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Its not as good as some of the other white strains but all in all its not bad would buy again
Tabitha smith - avatar Tabitha smith

Very interesting strain. Have not messed with too many of the Vietnam strains yet, and this is my first green from NDK, I must say it has made a great impression. Keep it up guys!
rickbag90 - avatar rickbag90

I'm a long time Kratom consumer. I highly recommend this particular Green Horn from New Dawn.
Sethy350 - avatar Sethy350

Jeremy King - avatar Jeremy King

Had to add to my review now that I've tried the super white holy cow it packs a punch i love it and I love NDK thank you for adding new strains for your customers love you guys
danalovesshane69 - avatar danalovesshane69

All their strains are good but white borneo is my fav white strain.
danalovesshane69 - avatar danalovesshane69

I tried this strain and I absolutely love it this and white borneo are my fav white strains. NDK has never let me down thanks guys
danalovesshane69 - avatar danalovesshane69

Wow! This one is a great daily driver for me at the moment. NDK rocks!
Alex - avatar Alex

SUPER GOOD! Less is more, with this strain in my experience. I'm more of a red vein fan but when I'm in the mood for a white vein, Borneo has a very unique profile and is my go-to white strain. NDK has by far the best quality and potency, this strain is particularly special from them!
Alex - avatar Alex

Very nice from this one. Excellent profile. It is an excellent strain!
Alex - avatar Alex

I just started buying kratom and this is honestly the best deal to try other strains. Kratom is a game changer for sure
lcolwell513 - avatar lcolwell513

Imo it's the best white vein I've ever had. I've ordered it twice and will be getting it often
Ron - avatar Ron

Amazing company, AMAZING quality , so happy I have found them if you are hesitant, trust me do not be they are so quick with orders and the quality is absolutely superb! This was my 1st time buying this strain and it did not disappoint.
gidgy2014 - avatar gidgy2014

Very nice! IMO, White Elephant is a really good White strain with Red strain attributes. I ordered it again! A+!
Adam - avatar Adam

Ordering around a kilo per month. Moved from CA to MI and was worried about shipping. Got tracking on Thursday. Delivered on Saturday morning. Couple extra days before it shipped do to the awesome deals from Memorial Weekend, but Vlad is always on support and ALWAYS answers any concerns. Best Kratom Vendor 2021/2022.
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

We go thru a kilo a piece for three of us every mo and love new dawn's product!
Laura - avatar Laura

It's good! but the price raise ruins it a little bit .
David Hendricks - avatar David Hendricks

This is where it all started for me. I first bought this from a local smoke shop and ever since fell in love with kratom. Really good mixed strain!!! If you are a kratom collector you must try this one. NDK has always been good to me. Will never go anywhere else. Thanks Vlad and the team!!
Tomp - avatar Tomp

I love it it. Still waiting on the discription tho because it's new but so far white Thai, white dragon, and THIS is my favorite! Super consistent. Thank you NDK!!
Nicole - avatar Nicole

What is the description for this strain? I ordered it and have not tried it yet ill update my review when I test it out
Tabitha smith - avatar Tabitha smith

Awesome vendor!! Love this stuff!!
Jimmy Crawford - avatar Jimmy Crawford

Just ordered this I can't wait to try it I know it will be amazing because NDK only provides the best!!
danalovesshane69 - avatar danalovesshane69

I already loved you guys but adding the 4 way split is so amazing. I just ordered 2..thank you for being the best vendor there is with the best prices. NDK is the best the quality is perfect as well as the price.Kratom has been a lifesaver for me thank you. I will be a life long customer..oh and thank you for the memorial day 25% off Vladimir your the best!!!!
danalovesshane69 - avatar danalovesshane69

I am loving this one! My "go to" lately.
Judy Hoggatt - avatar Judy Hoggatt

Excellent quality, amazing pricing and excellent quick service!
gidgy2014 - avatar gidgy2014

