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I read about Train Wreck online and decided to get some - of course from the best and most reliable vendor I've found: New dawn Kratom. Just tried some from a batch I ordered a little while back. What a fantastic blend! I have heard TrainWreck effects described as "super-green", and that seems about right. Very good and all the effects one hopes for from a well-rounded Kratom. Once again, thank you NDK!
Bob C - avatar Bob C

Just tried some from last purchase earlier this summer and, as expected, it was fantastic! This time, I mixed New Dawn's White Indo half-and-half with their Red Borneo and was most pleased. Honestly, I cannot think of a time I was not 100% pleased with New Dawn Kratom... Best product. Best service. Best prices. Period.
Bob C - avatar Bob C

Wow my new fave !!
Nikki C. - avatar Nikki C.

New customer
Chris Matlock - avatar Chris Matlock

Green Hulu was my go to strain with another vendor so when I saw ND had this, I had to try. It is a fast burning strain but no jitters like I get that a white strain would give me. My favorite day time strains are super green malay and green maeng da but I’m happy adding green Hulu back to my go to day time strains.

Great quality as always New Dawn!!
Brienne - avatar Brienne

I enjoy the green strains most and of the green strains I have tried, The Green Horn is the most potent. It has a great effect.
SadieL - avatar SadieL

Just found it trying to decide thanks
Chris - avatar Chris

Let me tell you this stuff is TOP notch. No other company I’ve tried comes close and I’ve tried alot
With that plus the price they made me a
Lifetime customer made ✔️ I’m also telling all my friends to switch over to New dawn kratom
Emily - avatar Emily

These guys are THE best priced, best quality and the service is primo!!
They almost always have a coupon for additional savings too!
J. Timm - avatar J. Timm

I decided to try them out and the quality is great, only issue I ran into was my fault ordering powder instead of caps. I have no idea how much I’m actually taking but I can tell you it’s one of the more stronger reds I’ve had and I’ve sampled several
New customer definitely

Emily - avatar Emily

Always on point with quality, and delivered in a very timely fashion. I very much appreciate these guys
Happy Solenberger - avatar Happy Solenberger

I don’t know who needs to hear it but you leave a review AFTER you try a product? Never seen any thread quite so ridiculous as this. Anyway, I love it to death along with the Super green.
Arianna Thomas - avatar Arianna Thomas

top notch
maxwelldeangibbs - avatar maxwelldeangibbs

I have tried yellows before from other vendors and was not impressed. very strain I have tried from New Dawn has been great. I am a forever fan of New Dawn Kratom. Best kratom around and the prices are phenomenal.
Sam - avatar Sam

I have been using New Dawn Kratom for about a year and ALL their strains are amazing and a very economical. Shipping is fast and ordering is easy. Ya'll are my favorite vendor hands down!!
Sam - avatar Sam

I really enjoy this one! I prefer white strains and this one was no exception! I find this strain more effective than the Super White which I bought the same time as the White Java. If memory serves me though, so far, the White Thai has been my favorite!
Lisi - avatar Lisi

This has become my new go to order. It's a great deal and you can never go wrong with this company. It's the only place I turn to for ordering. Love these guys!
sisterwendy - avatar sisterwendy

I absolutely love NDK all there kratom is solid high quality! :) Just ordered the 3 bags of 250g sample pack and they let me choose them by adding the ones i wanted in the Notes section of my order. Thanks New dawn.
Travis - avatar Travis

L love you guya - avatar L love you guya

All the indo strains are good but this type of yellow definitely hit the spot for me
Tommy Lang - avatar Tommy Lang

Best price on Kratom I have found. I've been ordering from them for over a year; no complaints. In fact, my last order had an issue with shipping, I got a hold of them and fixed the issue that day. They are always quick, polite and easy to deal with. I'll reccomend to anyone!
John - avatar John

Doing 4 stars to see if the reviewing it legit 👌
Jacob - avatar Jacob

First time with this brand heard good things
Jenny dee - avatar Jenny dee

This is my go-to strain. It is most comparable to white strains.
sherri j - avatar sherri j

This is one of the better sites to order from. Quality is great. Ship time is great. Price is great. If I could make one request if the bags couldn’t be seal so tight like a brick. It makes the consistency really chunky and I find myself breaking down the chinch before I take it. But that has nothing to do with any specific Strain. All and all worth the $ hands down.
jdiehl12345 - avatar jdiehl12345

Highly Recommended
maxwelldeangibbs - avatar maxwelldeangibbs

I've been ordering from NDK for almost two years now. They are fantastic! The product is top notch, always comes within three days. If you ever need customer service, Vlad can't be beat. You never have to worry about trust in them or their inventory. I don't shop anywhere else, not even local shops.
Wendy harder - avatar Wendy harder

