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I really like this strain
Rashoon - avatar Rashoon

I order from NDK at least once to twice a month. The quality is always great and the price can't be beat. On this particular occasion, I accidently ordered my Kratom on the wrong computer, and it entered my old address. I e-mail Vladimir and told him the situation, and he promptly shipped me another batch free of charge! Now that is service. Why would anyone go anywhere else with these prices and quality + the service?
kyle bartoszewicz - avatar kyle bartoszewicz

Just got my first shipment from NDK and they are my new go to for kratom. Both the quality and the prices are fantastic. The shipping speed is also very good. I got 3 different strains and the white borneo was my favorite.
Nathan Horst - avatar Nathan Horst

Since people are leaving 3 star ratings for this without trying the product, i wanted to say that I LOVE this super white strain and I love New Dawn kratom in general. I've been buying Kratom for 6 years and this is the best product I've ever tried! The quality is amazing and the prices are great. thanks guys!
alex G - avatar alex G

Good work again, although would love to see a description of what the blend contains.
Mr. C - avatar Mr. C

Always same ' It's a Yes
Laticia - avatar Laticia

Title says it all ' Yes for me
Laticia - avatar Laticia

I just recently got into kratom a few weeks ago.

After, some late night researched. I stumbled on to NDK . I made my first order with them on Sunday for the red maeng daa and the white. I can’t thank NDK enough for the super quality of their products. I will leave another review for the white one too.

I then purchased 2 sampler packages from NDK 2 days ago. I emailed Vlad and explain to him I was new to kratom and if it would be ok if I can switch some of the orders around. He was super fast in replying back and yes, they take care of me. Thanks Vlad!!! And NDK Team!!!

Shipping was super fast made my 2nd order on Wednesday and got to me today Friday. 2 days!!!! I would not say it will be like that for all orders but I’m a bit close to where they operate.

Thank God for Kratom! And of course, I will be a life long customer as long as they keep having great customer service, unbeatable price, the high quality products.
Tomp - avatar Tomp

Same every time ....Five star all the way'
Laticia - avatar Laticia

I'll just leave a 5 star for a title match right here ..
Laticia - avatar Laticia

I got the super white capsules and they are great!!!
Jerry - avatar Jerry

Super Green Malay is one of the best greens I've ever had! Again, thanks to the people from NDK helping me. I've been here for a year now after trying many other companies for YEARS. I plan on staying right here.
Robert Segool - avatar Robert Segool

I am a huge fan of New Dawn. Quality kratom that's affordable. I can always count on these guys for fresh products. Bali is my favorite red.
Robert Segool - avatar Robert Segool

This is the absolute single best strain I have tried from New Dawn! Also their green MD and white MD are AMAZING AS WELL! Best examples of these specific strains I've ever gotten from anywhere in my 5 years of using kratom.
bigmoneybob54 - avatar bigmoneybob54

Fellow Redditors, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GET THE BEST KRATOM FOR THE $. PERIOD. I am a real person and have been buying from NDK for nearly a year now. I've NEVER HAD A BAD BATCH YET! This specific green maeng da is the best I've ever had from any other vendor. Their green MD, their white MD and Super green round out my top 3 from these guys. If you're on the fence, don't be! The owner aims to please as well.
bigmoneybob54 - avatar bigmoneybob54

was suprised how much i liked this strain . didnt know what to expect but its very well balanced
ryan - avatar ryan

This stuff is freaking amazing!
Leroux A CARR - avatar Leroux A CARR

My first review ever. Known about kratom for 20 years This is way better than the kratom from the #1 rated company and a third the price. New Dawn must have a great connection. Hope it keeps up.
Dan G - avatar Dan G

This was my first time purchasing from New Dawn Kratom and i must say this is great quality red. I tend to like a more fresh medium green color red vein and this is just that, must have been dried indoors and isnt fremented at all like some red ive recently gotten from other vendors. All in all id purchase this one again or another red strain, and would look forward to trying other colors in the future.
Nicholas - avatar Nicholas

I would not recommend this strain though, unless perhaps you are just looking for something new to add to your blend.
Morgan - avatar Morgan

Very good strain--best I've had from NDK so far. Very good. Solid choice.
Morgan - avatar Morgan

I got this as part of the 3x 250 red/green/white sample pack, and it blew the others out of the water. Great, highly recommended.
Morgan - avatar Morgan

It was decent, amazing price and fast shipping.
Morgan - avatar Morgan

Really happy with this white vein. I will be ordering again!
Frank S - avatar Frank S

I've been getting my kratom elsewhere. But I was forced to look for another place to get it. Last supplier had good kratom but getting to the point the shipping I paid for was taking longer and longer. Started looking around and thought I'd try here. Ill be ordering again. Great kratom, great shipping and saving me money over last supplier. Very happy, will be back . Thank you guys , keep up good work!!!!
williamskthziggy - avatar williamskthziggy

I ordered the Red Sumatra on Tuesday and got it Thursday and it's excellent so i'm ordering a larger bag. Thank you New Dawn
joejoe4350 - avatar joejoe4350