I’ve ordered from NDK for well over a year now. Delivery is always super fast. Quality products. I’ve tried a little bit of everything and I’ve never had a bad bag of kratom from them. Order with confidence.
Brant S - avatar Brant S

My favorite. Keep coming back. Consistent quality through multiple orders.
JRinOC - avatar JRinOC

The best. The prices went up by $10 a bag (I buy 250 capsules of different strains) But still the best price and quality around
Lindsay - avatar Lindsay

This was my first Kratom and has always been a go-to. Great support from this company. Ty!
mansin1966 - avatar mansin1966

5 stars
maxwelldeangibbs - avatar maxwelldeangibbs

Very well balanced I enjoyed and will be getting again.
Ron - avatar Ron

Best white I've had
Ron - avatar Ron

Best kratom vendor I've dealt with yet!! Love there Red vein boreno powder and capsules as well as the Red vein Sumatra!!!!!! My favorite strains!
Jeremy - avatar Jeremy

The Super White is the most powerful strain ever. I was shocked. Holy cow.
Chandra Marski - avatar Chandra Marski

New Dawn is THE BEST kratom company I have ever come across, quick delivery, FRESH product, and excellent custoner service. Highly recommend you try New Dawn and this strain.
Lilith Neelix Rosier - avatar Lilith Neelix Rosier

This is a GOOD red. New Dawn is my go to, they give the most excellent customer service I have ever received with kratom, they are professional, patient, helpful, quick, and kind.
Lilith Neelix Rosier - avatar Lilith Neelix Rosier

Excellent product fast service ndk customer for life
antonioallen4286 - avatar antonioallen4286

Very poor quality, gritty , no effects, just dizziness and sweats. I’ve tried all 4 bags. Just being honest !
Jacob Jankins - avatar Jacob Jankins

My girlfriend and I started our journey for the best kratom strain about a year ago. New Dawn's Red Hulu has been our favorite by far. I can't recommend this strain enough.
Shane - avatar Shane

WOW! Very nice quality & fast shipping I`ve seen! I have never tried White Borneo or Green Malay until I ordered this sample pack. I accidentally created two accounts and customer support was fast to respond to my dumb question due to my own mistake. I ordered another 250g red along with the sample pack and was able to get a kilo for the same price others charge for half that. I heard about this great vendor by word of mouth on the Kratom Kingdom YouTube channel.
Thomas - avatar Thomas

Definitely one of ND’s stronger strains.
lochlansxgoldfish - avatar lochlansxgoldfish

Love this company, as always great shipping on top of great Kratom! So glad I found this site!!
williamskthziggy - avatar williamskthziggy

just right
maxwelldeangibbs - avatar maxwelldeangibbs

I've been ordering from NDK for a year now. They can't be beat. The service is five star every single time. The kratom is top notch every time. The shipping is super fast. I can't say enough good things about them. If you ever need to talk to them, Vlad is amazing. This strain is so good. I came back and ordered it again. Thanks NDK!!
Wendy Gantt - avatar Wendy Gantt

I’ve been a customer for well over a year and so satisfied with the quality of all strains I have purchased. The selling price is excellent compared to other vendors and I receive my orders on a timely basis!
Richard Dietz - avatar Richard Dietz

I have bought this strain and I am vary happy with the quality and consistency of the product.
Steven - avatar Steven

Lee from Pennsylvania and this Green Vietnam is awesome. I have been buying kratom for twenty years so take my word. It's a well versed strain. I'll leave a review on the red Kali tomorrow. My go to vendors are HR and SS been using them for over a decade. Please try this one people. What a great company beautiful green color and super fresh. Thanks so much New dawn I'll never shop elsewhere.
Lee - avatar Lee

love it
maxwelldeangibbs - avatar maxwelldeangibbs

Very nice. Good addition for anyone. Thanks NDK!
rmeschino47 - avatar rmeschino47

Carrie - avatar Carrie
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