Been a customer for almost 2 years, once I found NDK it changed the game for me. No more dealing with sketchy sites online with questionable kratom or paying $30 for 40 capsules at the gas station. NDK is fast, clean, easy, and just the absolute best!
Huntington - avatar Huntington

I just got some of this in my split kilo the other day, and let me tell you, I am a fan! I will be getting more. I usually get reds and greens. Gold is my new fave.
R. Bishop - avatar R. Bishop

I ordered the red Malay as part of a split and by the gods it was the best kratom I’ve ever had hands down out of any vendor! I’ve tried a lot of vendors but never experienced this level of quality! Thank you new dawn! You’re my go to vendors from now on! Price was great as well and shipping was fast and easy! Can’t recommend them enough.
Kevin - avatar Kevin

New Dawn is the most consistent, clean and professionally packaged Kratom on the market.
They recently raised prices, but due to cost of goods and supply chain issues, I have no problem paying it. Although the split kilo brings the price back down to what it used to be.

Keep doing what you're doing and I'll keep buying.

Thanks Guys!
ricbehning - avatar ricbehning

New Dawn Kratom is the only place I will order from. Super fast service. And I appreciate the online discount saving!
DJ - avatar DJ

Great Products! Easy ordering, Fast shipping, Excellent quality, every time! Will never buy elsewhere.
toddlehrkind - avatar toddlehrkind

Very satisfied as always guys. Vlad you run a great business! Keep it up!
rickbag90 - avatar rickbag90

Oh buddy…so if you need good quality kratom, this is your stuff.

This is the first product I’ve tried from NDK. I am now a customer for life. Super White is, well, super. It is dense and has a nice color to it.

I’m telling you now, if you’re on the fence, just pull the trigger. The price is the best I’ve found so I was hesitant, but my fears were misplaced.

Very, very fast shipping (went out the same day and was free shipping). I had a 2 day turn around on the weekend.

As someone who has bought kratom from dozens of vendors, I can say with confidence that this is the only place I’m putting my money going forward.

Michael - avatar Michael

Found New Dawn after trying two other companies and they’ve been my go to for over a year. Freshest & most effective product WITH insanely reasonable pricing and the nicest owner and best customer service ever!
JT - avatar JT

Terrific packaging, prompt shipment. I cant make up my mind whether the red borne or red horn is the best. There are quite a few excellent kratom places now but new dawn is by far the best for great quality, qwik shippiing and wonderful pricing. thanks for your wonderful company.
John k - avatar John k

Very good strain. Don't underestimate this product! It's definitely quality.
DeadHeroes - avatar DeadHeroes

Highly recommend, very great quality green!
rickbag90 - avatar rickbag90

Why do people rate something that they haven’t tried before?? People need to know that ratings are a big deal to vendors, no matter what they’re selling.
It’s frustrating to receive reviews like that, but it’s more frustrating to read them as a potential customer.
I have rated 5 ⭐️ because I have tried this product, and others from New Dawn and they’ve all been great! Great customer service also.
K.S. - avatar K.S.

Can't say enough nice things about New Dawn the products i have received were excellent and the customer service has been super but the price makes me so happy 🤗Keep up the great job you guys make me wish all my relationships were this great 💜
Juanita Wormwood - avatar Juanita Wormwood

This is definitely a good quality White Borneo, it used to be my favorite. I wish, WISH they would stock "White Papua New Guinea", the best kratom of all time, ever. Case closed.
Sethy350 - avatar Sethy350

This is the absolute best green from New Dawn, IMO. The Maeng Da is next in line, IMO.
Sethy350 - avatar Sethy350

This white thai is awesome ! I totally recommend y'all give this try if you like white strains !! ✌️✌️
Lee Guerrero - avatar Lee Guerrero

New Dawn is definitely my favorite Vendor! Best quality I’ve found and by far the fastest at getting the product shipped to my door! Highly recommend!
Kellie - avatar Kellie

Real great quality i usually order either white Maeng da or green bali, planning on trying Red Maeng Da shortly...
Gina - avatar Gina

This a very good strain ! ~~○●○●○● I recommend yall try the Red Thai ! ✌✌✌
Lee - avatar Lee

Great quality and great price... thank you all so much. I will never order from anywhere else again. New dawn kratom #1
Robin boyce - avatar Robin boyce

Nothing but pure excellence - top of the line products, excellent prices and crazy good customer service. Somebody knows how to run a business. Thanks and of course, lifetime customer.
Noah Nichols Sr. - avatar Noah Nichols Sr.

I’ve ordered from New Dawn since last summer, and they had some top tier kratom last year.. This trainwreck is nearing that same level. This is my second order since about a month ago and it’s as good if not better than before, get it while it’s hot!!!
Drew - avatar Drew
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