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The Red MD is str8 fire right now. If you’re new to kratom this stuff is going to have you feeling very, very elated and you’ll barely have to take more than a gram. If you’re a veteran like me don’t be fooled by the insanely low prices… New Dawn Kratom has the potential to be Top Tier. Not always, but their prices are unbeatable. I’ve wasted hundreds, thousands on HH & others getting complete garbage that I throw away. $20 a pop for 250 grams even if it doesn’t work, no legit company comes close to New Dawn’s prices. Ordered on Friday received on Monday, but all I care about is the quality, I give this a Solid 8.5-9/10
Drew - avatar Drew

Very impressed with Red Horn and the amazing communication and responsiveness I've had with NDK. Cost aside (it's the best), this is as good if not better than any other store I've purchased from.
Mike - avatar Mike

Love NDK my dad orders from here & I have tried 7 different kinds in the powder I have loved them all just order 2 more bags of something different delivery is really fast & the kratom is good quality plus very excellent prices.
sparkx48 - avatar sparkx48

Hands down my new favorite Kratom! I've tried a lot of different vendors but New dawn has the best quality and best prices!!
Nikki C. - avatar Nikki C.

everything from here is good
gamemstr2001 - avatar gamemstr2001

Been buying from NDK for over a year now. His stock just keeps getting better. Amazing customer support, amazing Kratom!

This white Thai is one of the strongest batches I have ever tried! NDK does it again. Buy this strain and you will not be disappointed!
Russell Giesler - avatar Russell Giesler

Great product, great customer service!
JakeB - avatar JakeB

Great customer service! Beautiful strain. Thanks NDK!
JakeB - avatar JakeB

First off, New Dawn is the absolute best company in terms of quality, prices, and shipping speed. I have tried many companies over a five year period, and New Dawn is THE BEST.
White Borneo is a strain I will purchase again. I highly recommend this White strain. A+
Daniel - avatar Daniel

Love this strain. 5/5
Kitty - avatar Kitty

I don't have a review; I have a question...."what does the yellow strain compare to?" Does its drying process come after the red strain?
Mark R. Drinkwater - avatar Mark R. Drinkwater

Great stuff! I tried NDK after trying a different vendor, and I can confirm they do have some quality here! The green maeng da is good and fresh. Unrelated note, but I must say the packaging is nice and visually pleasing. Thank you all for creating an ethical business that ensures the quality of its products!
Ian - avatar Ian

👍😊. Just got my 1st new dawn bag yday. Had to try cause read so many great reviews. 100% satified. Great in every aspect. The most clean fresh white md lve found by far. This is a vendor who actually cares that their consumer gets quality kratom. No bull**** adulterated ****. New dawn is as good as it gets. No additives. Tested. Fresh. They are def my new vendor. So glad l found and tried them. Been dealing with weak bs kratom for a couple months. Wish lve found them sooner. Been on the search for quality kratom for awhile. Finally found it. New dawn. Highly recommended if youre a professional kratom buyer that knows the diff
Chris - avatar Chris

Like I said in order. NDK has the most premium kratom that always hits. Especially this batch. This SGM batch is by far the best I've had this time around. A good go to to switch up from other green strains like maenga da. Thanks again NDK!
bblrichard87 - avatar bblrichard87

I like the white Thai. Definitely a strong white strain. For anyone on the fence about trying new Dawn, do yourself a favor and do it. You can’t beat the price, shipping is super fast and customer service is awesome. I’ve been buying kratom for a decade and have ordered from all the top vendors if you do a google search and none of them compare to new Dawn. I’ve been ordering from here since September 2021 and I won’t order from anyone else. These guys are the best hands down! Get yours today!
John - avatar John

Super helpful!
Brian - avatar Brian

Great capsules from a great company. Better quality than the capsules I was paying 5x for at Freaky's smoke shop. Shipping was fast and communication was excellent. If you're on the fence, you have nothing to worry about. This company is a hidden gem with A+ customer service.
Josh - avatar Josh

I have been ordering from NDK for just short of a year and have always bought the green maeng da but after I bought some red last order with my green, I think I prefer the red.
You receive fast delivery, very nice customer service with Vladamir when needed and the product is wonderful. I left another vendor for this one and I have not looked back. Thanks for the great friendly, fast service.
greengrasshopper - avatar greengrasshopper

I've been buying the red Thai strain for around 3 years. I just placed an order and included Maeng Da this time to compare. I've never had to contact customer service simply because there's never been a reason to, EXCELLENT SERVICE! The prices from NDK are the best, as I used Kratom Spot for a long time and they were pretty much over double the price! NDK IS DEFINITELY A WINNER
daboyz.5 - avatar daboyz.5

Don't let the low price fool you. I've tried many other companies and New Dawn was the best so far. They have provided this product to me at 1/2 the price I paid other vendors.
Kevin Dickson - avatar Kevin Dickson

Such an amazing Kratom strain. Before I stuck only to Green Vein , then that was followed by white , but Red Vein is my absolute go to. My only complaint is that I didn’t find this vendor sooner because I would of saved so much money!!!. You cannot get 500 capsules for 39.99 anywhere else, plus the quality is amazing!!. I’m so grateful to of found an amazing company to buy from.
jlorenzo707 - avatar jlorenzo707

