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The best Kratom vendor I’ve ever bought from. Excited to try another red strain from here. I was getting remarkable herbs Kratom from smoke shops prior to this and I’ll never go back. Most consistent and potent Kratom I’ve ever found. 5-7grams of this is significantly stronger than the red Bali i used to buy and was taking 8-10g but with that being said make sure to drop your dose on the first go.
Anon - avatar Anon

Very good quality for a great price. Have tried many different companies and even grew my own. White MD has always been a favorite of mine and New Dawn is quickly becoming my go to for this beautiful gift of nature.
White Rabbitt - avatar White Rabbitt

Very fresh and green.
Tyler - avatar Tyler

Great and fresh. First order of this was great.
Tyler - avatar Tyler

Potent and fast strain.
SN - avatar SN

This stuff is great. Potent and fast.
SN - avatar SN

What a pleasant surprise this one is. I generally avoided "whites" because I never really had a 'white' that I liked. Most were rather anemic, some were unpleasantly stimulating. New Dawn's White Maeng Da is totally perfect. I also have NDK's Super Green Malay, Green Vietnam, and Green Maeng Da which are just super. However, I think I like their WMD best of all so far. My next order (really soon) will allow me to stock up on some Reds for mixing and comparison. Point being.... YOU SIMPLY CANNOT GO WRONG BY ORDERING FROM NEW DAWN.
Andrew - avatar Andrew

This is the first batch of kratom I've bought personally after trying another brand a friend had. I'm satisfied even though I don't have much to compare it to. Shipping time on New Dawn's part was great. USPS had some problems and I had to wait an extra week for delivery, but of course New Dawn had no control over that.
I got the 500 capsule bag.
Leila - avatar Leila

My new go to vendor. Ordered a KG and it came in 4 days. The price was so cheap I was a lil skeptical and wasn't expecting great quality. Well, its twice as good as where I used to get it (Wild Bills tobacco shop) and wayyyyyy cheaper. This is the real deal right here.
Brandon Perry - avatar Brandon Perry

Very good product I would rate out of the many vendors I’ve been thru the last 2 years as NDK to be high quality and hands down the best of them all.Awsome customer service you have an issue you will get a call personally that’s good service what company will do that? Will continue to shop here A+
charlesfrye40 - avatar charlesfrye40

Great!I am truly impressed with the quality that you provide.Thank you!
K - avatar K

One of the best strains ive ever had.
lelandmelz - avatar lelandmelz

Great strain! One of my top 3
lelandmelz - avatar lelandmelz

This was part of my first order with this vendor and I am blown away. I bought 500 capsules of this green maeng da and 1000 of the red maeng da. I haven't tried the red yet. My order came quickly and this stuff is awesome. I was always afraid to go with a new vendor, especially cheaper because I was afraid it wouldn't help me as much but this was great. Don't be fooled by the lower price, this green maeng da stands up to it's name. I have found my new vendor, 100%, no doubt about it, thank you.
greengrasshopper - avatar greengrasshopper

This stuff is amazing! I was getting kratom from another vendor because it was one of the top rated businesses for kratom. I was taking 8 grams of red strains and still not getting any effects or benefits from kratom. I took 4 grams of this stuff and I felt great! Will definitely buy this in the future I love it.
Alie - avatar Alie

Thankful for you guys
lelandmelz - avatar lelandmelz

Truly Golden. Strong and effective! If you're new to ordering online this is a great company to work with fast replies for inquiries, fast shipping!
kdent1981 - avatar kdent1981

Great strain, potent and good.
kdent1981 - avatar kdent1981

Ordered this and Green Maeng Da as my first Green veins. Both are superb. This strain is extremely potent, more so than the Green Maeng Da. 8 grams for an experienced user is quite the ride.
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

Ordered this and Super Green Malay as my first Green veins. Both are superb. This has a more relaxing feel when compared with Super Green Malay, and is slightly less potent.
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

Ordered 250 caps. The potency wasn't what i expected, but that could be from tolerance. Dosed at 8g the effects were not comparable to Red Maeng Da. Everything else in the order was amazing.
Cammmm - avatar Cammmm

Received my first order, a split of Green MD and Vietnam. I am extremely delighted with New Dawn Kratom and the Green MD is the real deal, super top quality. The vendor I was using had good product but ceased operations. Two other vendors burned with with inert material then I found New Dawn. If you are wondering...worrying.... where to get the very best MD you ever had.... New Dawn Kratom. I will almost immediately order a split of two other strains as I am positively spellbound by the fine quality and aroma of the New Dawn product.
Andrew - avatar Andrew

I was using a vendor that ceased operations but had good product. I tried two other vendors that disappointed me badly with inert plant-like material. Then along came New Dawn Kratom to save the day (and night). Received my first order, a split of Green MD and Vietnam, both excellent. A good Green Vietnam provides an extended clarity that is (IMO) better than MD. New Dawn Kratom's Vietnam is absolutely spectacular. Vladimir gave me his word that I would like the quality of the New Dawn product and he was right on. Trust this: if you are looking for the best product at a great price... New Dawn is where I am shopping.
Andrew - avatar Andrew

