds and hundreds just for the owner to treat me like trash when anything would go wrong and when the new payments was hard to figure out she was even ruder to me. I didn’t know there were other brands out there until I got so fed up with the previous brand.

Red bali is by far the best for me with my problems. This brand is high quality!! I’m so blown away at how much I was missing out on. Compared to the other brand I used, I can’t believe I gave them my time,money and loyalty.

This brand has amazing prices, amazing quality and it lasted sooooo much longer. It was almost triple lasting than the previous. I’m so glad I found this company and I don’t plan to ever leave it. I also felt they gave so much more for an amazing price compared to competitors.

When I found an issue with the new payment system I emailed this company and he was so kind and helpful trying everything they could to help me figure it out. That right there is someone that cares about the customers. My issue lasted a few days and not once was he rude to me. I’ll be recommending the heck out of this brand!!!

Thank you for your kindness and quality of this company
Kay - avatar Kay

Top quality kratom, the best I've ever tried, bar none. Whatever it is you are looking to get out of kratom, New Dawn's products will always do the trick. Their customer service is extremely responsive and friendly as well. I would recommend New Dawn to anyone interested in kratom. High quality at low prices.
Hayden Thomas - avatar Hayden Thomas

Amazing product. Amazing customer service, Super Green Malay is wonderful. Very fresh smell to this Kratom. Do yourself a favor, and grab some of this wonderful strain.
YoungByrdFlock - avatar YoungByrdFlock

This has been a blessing. Thank you for producing a fine product.
jfaonly - avatar jfaonly

Have always avoided WMD, for the most part, bc I was concerned of what they talk about with this strain, and was worried it would cause anxiety, like the type of anxiety from too much coffee or stimulants. I have tried ab 10 strains from New Dawn, of all colors/strains, I usually mix a few into a tea. After months I have realized WMD and a touch or Super Green are EXACTLY what I was looking for. Smooth come up, lasts a decent while, and totally no side effects. I feel like what I read RED strains provide. I’ve come to realize the colors don’t matter as much as I once thought. If I could only have one strain forever it would be NewDawn WMD. No question!! Customer for life, or unless the quality drops.
Chad - avatar Chad

Good Kratom, very mellow.
Daniel - avatar Daniel

I recently purchased red, white and green Maeng Da from New Dawn. I’ve never tried any other brands, so I don’t have any horror stories to compare them to, but I have to say I’m really pleased with the quality, effects, price, and the fast, free shipping. I wish I knew about kratom years ago, and can honestly say that I can give New Dawn my highest recommendation. Place your order!
DJS - avatar DJS

My first kratom purchase was Red Hulu and White Sumatran from New Dawn. I bought the capsules because it’s easy to calculate a dose, and there’s no taste. (Maybe I’ll just buy the bulk powder someday.) They were shipped right away, and even during all this Covid nonsense I received the shipment in about 3 days. I’m very pleased with the results, and have already ordered red, white, and green Maeng Da to have a little variety. New Dawn has good products, fair prices, and fast (or even free) shipping. Highly recommended. Place that order!
DJS - avatar DJS

My 3rd kilo from new dawn. Came in 5 days across the country. My first time trying bali. NEVER disappoints. First 2 were maeng da. I prefer this bali. For the price, you can never go wrong with new dawn kratom. The Quality is as good as anything you can find out there.
Karen Paynter - avatar Karen Paynter

Best kratom,best service you guys are awsome thank you.will shop again you can’t go wrong with NDK quality is good,and support is fast always good peaple
Charles F - avatar Charles F

Great stuff, very potent. Also the shipping was on point, it got to my house in like 3 days after I placed my order. All around happy with my purchase. The strain is fire! Thank you NDK!!
Caleb Wahlstrom - avatar Caleb Wahlstrom

Just another strain that is awsome at NDK goid quility super fast support...Thank you
charlesfrye40 - avatar charlesfrye40

Back again for another restock: 250gs of Super Green Malay, White Thai, Yellow Vietnam and Red Maeng Da. Was able to restock within a few days without any worry of running out. Still have yet to find a strain that "doesn't work", and the consistency here makes it so easy to find your go to strains. For anyone still hesitant, give NDK a shot ASAP.
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

Back again for another restock: 250gs of Super Green Malay, White Thai, Yellow Vietnam and Red Maeng Da. Was able to restock within a few days without any worry of running out. Still have yet to find a strain that "doesn't work", and the consistency here makes it so easy to find your go to strains. For anyone still hesitant, give NDK a shot ASAP.
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

Back again for another restock: 250gs of Super Green Malay, White Thai, Yellow Vietnam and Red Maeng Da. Was able to restock within a few days without any worry of running out. Still have yet to find a strain that "doesn't work", and the consistency here makes it so easy to find your go to strains. For anyone still hesitant, give NDK a shot ASAP.
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

Back again for another restock: 250gs of Super Green Malay, White Thai, Yellow Vietnam and Red Maeng Da. Was able to restock within a few days without any worry of running out. Still have yet to find a strain that "doesn't work", and the consistency here makes it so easy to find your go to strains. For anyone still hesitant, give NDK a shot ASAP.
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

First of all, amazing price! You can't beat it. Super fast shipping! The quality is up there with some of the best, New Dawn's Bali is my new favorite!
Del - avatar Del

Arrived 2 days early. Not as potent as the Red Borneo I had from another vendor but I think that's to be expected. Eases the mind and, as another reviewer put it, does provide a nice clarity. I'm new to kratom and took a higher dose and still felt fine, but I feel like this works better if taken in smaller amounts unless you have a high tolerance. Smooth buzz with no slight feelings of headaches or nausea like I got from the Red Borneo (from another vendor). Duration seems to be short to medium. Seems like a good every day blend if that's what you're after. It's hard to beat these prices.

May try one of the Horn or Maeng Da blends next.
joshua.draulius - avatar joshua.draulius
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