Red Sunda works more like a White variety, IMO. A++
Adam Krzeminski - avatar Adam Krzeminski

Very nice Red Vein. Quality is always amazing with these guys. I’m looking forward to the new strain descriptions and test results ! :)
Sco - avatar Sco

I really like this strain.
ryan - avatar ryan

So I've seen some complaints of no real address..who cares this is an amazing vendor with high quality kratom for a low/reasonable price..customer service is awesome and usually receive within 1-3 days...NDK in my opinion tops any other vendor...TY for caring about your customers
Dana Shoemaker - avatar Dana Shoemaker

How about we not rate low stars until we actually try the strain!!!!. Don’t understand the 4 star reviews when you haven’t even tried it yet
Angelo Henderson - avatar Angelo Henderson

My wife ordered a large bag of Green Maeng Da Kratom – 1200g Powder @ $79.00 and a smaller bag of Green Maeng Da Kratom – 250g Powder @ $19.00 on the afternoon of April 8th and on the afternoon of April 11th the package had arrived, so the shipping was surprisingly fast and it came packed very securely and professionally. The product has all the physical attributes of a good powdered kratom, that is, it’s very finely ground (a claimed 100 micron on the package), which is the finest ground I’ve ever tried, has a nice color and a pleasant aroma. I’m 100% pleased with the entire transaction and the product. We will definitely be return customers! Thank you, New Dawn!
Lyle D. Yates - avatar Lyle D. Yates

Oh Red Bali where have you been? I've tried Red Bali from so many other vendors and it's been garbage! I couldn't believe the price on this figured it had to be a joke and I was way wrong! I would highly recommend you to try this stop paying all those ridiculous prices that I have paid for years and get on this train!
RH - avatar RH

This is my absolute favorite white! This one is fire!! I wish I found this company in this white years ago I would have saved a ton of cash and been much more productive! This is my go-to staple!
RH - avatar RH

Any updates on lab like the last guy I am very interested Just by the name because I LOVE Super Green Malay! Any new info would be great! Thanks to my favorite Supplier, NDK!!
David P - avatar David P

I've been purchasing from NDK for close to a year now. After trying a handful of other competitors, I'm 100% staying with NDK. Their shipping is VERY fast and their Red Maeng Da is the absolute best out of every other company I've tried. Not to mention their prices blow every other competitor out of the water! I've actually spent a small fortune buying from two separate companies to just end up throwing their product in the trash. I ordered 250G of the Red Maeng Da on Friday April 1st and even with me ordering it while coming into the weekend of no deliveries on Sunday, my order still showed up early this afternoon on Tuesday April 5th and I'm clear across the country from NDK. So their product arriving all the way from Colorado to Michigan in just a few short days, this company is definitely on a roll and I love it.

See ya again next month, NDK!
Purplehaze7 - avatar Purplehaze7

Good strain. My first purchase from this vendor for me as well and have a red dragon on the way to try.
rickbag90 - avatar rickbag90

I have been Happy with all of your products. However of the green Malay is spot on. Time to start ordering the kilos.
Tanya - avatar Tanya

Very good quality! You cant beat the price and quality!
James Wrye - avatar James Wrye

Excellent price cannot be beat.
Estevan - avatar Estevan

Omg you guys got trainwreck thank you..NDK is the best there is no other vendor that's as good as these guys great customer service fast delivery excellent product I will continue to order thank you for being so amazing..customer for life
Dana Shoemaker - avatar Dana Shoemaker

The kratom is fresh. NDK will be my go to kratom vender for the price the quality is some of the best and I have been buying kratom for few years now thanks NDK.....
Joel dean - avatar Joel dean

Hello Daniel, I'm Vladimir - We are still working on the product descriptions, be sure they will be up soon :D You were very fast to pick up the new strains, they were just added a few minutes ago :D
Vladimir - avatar Vladimir

This sounds like good stuff but can’t know for sure without the results of proper lab testing. Does “Super” differ from other White Vein strains? Will it get a description like all your other strains? I’m very interested (mainly because of its name) but the lack of info is a deterrent for now...
Daniel - avatar Daniel

Purchased after seeing the lab results and how much more potent it was than my previous go-to strain(Red Maeng Da). White Bali is now my go-to strain because it’s the best “bang for your buck“ I’ve found anywhere so far.”
Daniel - avatar Daniel

I've gone through several different strains. Looks like my search is over. Super Green Malay is perfect.
Kevin Dickson - avatar Kevin Dickson

Received my White MaengDa today. I am going buy some more green maeng da and combine them. Good stuff!
gloscutoff - avatar gloscutoff

I got GMD on 3/10/22. This batch is extremely good. It is the best I have had in several years, and I order from several reputable vendors. It can be hit and miss with any vendor, so you definitely want some of this current batch. I am about to reorder. Get it while the gettins good.
Dean - avatar Dean

This is one of my favorites along with green maeng da. New dawn is my go to. Such quality product.
Dave - avatar Dave

By far the best price and quality available! I have tried them all pretty much and I can't believe I used to pay way more for way less.
jellisonj.jj - avatar jellisonj.jj
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