Whites and greens are what I prefer but ordered this to switch it up and am very happy with the quality. Don't be skeptical because of the cost, this is vendor is top notch. I had a complaint about a batch of White Horn I received and got a phone call within an hour of leaving the review to clear things up.
Tristan - avatar Tristan

Fast shipping, less than impressive potency. Smells and seems fresh but it's about the weakest I've tried. Price is very fair for the potency though.
Tristan - avatar Tristan

Very nice peaple,And quility is excellent A+as always tryed a few diffrent products and all are (100)% one of the best in my opinion.Try if you read this take it from this you won’t be let down also super fast shipping.
charlesfrye40 - avatar charlesfrye40

Excellent product! Works very well.
Ann Rose - avatar Ann Rose

Great quality and well packaged. Order was shipped almost immediately. Will definitely order again.
C. - avatar C.

I was sceptical at first because of the low price. I have researched Kratom for 5+ years. I have sciatic nerve issues. 5 grams does the trick for me. Good for 4 hours. I've ordered from 2 dozen plus vendors. A great deal for the amount and quality. Everyone is different. I hope it works for you as well. This is my new to go vendor.
Arthur Stair - avatar Arthur Stair

I needed to come back and write a review for the White Maeng Da. This might take a bit to kick in, but wow, it is a quality product. I might like this better than the red!
c_mathews - avatar c_mathews

My fiancé would always buy the OPMS Kratom shots all the time and ever since we ordered the Green Maeng Da powder it’s by far the best!! I recommend anyone that likes kratom to buy this product! It’s affordable and shipping is fast!!!!
aaideangelo96 - avatar aaideangelo96

This was awesome!
Mitchell - avatar Mitchell

I ordered 250 caps & 250 grams of pow of red maeng da, and realized i could add another 250 caps of white maeng da with their promotion for only $8. So already the price is the best I've seen, at least compared with other vendors. I got all of this for the same price as one bags of caps from other shops.

Another thing to note is the potency, and this is miles ahead of their competition. On top of that the Kratom smells and tastes like a quality batch, which isn't always the case with other sellers.

The speed was 5/5 as well. Quick fulfillment, tracking, and delivery. I briefly chatted with someone and they were very polite and helpful.

Anyone coming across NDK but is still feeling wishy washy, trust me, it's worth it.
c_mathews - avatar c_mathews

I went ahead and ordered 250 capsules of the white and red maeng da kratom. Before ordering, I contacted them asking about their maeng da capsule size, testing and refund. They responded in three hours answering all questions
1. Capsules are .5 to .6 grams
2. Provided full testing results
3. Ensured the quality and that I could ship it back for a full refund if not satisfied.

I placed my order on 2/2/21 and received my order on 2/6/21. I have been getting my kratom locally locally and it was $13 an ounce. After looking around online I soon realized I could buy it online for a fraction of the cost. I read a lot of reviews but rarely post myself, but I feel New Dawn Kratom deserves a pat on the back for offering quality kratom at outstanding prices.

I am completely blown away by the quality and potency of the white maeng da kratom. It is the strongest kratom I have ever tried to date. The effects were intense, euphoric and stimulating. You will not be disappointed. Thank you New Dawn Kratom.
Dustin - avatar Dustin

This is the best kratom around! It’s better than what I’ve been paying $150 a kilo for. Insanely good Green Maeng Da. I couldn’t be happier. I’m surprised there’s not many reviews on here. But word will get out soon enough I’m sure.
Ned - avatar Ned

Fresh and strong. Some of the best I've had in over 5 years of research. Fast shipping and great price. I highly recommend this strain and vendor.
Arthur Stair - avatar Arthur Stair

As soon as I opened the package I got really excited, the color was perfect. That sandy red color, then I tried it perfect. Just an all around great blend. I’ll definitely be ordering more and you can’t beat the price. Thank you for a great product.
Ned - avatar Ned

I have tried this strain from several vendors and always let down. Not this time new dawn has the best out there. Don't waste your money with other vendors. Their quality is unmatched and I have tried a lot of vendors. I never left reviews ever but I had to after I discovered new dawn.
James Brantley - avatar James Brantley

Very good and has long legs. Never leave reviews but had to after trying new dawn. Super customer service very responsive even after hours you won't find a better vendor
James Brantley - avatar James Brantley

Good quality,great service
Charles - avatar Charles

Good product,and super nice owners will help in anyway possible.
Charles - avatar Charles

I’m knew to this vendor but just recieved product and it’s top notch,and the price in awsome....my knew go too NEWDAWNKRATOM also very quick shipping
Charles - avatar Charles
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