I ordered this sample pack I didn't read that it came with certain strains reigns in my notes I requested 3 completely different strains I apologized for this as for this when I received my sample pack in the mail It had the strains that I had requested now that's customer service I love NDK and I will not order from any other vendor thank you so much
Dana Shoemaker - avatar Dana Shoemaker

New Dawn is amazing I have placed 3 orders with them and received my order in 3 days.The kratom is very high quality and the customer service is the best.Thank you
Dana Shoemaker - avatar Dana Shoemaker

all strains i recived were great and fresh, love the kratom! hoping to see some new strains on newdawn soon like some red sumatra would be nice, the red i got is pretty close and im enjoying that atm
ryan - avatar ryan

this one is nice like a good red vein should be . very relaxed about buying this red kali
ryan - avatar ryan

New dawn is my #1 go to for kratom good prices and even better quality 9 out of 10 I would definitely recommend, oh and the shipping time is amazing I usually get my order in 3 to 4 days.
Kyle - avatar Kyle

Solid and good consistency. This latest batch is the real deal. Works well! Might be my new favorite besides Green Vietnam.
Joshua - avatar Joshua

Definitely a fan of this and white maeng da.
Brian - avatar Brian

I really enjoyed this strain . it was ALOT more fresh than other vendors i tried last year. im switching to new dawn , hopefully they stick around for a long time. hoping that they can get Y.Indo sooner rather than never
demers2021 - avatar demers2021

This is a good strain. I enjoyed blending with other strains like white sumatra
demers2021 - avatar demers2021

this strain is really good, unfortunatly i ran out but when i did have it , i enjoyed it very much
demers2021 - avatar demers2021

Cant say enough good about NDK, just purchased the red maeng da and green Borneo, the red maeng da is great!
Brandon McCormick - avatar Brandon McCormick

Ok so I ordered my product Monday 1/3/22 and received it the very next day so delivery is unreal! I bought the green horn and it’s a very good strain. I just tried mixing it with Red Bali. I will update this review if it knocks my socks off. I am not all that impressed yet with white MD or Red MD. Im going to try the green MD and green Vietnam soon from NDK. For now this is my vendor.
Teresalyn4 - avatar Teresalyn4

I placed my orders on Monday January 3, 2022. And received my orders the next day! January 4,2022! I haven’t had a chance to try out my kratom strains yet. I got 250 capsules each of Red Maeng Da and white Maeng Da and 250 grams of Green Horn powder and 250 grams of Red Bali powder. I will post my reviews soon.
Teresalyn4 - avatar Teresalyn4

Very good stuff. This is my favorite all of Vlad's varieties. Tried the red borneo, hulu, malay, horn and the yellow vietnam. This red maeng da is 🔥! Thanks Vlad!
Marc - avatar Marc

I was referred to gold Bali from a local head shop. Not NDK but I definitely trust those guys so I gave it a shot. I'm so glad I did. I usually take the gold every day with another strain. Nice and smooth. Getting ready to order 500 more caps. Keep up the awesome work NDK!!!!!
pitboss_nate - avatar pitboss_nate

I hadn't tried the Green Vietnam before and didn't know what to expect. I figured it might be good or it could be a dud. I decided to take the gamble and bought a 250 g bag, and was it ever good! I was very pleasantly surprised. All around excellent strain, I highly recommend it!
Diane - avatar Diane

I only order from New Dawn Kratom now. Their products and service are the best!
Wendy Gantt - avatar Wendy Gantt

My order was shipped very fast and was very cost-effective compared to purchasing sit in my local smoke shop. I subsequently am now trying yellow Vietnam and will write a review for that strain once I have tried it. I hope this review has helped,
Aaron - avatar Aaron

This was my first order from New Dawn. I was surprised at their low prices. The most reasonable I’ve ever seen for Kratom, and I’ve been buying Kratom for about 10 years. My order arrived 3 days later, during the Christmas holidays. I was very satisfied so far, and when I tried the product, I was blown away. Extremely high quality. Probably one of, if not THE, best Kratom I’ve bought.
Jim McDougle - avatar Jim McDougle

This is unbelievably good stuff!
awesomerobot123 - avatar awesomerobot123

Another winner from New Dawn. I ordered 500 grams of the latest batch that has tested out to 1.68 mitragynine. It’s great by itself, and will be a go-to component for some of the custom blends I’ll be mixing up.
djsgravely - avatar djsgravely

I have been a big fan of the Red Meng Da and the service from New Dawn Kratom has been absolutely wonderful! All of my questions were answered today by reading the descriptions of each variety. Thank You Vlad for the December discounts and also for running a FIVE STAR company!
edmclendon22 - avatar edmclendon22

My personal favorite strain. I've tried basically all the white and green strains and this is the best
Josh - avatar Josh

Good product. Would buy again.
Brian - avatar Brian

Best Kratom yet! Super intense, long lasting! Great shipping! Very fast! Will continue to order. Just placed my 2nd!
Robyn Ikemeier - avatar Robyn Ikemeier

Great service. Fast delivery. I don't need to even check out another vendor. Happy with new dawn.
Larry - avatar Larry

Have ordered this one several times. So much high quality kratom for a really cheap price.
Elias - avatar Elias

I have ordered Red Borneo twice before and New Dawn is now my go to vendor for my go to strain. Just ordered another 500g!

The price can’t be beat, they reply to emails very quickly and ordering is no hassle and free shipping over $50 is absolutely great!
Jim - avatar Jim

drake - avatar drake
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